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First String Chaser for the Hogsmeade Howlers

19 year old Halfblood
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Declan Wood

Full Name: Declan Thomas Wood

Nickname(s): Dec, Wood

Birthdate: May 22nd, 1869

Age: 19

Occupation: 1st String Chaser for the Hogsmeade Howlers

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Kidnapper's Lane, Pennyworth, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Aspen, 8", Supple, Dragon Heartstring

Max Wood (Muggle) | Father | b. 1839
--- Stepmother + half-siblings, as father remarried to a muggle in 1881
Rosaline Wood neé Jones | Mother | b. 1851
Maxine Wood | Sister | b. 1871
Cleo Wood (Seer) | Sister | b. 1874
Dolly Wood | Sister | b. 1877
Joella Wood | Sister | b. 1877
Tabitha Wood | Sister | b. 1879

Declan's skin has an olive undertone with only a few brown freckles here and there. With high cheek bones and a stronger jawline, he typically appears a bit younger than he really is. He's taken to growing facial hair (scruffy and a bit thin still) to try to alleviate this issue. His hair is a dark brown that is thick and cut rather messily. It is rare that he bothers to do much with it, which gives him an overall messy and care-free appearance. His brows are the same dark color, overhanging blue-green eyes.

Now at his full height of 5'8", his body type has changed from his childhood - whilst once lean and wiry, he has filled out into a more athletic build thanks to quidditch.

His clothes are often dirty and threadbare, as he pays much more attention to his team quidditch robes - they're always spotless. He carries his wand in his right hand. There is always dirt underneath his fingernails and a mischievous look about him. His lopsided grin has gotten him into far too much trouble.

Rough and tumble, outgoing, ambitious, sarcastic, terrible manners and has grown very fond of female company

Declan Wood


Declan's parents were childhood sweethearts. She was a muggleborn and he was oblivious. Her parents sent her off to "a lady's proper boarding school" to cover her attendance at Hogwarts. They hadn't even thought about sending her to attend, if it weren't for the accidents that continued to happen whenever she became too excited or upset. (The staircase vanished for nearly four months the previous year.) After she completed her education, she had a coming out in muggle society. It wasn't long before she and Max courted, became engaged and then wed.

Two years later, Declan was born. Following his birth in rather quick succession came five more children - these all girls. It was when Rosaline was pregnant with Tabitha, the youngest, that Declan had shown his first sign of magic. Rather unfortunately, it was in front of his father. He immediately roared about and threatened to send the boy off to a home for devil's children. Rosaline outed herself to defend her son, not realizing the full extent of Max's fear. By the next day, Rosaline and all five children were turned out on the street.

They settled in Hogsmeade. Luckily, Rosaline had done well in herbology at school and was able to find work at an apothecary as a gardener. It was long hours and she was forced to leave the children at home to their own devices.

Rosaline couldn't afford many school supplies for him, even second-hand. She gave him her wand to take with him. Sorted into Slytherin, he was ambitious and cunning, though had difficulty applying himself to topics that were not directly relevant to him. In his second year, he landed a position on the house team as a Chaser.

He attended muggle studies for all of three weeks before being forcibly kicked out of the class for making rather lewd remarks aimed at muggle men specifically. (His resentment toward his father became quite clear at that point, having been repressed for the past several years.)

During his third year in February of 1883, Wesley Cavanaugh — Head of Dept. of Magical Games and Sports at the Ministry — made a controversial decision to change the goal post design for the professional quidditch league. Declan was incredibly angry about it and sent very crude letters to the man. They would have been howlers, if he had known how to make one. Instead of ignoring him or sending insults back, he offered him a place of employment as his personal assistant to deal with the other angry fan letters. Declan accepted, though was only able to work from Hogwarts (the letters were forwarded to him there) until he completed his OWLs. It was also around this time that Rosa took a job as a cook for an upper class household, as it paid better than the apothecary and the mistress of the home was kind enough to allow her daughters into the household staff as kitchen maids, tiny cleaners and the like.

After his fifth year, he left Hogwarts and began to work for Wesley full-time. After bumping elbows and nagging Wesley, he was finally given the opportunity to try out as a reserve chaser for his favorite team, the Chudley Canons. He made it by the skin of his teeth. Two years later, he managed to finagle his way to first string.

A year later, he's now financially comfortable enough to look into purchasing a new broomstick from Elias Grimstone (currently he's borrowing one of his teammate's older models), assists his mother in the household finances and funds what he can of his sisters' school supplies.

The Chudley Cannon's dropped him from their player roster following his 7 missed goal attempts at the February 1888 finals against Puddlemere United (who coincidentally won.) The Hogsmeade Howler's picked him up immediately after which makes it appear as if it was a trade.
If you went to school with him at Hogwarts or are in his or his mother's social circles, you would know about his muggle father and the family's class drop.

He left Hogwarts after his fifth year.
He is talented at drawing and painting. When he was younger he painted portraits and spelled them to behave as magical portraits, but could never get it quite right and ended up with paintings like Sir Cadogan at Hogwarts. Now, he likes to sketch nearly naked women with the faces replaced by well-known witches, just to entertain himself with the hypocrisy of it all. He keeps them all stashed in a magically locked suitcase, but now and then is tempted to give it to the media just because he knows they'll have a hay day with them. Details can be found in the Extras tab

He's still a virgin but would never admit that to his teammates.
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Plot Preferences:

Typically, I'm a "have a vague idea or inspiration for the thread and then wing it" kind of girl. Bump into each other and proceed with small talk meet and greets kill me, likely because I'm terrible at small talk IRL. xD Give me some action, some mystery, some adventure!

I will plot out specifics if asked. I won't pre-plot romance, I prefer for that to happen organically. I am willing to toss characters together to see how they get on, but if there isn't any chemistry I won't force the relationship.

My most favorite threads are comedic threads where I am humiliating my characters and angsty threads where my characters are at their worst. I don't pay attention to post count and generally write whatever I'm inspired to at the moment. I have found that my average is anywhere from 200-500 words per post.

As for limits, I don't have many. I do draw the line at bestiality and pedophilia, but I'm totally fine with violence, cursing and sexual situations.

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