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18 year old Halfblood
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Pumpkin Whitledge

Full Name: Pumpkin Camilla Whitledge

Nickname(s): Pumpky

Birthdate: October 15, 1870

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Half-blood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Black Walnut, Phoenix feather, solid,  11in.
Cherry wood, Dragon heartstring, firm, 10"

Louis Whitledge—Father— 1840-1884
Heartwarming Whitledge —Mother— 1850-1887
Handsome— brother— December 29, 1869
Cupcake — sister — December 29, 1869
Sweetie — sister — December 1871
Darling — sister — 1872
Honey — sister — 1874

Harvey Whitledge —  grandfather — 1803-1880
Georgia Whitledge — grandmother — 1819-1888

Winston Whitledge — uncle — 1842
Frieda Whitledge — aunt — 1849
Cressida Whitledge — cousin — 1870
Cordelia Whitledge — cousin — 1871
Curran Whitledge — cousin — 1871
Caliban Whitledge — cousin — 1872
Hair |brunette
Eyes | hazel
Skin Color | pale
Dominant Hand | right
Fashion Choice | changes with the seasons
Height | 5ft 1in

Perfectionist | Strong Willed | Soft Spoken | Observer
Amortenia |
Boggart |
Spoken Languages | English, French, Italian
OWL Courses | Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Earth Magic
NEWT  Courses | Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, Charms, DADA, Arithmancy
1870 | Pumpkin is born in October, a few months before her older siblings turn one year old.
1871 | Pumpkin’s younger sister, Sweetie, is born a few months after she turns one.
1872 | Darling is born
1874 | Honey is born
1876 | Sometime after she turns five years old, she has an outburst of accidental magic.
1877| MAGIC IS FOUND OUT BY MUGGLES. Pumpkin and her fam move to the safe-haven of Hogsmeade
1881 | Handsome and Cupcake go off to Hogwarts and Pumpkin is extremely jealous, seeing them as not much older than her and wishing she could go as well. She heard that they were sorted into Gryffindor.
Hogwarts Years
Fall, 1882 | RAVENCLAW? WHAT? HOW? Pumpkin does not agree with the Sorting Hat’s decision on what house she would fit in best and writes an argument that night as to why she should be in any other house.
Fall, 1883 | Sweetie is sorted into Slytherin and Pumpkin wishes her younger sister was in Ravenclaw with her, but doesn’t hold the stupid hat’s decision against her.
Summer, 1884 | Plagues. Disaster. Fire. The only thing that makes a lasting impression on Pumpkin is that her home went up in flames and her father died. She is unsure of how she feels about Handsome becoming more protective of his younger siblings. They move to Irvingly.
Fall, 1884 | Darling joins the other four at Hogwarts, and she is sorted into Hufflepuff. For once, Pumpkin agrees with the Stupid Hat™ and its decision in putting the second youngest with the badgers.
Fall, 1886 | Stupid Hat™  is stolen by Peeves and Honey is sorted into Slytherin by the staff. A few weeks pass and the hat is found. Honey is sorted into Hufflepuff.
May, 1887 | Though Pumpkin feels slightly bad that half-breeds are banned from the school, she’s slightly relieved that she won’t have to worry about half-veelas or half-vampires. Sweetie is salty because her best friend won’t be returning to Hogwarts.
late June, 1887 | Sweetie and Handsome have a misunderstanding. Pumpkin doesn’t want to know the full details, but she knows it involves Handsome and Maddie – a fellow classmate and prefect of Handsome’s.
July, 1887 | Hattie dies. Pumpkin is shocked that her mother is dead and is slightly salty that she’d leave her children like they didn’t mean anything. She’s upset that Handsome and Sweetie still aren’t on talking terms. Pumpkin receives her OWLs and must decide what courses she wants to continue in and which she doesn’t.
December, 1887 | Over Winter break, Pumpkin breaks her wand and gets a new one.
January, 1888 | Though unsure of how she feels about half-breeds returning, she knows Sweetie will be happier now that her friend – Chrysanta Ruskin – is back. Pumpkin wishes the half-breed had been there for her when her sister’s so-called “friends” turned on her.
♠ Pumpkin's Grandmother died in 1888 via fog murder
♠ Pumpkin's mother died in 1887 via flying tiger
♠ Pumpkin's father died in 1884 via plauge
Played By: Ocean

Contact: :)

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