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Sapphire Noire
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Played by Emy
Young Lady
23 year old Pureblood
ft. in.
❤   Engaged
Full Name: Sapphire Elizabeth Noire

Nickname(s): Saph,Sapphy

Birthdate: April 01st,1865

Age: 23


Occupation: Lady of the House.

Blood Status:

Residence: The Noire Estate with her mother and father in London,England.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Cedar, 8", Bendy, Unicorn Hair

Family: Jonathan Noire,Father Lillian Noire (Nee Darelle),Mother William Noire,Brother
Sapphire stands at five feet and one inch. She has long dark brown hair that goes to her should when down but it's always seems to be up most of the time. She has a normal even tone on her skin. Nothing to dark or too light for pale. She has light green eyes that look beautiful when in the right fire light. Her right hand is her wand hand. She dresses in dresses that are usually dark purple in color but she is often dressed in brighter colors when her mother hands her a dress to wear on special occasions. (She loathes light colors.)

Spring 1865 - Sapphire is born as the youngest child to the Noire family. The first child is her brother is born five years beforehand. She is born to the gentleman Jonathan and his wife Lillian. She was expected to be another boy but upon her birth,her father accepted her as a child of the family. Thus seeing the importance that she would be every inch a lady like her mother.
Summer 1870 - Five years have passed and Sapphire has been getting daily lessons from tutors and her mother upon being a lady. But Sapphire keeps sneaking out to the gardens to have some fun of her own. She is a lady who loved to do things her way. It is also in the summer that her mother gets pregnant again but suffers a miscarriage within the first few weeks. It is widely believed by her doctors that she may never be able to concieve another child. More pressure would become placed on Sapphire and her brother. She is limited to contact inside. What childhood friends she has comes with playdates.
Summer 1876 - Sapphire gets her letter to be accepted into Hogwarts and is sorted into the Ravenclaw house. She excells in all of her studies but she became more fascinated with Charms,Defense of the Dark Arts and Divination. Of course she was wanting to be naughty and used divination to find out what the future lies for her. She comes to ponder this later on as she grows older and to the age where she debuts within society. She wants to know if she'll get a good husband or one who will make her life completely miserable.
April 1880 - Four years later,Sapphire argues with her father about her debuting. He wishes her to debut so she's ready for marriage but the idea of it insults her. She wishes to finish her studies at Hogwarts. The two argue back and forth between many letters sent between each other. A bargain is then stuck between the two. He would allow her to finish Hogwarts but immediately after she finishes,she would debut into society. Sapphire was relieved he accepted such a thing so she did as well.
1882 - 1888 - Sapphire graduates from Hogwarts and is put into her new position to marry a great husband. As promised,she debuted into society after having finished. The six years past soon after and Sapphire is twenty three and inching so close to spinster age. No one is more angry than her father who lectures her every time she rejects a suitor. But in the meanwhile,a plan is formed. Her father is a lord whose great wealth helps the factory of the MacNamara family. She only knew the son Hale as a passing acquaintance. They had met a couple of times at Hogwarts with helping each other in work. But from pressure on both sides,the gentleman proposes marriage to Sapphire. She accepts. (With mounting pressure from her family) Sapphire knows they do not know each other very well but she's hoping he is a good husband. Rather than the future she long dreads of being miserable. She knows of his reputation and she's hoping with her unique personality,she can hold her own.
Stubborn,Opinionated, Kind.
Patronus: White Owl
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