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Josiah Rohlwing
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Played by Kit
33 year old Muggle
6 ft. 2 in.
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Full Name: Josiah Rohlwing

Nickname(s): Jo

Birthdate: 25th April 1860

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Occupation: Postman

Blood Status: Muggle

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House:


Family: Father: Henry Rohlwing
Mother: Agnes Rohlwing
Brothers: Jeremy Rohlwing, ___ Rohlwing
Sisters: ___ nee Rohlwing, ___ Rohlwing
Josiah stands quite tall at six feet, two inches and has a lightly athletic build. His hair is dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that is generally kept on the slightly long side of things. Josiah greatly favors clothing that is good for work outdoors. His hands have obvious signs of hard outdoor work and are a bit calloused. He is right handed.
1860 - Josiah Rohlwing is born.

1866 - A siste is born. With more strain on the family finances, a six year old Jo begins working in a factory.

1872 - A brother is born.

1875 - A factory accident claims the life of Josiahs father.

1878 - Pneumonia claims the life of Josiahs mother, leaving the children under the eldest Rohlwing siblings care.

1881 - Another factory accident claims the life of the fiancé of Josiahs sister as well as a Mr. Ingrahm. Mr. Ingrahms widow and children are treated badly by the factory owners. The Rohlwings band together with some other families to rally for better work conditions. They are driven out of their homes and fired from their jobs, forcing the families to wander across the country for months.

1882 - Managing to survive with one anothers help until spring, the six families settle in one place and establish Irvingly. Soon, their lives are in upheaval once again as magical folk happen upon their small settlement. An agreement is established between the two groups and a Casino along with homes are built. Faced with different employment options for the first time in his life, Josiah isn't quite sure what to do and decides to work as a labourer so that he could work outdoors, as he always wished he could do.

1883 - Josiah is quite surprised when one his sisters unexpectedly marries a wizard. Another surprise comes to the Rohlwing family as it is discovered that the youngest of their brood, is in fact a muggleborn wizard.

1884 - As more businesses were established and the opening of a train station, Jo decides to become the caretaker for the Irvingly School.

1885 - Josiah's elder brother goes blind and Josiah spends a lot of time helping him adjust to his new reality. This same year Josiah makes the acquaintance of a charming young witch.

1886 - Josiah's friendship with the witch deepens and he develops some romantic feelings for her. Sadly, she stops coming to Irvingly after a while and he has no idea what has happened to her. Eventually, he gets over it but is left with the realization that he is ready to take on a wife and start his own family, something he discusses with his elder brother. Josiah also decides to change jobs again, this time taking up the position of postman.

1888 - After two years, Josiah is still finding his new job much more to his tastes - he can be social without actually having to deal with the people beyond a greeting! - Josiah decides this is the job for him.

Hard-working, Quiet, Cautious, Outdoorsy, Romantic, Shy, Restless.
Josiah is sometimes prone to flights of fancy and cannot stay still for too long. He has a need to always be doing something and is uncomfortable with being idle.
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