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Enoch Rosier

Full Name: Enoch Henry Rosier.


Birthdate: 28th March, 1860.

Age: 31

Occupation: Auror.

Blood Status: Pureblood.

Residence: Wellingtonshire.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin.

Wand: Rosewood, 13", sturdy, kestral hair.

Henry Enoch Rosier | Father | 1835-
Enoch thinks remarkably little of his father and considers him, at best, a cumbersome fool who would do them all a favour by dying sooner rather than later. The most positive thing to say about him is that at least he didn’t insist upon Enoch being as idle as he is – Enoch is quite hopeful that his indolence will lead his father to have a heart attack before he himself has a son so he can avoid the interminably irritating family tradition of giving your first born son the name Henry or Enoch on a rotational basis. On the other hand his father can at least always be counted upon to have a fine stock of brandy and cigars, the latter of which Enoch is partial to and the former of which could very easily become a habit.

Evalina Rosier nee Mulciber | Mother | 1844-
His mother, on the other hand, is Enoch’s ideal woman. Self-disciplined, sensuous and sharp, there isn’t a single thing she isn’t at least partially knowledgeable about and Enoch defers to her in most things and he has every intention of ensuring any potential bride is fully approved by Evalina. The only thing he ever defied her over was his choice of profession – namely that he had one at all – but she has forgiven him for this momentary failure to listen and likes to pretend now that she fully endorsed the whole thing. She was married young enough that she had little by way of formal education but she had made up for this by years of ignoring her husband in favour of expanding her personal library to the point that it rivals even that of Hogwarts these days. Only her children are allowed in.

Griselda _____ nee Rosier | Sister and family | 1861-
Griselda married for one reason and one reason alone – to hide in plain sight. She is the perfect model of a society wife, demure, polite, the consummate hostess, with two sons already in the nursery and no hint of scandal hanging around her at all, yet Enoch and Evalina alone know how much she loathes her husband (and possibly her children too). Honestly if she killed him Enoch would neither be surprised, nor inclined to turn her in, considering the man second only to their father in the league of idiocy. Whatever her secrets are Enoch neither knows nor cares to: in fact he has rather more admiration for his sister for keeping her business to herself.

Jemima Rosier | Sister | 1865-
Is utterly pointless and has yet to marry, something Enoch finds nothing short of embarrassing. Not because she is especially old but because she shows no inclination towards the state and he always believed that it would be good form to wait for his sisters to marry before finding a bride himself for fear that his choice would be a rival debutante and they would not get along. His thoughtfulness, he is bitterly aware now, has been promptly ignored by Jemima and as such he is far from inclined to wait for her any longer. Fuck her prospects frankly.
Standing at a lofty 6’0 due to an advantageous set of genes and an ample supply of food growing up Enoch is lean and muscular though with his indulgences growing his figure would be notably stockier than it was when he was at school if it weren’t for the physical exercise he pushes himself through in the interest of not becoming a stodgy fellow like his father. Thankfully dark of hair like his mother, rather than his father’s dull blonde he has also blessedly inherited her dark blue eyes and aristocratic features. And brain. He wears only the finest clothes, keeping them neat despite the occasional rigours of his profession, and he despises anybody else who doesn’t.
Aloof and ambitious; cool, calm and collected at all times with a streak of disdain for those that show signs of weakness. Brave at work and a reliable auror, even if he isn’t an especially gregarious colleague. He is as much at home in the countryside where he can enjoy quiet contemplation as he is in the midst of a mission, though in all things he prefers to keep people at arm’s length. Strong-minded and extremely purist he does not suffer fools, mudbloods, dirt of any kind or incessant chatter.

+ Enoch has won professional dueling competitions and will tell literally anybody about this at the drop of a hat.
+ If a woman finds her way into his room it's her own fault.

pre-1860: The death of Evalina Mulciber's older sister, precisely three months before the eighteen year old was due to marry the heir of the Rosier's expedited Evalina's matrimonial prospects. Though only fifteen at the time she was promptly pulled out of school in June '59 and married to Henry Rosier, ten years her senior and utterly unfamiliar to her. Suffice to say, she was not especially thrilled about the situation and even now, though they are approaching their thirtieth wedding anniversary, she still resents him bitterly.

1860: Enoch is born and though his arrival does not bring his parents any closer together, he does lift Evalina's spirits, partly because of the love she feels for him immediately and partly because a son means she has done half her duty and provided an heir.

1861: Griselda is born. Later in life Enoch will be forever grateful that she was a girl - a brother of that age would have been a rival and that he can do without.

1863: Though Enoch is unaware of it Evalina suffers a miscarriage.

