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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Morwenna Skeeter
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Played by Lauren
Head of the Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures
62 year old Muggleborn.
Head of the Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures
5 ft. 4 in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Morwenna Skeeter.

Nickname(s): Morwen.

Birthdate: 5th April, 1829.

Age: 62

Gender: Female

Occupation: Head of the Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures.

Blood Status: Muggleborn. Werewolf.

Residence: Bartonburg.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff.

Wand: Wild cherry, with a unicorn center at 15 inches long.

Family: Kieran Flynn | Father | 1800-1870
Siobhan Flynn | Mother | 1804-1869
Matthew Flynn | Brother [i]and family[/i] | 1835-

Edison Skeeter | Husband | 1825-1862
Mason Skeeter | Son | 1856-

Maxwell Skeeter | Brother-in-law | 1829-
Martha Skeeter | Sister-in-law
Archibald Skeeter | Nephew
Barnabas Skeeter | Nephew
Antonius Skeeter | Nephew
Mortimer Skeeter | Nephew
Thompson Skeeter | Nephew
Tamsin Skeeter | Niece
A woman of average height with long red hair as her most distinct feature, she has bright blue eyes and a long frame. Her face is a little more lined with age than it once was but she is still an attractive woman, or she was until she received a bite that left her with a monthly furry problem. Since then her looks have rapidly been battered by the monthly trials of being a werewolf and she has lost the little weight she had, leaving her looking a shadow of her former self. She has a large scar on each leg, one from the wolf, the other from a tiger and she walks with a cane that she leans on heavily at times.
1829: Born in Cork to a muggle doctor and his wife Morwenna’s birth is a joyous event.

1835: Brother Michael born and Morwenna takes to him immediately. The Flynns are a comfortable and sickeningly happy little family.

1836: Having been charged with watching Michael in the nursery Morwenna decides to entertain him by putting his toy soldiers into formation, something she discovered the week before she could do by just thinking about it! Her parents are thrilled at her neatness and her brother keeps the secret of how she did it, convinced his sister is a magical witch. He’s not wrong.

1840: After several years of odd, unexplainable incidents the family are visited by a strikingly mad looking gentleman who informs them he is a wizard and promptly makes the ornate cat on the mantelpiece come to life and chase the light from Morwenna’s father’s watch around the room. It is explained that she is a witch and she is offered a place at a school in Scotland to begin her magical education. Full to the brim with confused misgivings her parents reluctantly agree and Morwenna is sent off to the strange school.

For the first few months Morwenna feels utterly out of her depth until she befriends a fellow Hufflepuff muggleborn, Maxwell Skeeter. Between him and his older brother Edison she begins to feel less alone and between them they navigate the strange new world before them.

1844-1847: Morwenna is an exemplary student and is first made a prefect before later being Head Girl. The only thing she doesn’t love about Hogwarts is that her brother never joins her, it being confirmed when he turns eleven that she will be the only magical member of her family.

1847: Graduates from Hogwarts with excellent grades in all her subjects, apart from Potions, in which she struggled to scratch an Acceptable, which galls her to this day. After seven years of immersion in the magical world Morwenna finds it impossible to even contemplate going home and forgetting about that world so she opts to find work at the Ministry alongside Maxwell, rather than going back to Ireland and marrying as her parents wish her to. Subsequently she has very little to do with her family but instead becomes an intern in the Beasts Division at the Ministry, little realising how much the department will come to mean to her.

1851: After years of dancing around the subject of their mutual affection for one another Morwenna finally marries Edison Skeeter in the same year she accepts a permanent position as a division employee. It is a statement of intent that her husband does not need explaining to him.

1856: In the autumn she gives birth to Mason, her and Edison's only child, a fact that concerns her further down the line when she worries that Mason isn’t getting the same kind of family-orientated upbringing as his innumerable cousins.

1862: Edison suffers an injury at work and dies soon afterwards, leaving Morwenna, Maxwell, Mason and the family devastated. Morwenna rallies however and, after employing a nanny that she trusts with her son's life, she returns to work. Despite only being 33 years old she never entertains any other man in her life, partly out of loyalty to her late beloved and partly because most of them bore her.

