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Plant Breeder & Owner of Montague's House of Flowers
Plant Breeder & Owner of Montague's House of Flowers

23 year old Pureblood
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played by Dante
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Benevolence Montague

Full Name: Benevolence Lily Montague

Nickname(s): Ben,

Birthdate: 1st December 1866

Age: 23

Occupation: Owner of Montague's House of Flowers, and plant breeder

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Rose wood, 15 inchs, Pheonix tail feather

Family: Lordson Montague -Owner/Founder of Montague House of Flowers(deceased) Sonya Montague -Mother -(deceased)
Benevolence is a woman of petite build, about 5,0 in height but of good figure, even without her corset she has a petite waist and an slim figure.  She has very pale skin which is contrasted with her very dark, jet black  hair which she tends to keep in unfussy styles, and isnt found of the heavily ornamented, nor lead set ringlets as she thinks they make her face look frumpy and fat. She does however, wear a flower in her hair most days at work.  She has large blue eyes which she sees as her most attractive feature and a prominent cupids bow mouth.  
Her style of dress is simple and practical, her work in the greenhouse means that she generally wears block colours, without patterns, or overly fussy ornamentation and she HATES English pointwork and will not wear it under any circumstances.  
quiet, bookish, passionate, sweet natured, pragmatic, sensible, dutiful. She is passionate and warm once you get to know her but only intimate friends see this side of her, as she can come across as overly proper and formal when not in her circle of intimates.
The Montagues are on the richer end of the middle class spectrum. Financially they would be considered upper class, but Montagues status as only generation from self made money has limited the Montagues to being considered middle class. The Montague grandfather secured the families financial future.
*Lordson and Sonya Montague Marry
*Their first child William is born, but is sickly and weak child
*Born in London to Lordson and Sonya Montague (Nee Lawrence), Benevolance was a bouncing and healthy baby girl
* Twin Girls named Laurel and Esther are born, Esther is still born
*Their father sets up Shop in London
*William dies shortly after his 6th birthday
*Benevolence displays magic, her parents are delighted
*The family business grows in strength, due to her fathers hard work
* Benevolence goes to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw
* While Benevolence is away at school Laurel drowns in a freak accident
* Her mother becomes very depressed, and is treated at home by doctors
* Shortly before returning home after her OWLs she recieved word that her mother has been found dead in the same pond where Laurel drown, official cause is accident but all suspect suicide.
* Benevolence, passes her OWLs, and goes on to study 4 NEWTs, achieving respectable grades
* She came out at the Hogwarts COB, then left school for the last time.
* The week after the coming out her father had a heart attack in the store and died.
* Benevolance took over the running of her fathers store, and sets up another store in Hogsmeade, with London specializing in hothouse flowers and ornate presentations for the upper classes and Hogsmeade is more of general florists
-She took over the running of her fathers business when he died. It's public shops sell flowers and floral arrangements, but it's main focus is the breeding of rare plants
-She should have been a proper debutante but immediatly went into mourning so never did.
-She set up a new shop in Hogsmeade as well
-Her uncle believes he should have inherited the shop.
-Her uncles family have a long standing rivalry with another family
-Benevolence is looking for love in the lonely hearts because she doesnt think she is very good at flirting.
Played By: Dante

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