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Head of the Investigation Department
Head of the Investigation Department

37 year old Pureblood
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played by Kit
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Lionel Lupin

Full Name: Lionel Logan Lupin

Nickname(s): Lion

Birthdate: August 1, 1852

Age: 37

Occupation: Head of the Department of Investigation

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 12", inflexible, birch, peacock feather

Family: Harold Lupin | [1834] father, shipping mogul
Virginia Lupin née Oliver | [1837] mother, housewife
--- Leon Lupin | [1855] brother
--- Lysander Lupin | [1859] brother
--- Lexington Lupin [1863] brother
--- Louisa “Lulu” Lupin | [1866] sister, debutante
Lionel is in possession of dark hair and has heterochromia - one of his eyes is blue while the other is blue but with bits of hazel. He stands at an above average height of five feet, eleven inches and has a muscular build. He does his best to keep his appearance neat and clean. He prefers the typical suits of an upperclass man and of the era when not on the clock. He very much likes to appear fashionable without being too tacky about it. He is right handed.
Charismatic. Sociable. Discreet. Ambitious. Athletic. More of a leader than a follower. Observer. Prideful. Adventurous. Kind of power-hungry. Slightly vain.
- Lionel is gay.
- Has a buzzard patronus.
1852: Lionel is born.

1855: A brother, Leon, is born.

1859: Another brother, Lysander, is born.

1863: Lionel goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor.

1865: Lionel tries out for the Quidditch team and gets a position as chaser.

1866-1867: Leon comes to Hogwarts and is a Slytherin. Louisa, a sister, is born.

1867-1868: Lionel is named prefect for Slytherin much to his pleasure as he had been working towards it.

1868-1869: Having never had much interest in the female form, Lionel had never thought about it since he always had other things on his mind. This year, however, he finds that his thoughts are continuously lingering on a [i]male[/i] classmate. When this becomes a bit of a pattern over the next school years, Lionel comes to realize that he isn't interested in women because he is interested exclusively in men.

1868-1870: Lionel becomes Quidditch Captain. In his first year of being captain, he leads his team to victory but fails to do so in his final year which he has always been minorly bitter about. After his graduation, he gets into the Auror training program because he has ambitions to be someone important within the Ministry and is not the sort to enjoy sitting idle and is always on the hunt for something exciting to do with his time.

1873: Lionel becomes a full Auror. It isn't entirely to his tastes but it seems a waste to just toss out his training so he makes do. Besides, it's a job full of excitement which [i]does[/i] suit him.

1877: After four years of being an Auror, Lionel decides to move to the Department of Investigation - his eyes on the prize of one day being department head - and works as a trainee investigator. This same year, he follows the exodus to Hogsmeade.

1878: Lionel is promoted to a full investigator position after his training is complete.

1881: It is discovered that the Minister of Magic was offing muggleborns and the one behind their kidnapping. He is appalled when an [i]eighteen[/i] year old is elected Minister of Magic. WTAF?

1883: The Amortentia tea crisis finds Lionel acting on his desire for men for the very first time in his life. It is magical and Lionel can't really see himself going back to abstinence but he also has no clue how to find other men like himself. Life sucks.

1884: Lionel becomes Assistant Head of the Investigation Department. The minister is murdered and a new one is elected. Lionel begins setting his sights on becoming Minister of Magic someday. There is also plague and fire, the first of which he manages to avoid but sadly, his home partially burns down. It takes a while to rebuild during which time, he resides at Black's.

1885: Lionel is trapped within the Ministry and is stuck in a closed off pocket of space with another man. They are stuck but are uninjured, at least. As days go by, they connect despite any differences there might possibly be between them and then [i]they connect[/i], if you know what I mean. Bow chicka wow wow.

1887: Lionel is promoted to Head of the Investigation Department. This same year, there is a ban on half-breeds which causes a lot of chaos among the community. The Ministers daughter is turned into a werewolf and he resigns. Lionel was going to put his name forward on the ballot but ended up unable to do so due to falling ill at the time. Justin Ross is elected Minister of Magic.

1888: Lionel comes to the decision that he should probably find a wife. But ugh, making kids with whomever he marries. Even so, it must be done.

Lionel is gay.
Played By: Kit

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“I will swallow my blood before I swallow my pride.”

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