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Gentleman of Leisure

28 year old Pureblood
5 ft 9 In.   ❤   Engaged
played by Heather
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Hale MacNamara
There are no shortcuts for any place worth going.

Full Name: Hale Andrew MacNamara III


Birthdate: October 31st, 1859

Age: 28

Occupation: Gentleman of Leisure

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Limerick, Ireland/Elsewhere

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: English Oak, 12", Single Unicorn Hair, Surprisingly Springy

Hale Andrew MacNamara II, Father [b. 1827]
Lydia Rose MacNamara née Gallagher, Mother [b. 1834 - d. 1864]
Diana --- née MacNamara, Sister [b. 1856]
-- her family
Elizabeth MacNamara, Sister [b. 1858 - d. 1858]
Stillborn MacNamara, Sister [b. 1861 - d. 1861]
Jasper MacNamara II, Brother [b. 1862]
Caspian MacNamara, Brother [b. 1862]
Stillborn MacNamara, Brother [b. 1864 - d. 1864]

Calidora Samantha MacNamara née Roth, Step-Mother [b. 1844 - d. 1884]
Rose MacNamara, Sister [b. 1867]
Cerise MacNamara, Sister [b. 1869]
Grace MacNamara, Sister [b. 1872]
Gavin MacNamara, Brother [b. 1878]

Artemisia Eloise MacNamara née Marchand, Step-Mother [b. 1867]

Hale Andrew MacNamara II likely has bastards floating around as well due to his extra-marital affairs but none are known or claimed.

Hale Andrew MacNamara I, Grandfather [b. 1799 - d. 1887]
Celestine Sorrel MacNamara née Hatfield [b. 1807]
Oscar MacNamara, Uncle [b. 1834]
-- his family
Amberly --- née MacNamara, Aunt [b. 1834]
-- her family
Jacqueline --- née MacNamara, Aunt [b. 1847]
-- her family
Hadley MacNamara, Aunt [b. 1851 - d. 1866]
Jasper MacNamara I, Uncle [b. 1855]

Standard Poodle - Princess Ivanna Eleanora Genevieve MacNamara
British Shorthair - Prince Felix Alexander Rothbart MacNamara

Hale stands at five foot nine inches with well-groomed dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He's of sturdy build and physically fit for his age. Hale is right handed and tends to wear custom tailor-made clothing. He's not a fan of robes and often prefers neat and fashionable suits particularly in his favorite color blue or any darker shades. Hale has heavy hands and a fair complexion. He's very fashion forward and loves his accessories.

ENFJ-T | Beguiling | Silver-Tongued | Narcissistic | Humorous | Mischevious | Reckless | Adventurous | Resolute | Idealistic | Compassionate | Daydreamer | Secretive | Melodramatic Diva

Hale is highly intelligent but he's shameful of the fact around his peers (he prefers to fit in whatever crowd he's in currently). He plays it down by the use of inappropriate behavior and general sass. He lives in fear of showing weakness and hides behind a constant mask of jokes and sarcasm. Hale wishes to please his father and yet his dominant personality prevents him from following orders entirely and causes him to deviate from the norm.

His temper is rather short and he can be rather childish when it comes to his affections. He's not one to readily admit when he has feelings for someone and hates to get his suit dirty (though psychologically he's simply afraid of what others think when they see him which in turn brings out the neat freak in him).He has a need to be loved and can be very compassionate. However, due to his upbringing, he's also prone to lying and distancing himself from others when he believes they've gotten too close. He's acutely sensitive but steadfastly determined in his resolve.

✗ Patronus: Rooster
✗ Boggart: His youngest brother Gavin being hung from a tree. Gavin is by far his favorite sibling and he often has nightmares about losing him, particularly because the boy is so clumsy. It should also be noted that one of his aunts was murdered by hanging.
✗ Languages: Fluent in English, Irish Gaelic, and Latin. He can also speak a few phrases in Spanish. ✗ Amortentia: Jasmine, Mint & Pine
✗ Star Sign: Scorpio
TW: Mentions of Verbal Abuse
Autumn 1859: Hale III is born to his father Hale Sr. and his first wife Lydia. Much to his mother's relief, he is a healthy baby like his older sister Diana. His father has the heir that he's been waiting for and the MacNamara household has gained a sense of calm. Diana is just pleased that her parents aren't fighting.

1861: Lydia gives birth to a stillborn girl. She's distraught for sometime after and Hale Sr. is annoyed with her behavior and heckles her for being a weak woman. She pleads with him and tells him that she'll try harder. Her mood improves (or at least, she's stops moping and perks up in hopes of gaining her husband's attention) and for the time being, she focuses on her two surviving children as well as trying to get pregnant again once she's healthy enough to do so.