1868-1869: In the same years that Mason attends Hogwarts for the first time she hears word that her mother is ill and travels back to Ireland for the first time in decades to be by her bedside when she dies. It is a journey she does not regret taking but it makes little difference as her brother and father are stiff and distant with her and she suspects they still resent her for leaving.

1870: She performs the same ritual when her father dies and when she leaves she knows Michael is secretly relieved that he will not have to explain her to his perfectly ordinary wife and neighbours again. Later in the years she becomes the Head of Division.

1875: Mason leaves Hogwarts and pursues a career in Herbology. She is proud of him but disappointed that he doesn't follow her into a life at the Ministry, or a life dedicated to beasts. Still, she takes to expanding her garden as an excuse to get him to come home and assess the state of them.

1877: When the new branch of the Ministry opens in Hogsmeade she is offered the promotion, much to her surprise, to become the Assistant Head of the Department and accepts, moving herself and Mason to the newly established village.

1884: Not especially rating her chances, though never doubting her own ability Morwenna applies to become the new Head of the Department and is passed over for a younger man, with considerably less experience but an impressive family name to help boost him up the ranks. What follows is several years of increasingly bitter one-up-man-ship between them where most other members of the department wisely keep their heads down.

1887: In the spring, following on from a comment that suggests she has always been a desk woman and never gotten her hands dirty, Morwenna makes the regrettable decision to investigate a potential werewolf sighting herself and is subsequently attacked and bitten. She manages to avoid being killed by luck but the following month the full extent of her foolishness hits her - she is a werewolf. Sealing up her cellar and preparing it for what she knows will happen next Morwenna is glad for the first time that Mason no longer lives at home.

In the summer, during the tiger attack at the World Market Morwenna is once again bitter by a wild animal and whilst recovering in the hospital is hysterically sure she will somehow be a weretiger too. She also makes the acquaintance of a Mr Charles Williams, whom she knows is a werewolf and is almost entirely sure is using a pseudonym. He gives her his replacement dog when she accidentally dognaps his, and she names her new mutt Thomas.

The rapid rise in werewolf attacks through the year also mean that for the first time, the lack of solidarity in their department may be seen by the public and the rest of the Ministry. Hoping to avoid embarrassment Morwenna and her superior try to work together but it lasts for less than a week when he announces his intention to run for Minister of Magic. Morwenna is less than impressed and spends the next few months making it plain she does not support him in the slightest.

1888-: Following his failure in the polls her superior makes the only decision she has ever agreed with and resigns, leaving a vacuum that only Morwenna has the experience to fill in the department. She is finally elevated to the top job but realises belatedly that he could not have possibly left her with more shit to clean up if he had actually been trying.

Throughout all of this, she is struggling to hide her lycanthropy, feeling iller each month, and beginning to crack under the strain of not having somebody she can talk to about it all.

1889-: Disaster strikes in the early part of the year when it becomes clear to Elinor that Morwenna is a werewolf, thus beginning a year long cold period between the two.
Intelligent and forthright, Morwenna has never suffered fools in all her life and woe betide the person who decides to test that. Significantly more irritable since she became a werewolf Morwenna swings between depression and anger on a weekly basis and is becoming rather more adept at lying than she likes to admit. With people that she loves though she is affection itself, ardently dedicated to her son and the family that became hers after she left home; at work it is not hard to tell if you are one of the people she likes. Progressive and in possession of a wicked sense of humour Morwenna is a good friend and a terrible enemy.
  • Despite being estranged from her family for decades Morwenna is still fiercely proud of her roots and will be unfairly in favour of anyone Irish.
  • Morwenna walks with a cane, ostensibly due to an injury sustained during the Tigerpocalypse where she did technically get bitten by a wild animal, however this injury was nowhere near as bad as she lets on.
  • Since 1887 Morwenna has been a werewolf. As of mid-1890 Kieran Abernathy, Lou Jameshill and Elinor Goyle are the only ones aware.
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