1865: Jemima is born. Enoch continues to not care about the expanding household but he does care very much about the foal his father buys him in the interest of bonding with his son. It lasts about a fortnight before Henry gets bored, but Enoch develops a lifelong love for riding.

1867: Enoch displays magic for the first time saving Griselda from falling into a muddy patch during one of their walks. It would have been most unseemly and he will not suffer to see his sister so degraded.

1871: Hogwarts beckons and after sharing an emotional farewell with his mother and Griselda Enoch attends school and is quickly sorted into Slytherin. Though he will never admit it to a single soul the hat strongly considers Gryffindor. His Hogwarts years are unremarkable though enjoyable - and they are hugely improved when Griselda joins him only a year later - and he considers playing Quidditch for a brief period though ultimately decides against it in his third year when he sees a match played in the midst of a downpour and witnesses how splattered with mud they become. Fuck that noise. He eventually decides to become an auror instead but constantly has his eye on the top jobs where they get a nice tidy office.

1878: On his graduation, as he always planned to do, Enoch takes six months off from life to go and be a sexy young man on the continent. It goes very well for him but he always apparates back during Hogsmeade weekends so he can see Griselda and sweep her off to somewhere exotic he has discovered. Their bond, strong before, becomes increasingly so and when he returns from his travels and takes up a spot in the auror training program he immediately begins to look out for someone worthy of her.

1880: He need not have bothered. Griselda, much to his bemusement, cajoles their father into finding her a match and for once the old man actually comes up trumps. Her spouse is extremely rich, has impeccable breeding (of both kinds) and is almost laughably stupid and in slavishly in love with Griselda. Enoch knows without having to ask that she will be as disgusted as she is pleased with the situation and congratulates her with an ironic, and extremely dry toast on her wedding day that none but them and Evalina probably understand.

1881: Enoch becomes a fully fledged auror.

1883: Jemima graduates from school and though she could have been rather good at being a debutante she instead thinks herself above it all. Enoch and Gris roll their eyes and barely ever speak about her in public, considering her tantamount to a disgrace.

1884: Irritatingly his father does not die of the plague. The Wellingtonshire house does burn down though and Enoch takes it upon himself to oversee the renovations as it will save him some time later on when he comes to redesign it anyway.

1886: While on a mission involving a potentially iffy figure escaping through Knockturn Alley - who promptly vanishes because who isn’t iffy in Knockturn Alley - Enoch finds himself in the Horned Serpent. It reminds him of easier days abroad and frankly he doesn't believe the aurors office need to be troubled with petty thefts and whoring amongst the lower orders so he looks the other way. He begins to make frequent visits back - never admitting to his real name, or his profession, reasoning correctly that no one there will know him and simply take his money without question. He secretly rather wishes he could share his private vice with Griselda.

1887: After much deliberation, and consulting the two women in his life whose opinion he values, Enoch decides the time has come to find himself a bride. The matter of who can be decided along the way - there are plenty to choose from after all, though very few that he imagines will match up to his ideal. His attitude is somewhat derailed in the spring when a number of unruly women irritate him so much he is almost grateful for the murder in the summer to take him mind off things.

1888: In June Enoch is injured in the course of duty, largely as a result of the encroaching fog in Irvingly and he becomes stranded in the muggle village as he recovers. Unable to recover with magical means Enoch is forced to sit out the expedition and is quite embittered about it - two schoolmarms, an old man and a child get the glory instead.

January 1889: Enoch makes himself feel better about last summer by winning a professional duelling competition and bragging about it to literally everybody.

+ He is of marriageable age and, as the only son, will inherit a considerable estate.
+ He is very well pleased with this fact.

+ He was involved in the investigation into the murder of Sterling Carrow and, as of yet, has not tracked down the killer.
+ If you are male and of his class then you might know he visits brothels with relative frequency. You might have been invited along in fact.

+ He is an STD waiting to happen.
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“I was there last night. I cannot help that you were stuck at your desk till all hours.”

Had Enoch know that the evening’s primary form of entertainment was to be watching Macmillan have a serious of conniption fits each and every time Macnair glanced in the direction of his cousin then he would have been far keener to accept the invitation.

Truthfully, he had hesitated. He had approved of the male draw of the guest list well enough but the ladies left him in a quandary: a foreign halfblood who didn’t have the decency to be especially attractive and a widow who was the wrong side of forty for his taste? Neither were much use to him and Miss Lestrange…well, she was an impressive women it was true but Enoch had no intention of doing anything as pedestrian as competing with the other two men for her attention.

“But then I am far more at my leisure than either of you,” Enoch replied cheerfully, taking up his wine. “Prewett is a gentleman, after all, so he understands how unseemly it would be for a man to neglect his social duties.”

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