Summer 1862: The twins are born - both healthy and male. Hale Sr. is pleased and lavishes his wife with gifts. Hale Jr. begins to notice how his father is very attentive to him and his younger brothers Jasper and Caspian but gives no affection to his sister Diana. It confuses him as he's quite fond of his sister but he's also grateful to have time with his father.

December 1864: Due to complications with the birth, Lydia dies. The baby is stillborn as well. Hale Sr. seems relatively unaffected by his wife's passing but seems fairly broken up over the loss of the stillborn which would've been a son. He eventually becomes more concerned with educating his older children (or particularly Haje Jr.) though a few lady friends begin to frequent the family estate just weeks after Lydia's passing.

1866: Hale Sr. weds again to a twenty-three-year-old Calidora Roth in March. Unlike Lydia, Calidora has a backbone and becomes the only mother that Hale Jr. really remembers. Calidora proves to be strong-willed and prideful, earning a sense of respect from her husband that wasn't present in his previous relationship. Hale Jr. quickly grows fond of Calidora who takes her step-children under her wing. Surprisingly enough, Calidora is able to control Hale Sr. to some degree and the older gentleman appears to be more apt to family time and even begins spending time with his daughter Diana who has begun showing signs of magic.

1867: Rose is born (and named after her maternal aunt Rose Ashford) and is welcomed into the family home. She's the spitting image of Calidora with the same curly copper locks. Hale Sr. takes a shine to her and this causes Hogwarts bound Diana to grow jealous. Diana is sent to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin.

1868: Hale is now the eldest child at home and he's grown both eager and considerably restless about attending Hogwarts despite having a few more years to go. It's during one of his temper tantrums when he's denied to go to Diagon Alley with his father and Diana to shop for school supplies that he begins showing signs of magic. He sets the couch on fire. His father is amused, his step-mother is not. Hale is punished by lack of dessert for a week - his first real punishment, which causes him to go into diva mode. His punishment is extended another month and he soon realizes sulking will get him nowhere with Calidora.

1871: Hale receives his acceptance letter to Hogwarts. He's promptly sorted into Gryffindor, much to his father's dismay, as MacNamaras were primarily sorted into Slytherin. His first year is a lousy one, given that he's homesick and feels guilty that he wasn't "good enough" to be sorted into Slytherin. Regardless, his father still begins to groom him towards eventually taking over his position at the family business. Though Hale learns quickly that he has very little interest in it and often called it "boring".

1875: Hale opts to take Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Studies. Surprisingly he does well in both despite his lack of interest in being outside for the CoMC class. Regardless, he gains a soft spot for the creatures he learns about. He continues to spend his free time playing Wizard Chess and giving his step-mother gray hair due to his misbehavior in class. She sends him a Howler prior to winter break for playing a trick on one of his professors. Hale passes all his Owls with at least an A though he's become mostly focused on Care of Magical Creatures class and also Charms due to his father's emphasis on the subject because of the family business.

1878: Hale selects Care fo Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions and Ancient Studies for his Newts. He passes them all with an E save for his Care of Magical Creatures course where he gains an O. Hale graduates from Hogwarts and expresses interest in working for the Ministry. His father influences him to remain at the estate and continue to be groomed for his position at the family business. Hale reluctantly agrees. Diana marries and moves to London.

1880: Hale meets an upper class muggle girl named Alina Stafford whilst visiting his sister Diana and her family in London. He quickly becomes smitten with her and begins to visit her more and more often.

1883: Alina becomes sick with consumption (tuberculosis) and begins to slowly waste away. She sends Hale a letter to no longer visit her because she is certain that she is dying. Hale returns to London anyway and visits her family home. Her father notifies him that she has been taken to the country to live with her aunt. Alina passes away in July. Hale has a hard time coping and begins to find solace in alcohol, particularly firewhiskey.

1884: Calidora falls victim to the Laughing Plague and does not survive. Her death is felt throughout the family and even Hale Sr. is beside himself.

1885: The relationship between Hale Sr. and his son is prickly at best given Hale Sr.'s constant manipulation. Hale Sr. threatens to disown Hale Jr. if he continues to be a problem. Hale Jr. complies, for now.

1887: Hale Sr.'s father Hale I attends the World Market. When the pavilion collapses, he is one of the several stuck under the debris. He does not survive the incident. Hale Sr. now has full control of the family business, which places more pressure on Hale Jr.

1888: Hale Sr. marries twenty-year-old Artemisia Marchand in February 1888. His children are disgusted by the union as Artemisia is the same age as Hale Sr.'s favorite daughter Rose and could be her grandfather. Regardless, Hale Sr. seems pretty happy with his bride. He slowly begins to realize his age because of this and begins to pressure Hale Jr. to take a wife. After much consideration (or rather, Hale Sr. strategically nudges him towards the daughter of one of his investors), Hale Jr. proposes to Sapphire Noire and she accepts.

Played By: Heather

Contact: PM/Discord/Reply to Networking

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