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Wife of Ace Lukeson
Wife of Ace Lukeson

20 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 3 in.   ❤   Married
played by Fallin
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Lucille Lukeson
Just like a dream,
Running against the wind with no regrets.
Leave behind our innocence.

Full Name: Lucille Agatha Flint

Nickname(s): Lucy, Lu-Silly (usually behind her back by her friends)

Birthdate: February 7, 1869

Age: 20

Occupation: Wife of Ace Lukeson

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Flint Estate, Dorset, England

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumna

Wand: dogwood, 13", fairly bendy, veela hair

Titanus Flint | [1794-1870] Father Laverna Flint (née Bulstrode) | [1849] Mother
Gratian Bulstrode | [1807-1877] Maternal Grandfather Regula Bulstrode | [1825] Maternal Grandmother Media Scrimgeour, [i]nee[/i] Bulstrode | [1842] Aunt - Argus Scrimegour | [1824] Uncle - Julius Scrimgeour | [1862] Cousin - Annabelle Scrimgeour | [1868] Cousin - Araminta Scrimgeour | [1868] Cousin Florian Bulstrode | [1845] Uncle - Carina Bulstrode, [i]nee[/i] Nott | [1857] Aunt - Narcissa Bulstrode | [1876] Cousin - Carius Bulstrode | [1877] Cousin
Rudolpho Flint | [1730-1849] Paternal Grandfather Bernardus Flint | [1767-1874] Uncle - Josephina Flint | [1779-1874] Aunt - Ernest Flint | [1809] Cousin, m. Enid Selwyn and have three children - Clifford Flint | [1812-1870] Cousin, m. Francesca Scabior and has a daughter - Ursula Crouch, [i]nee[/i]Flint| [1821-1857] Cousin, m. Ralph Crouch and have three children - Vivienne Warmsley, [i]nee[/i]Flint | [1825] Cousin, m. Perseus Warmsley and have two children - Bernadette Abercrombie, [i]nee[/i] Flint | [1829] Cousin, m. Morcombe Abercrombie and have three children Augustus Flint | [1777] Uncle - Agnes Flint | [1792] Aunt - Clothilde Flint | [1811] Cousin - Greta Flint | [1821] Cousin - Wilfrieda Vaisey, [i]nee[/i] Flint | [1826] Cousin, m. Flitterbloom Vaisey and have a brood of children Arcturus Flint | [1780-1884] Uncle - Merope Lestrange, [i]nee[/i] Flint | [1810-1884] Cousin, m. Radolphus Lestrange and have a brood of children Frederic Flint | [1895] Uncle - Louisa Flint, [i]nee[/i] Scrimgeour | [1727] Aunt - Stephen Flint | [1851] Cousin, m. Francoise Flint (née Beaumont) and have three children - Olivia ----- (née Flint) | [1849] Cousin
Lucy is a petite young lady who carries herself much as a proper young lady of her upbringing does. She stands at 5’3 and is of a slim build. Lucy has creamy pale skin marred only by a copious amount of freckles that she absolutely loathes but she adores her strawberry blond hair which she enjoys having placed into the latest fashions. A cheerful girl she is often seen with a large bright smile on her lips that seems to spread across her face, her emotions, while she wishes they weren’t, are often obvious on her features. She prefers dresses of the latest fashion as well to witches robes. Lucy wields her wand with her right hand and is terrible when attempting to wield it with the left.
Above all Lucy is an optimistic dreamer. She has a tendency to romanticize everything and see a great story in all encounters. She’s aware of how easy a simple encounter can turn into something more and the occasions that can grow into grand memories. She’s not entirely practical in this aspect and her dreaming and assumptions is known before getting her into trouble. But she’s tenacious in her optimism, if not very practical. She’s also a bit flighty and gets bored easily, despite that she is a loyal friend and really only wants what best is for everyone. She loves to include everyone and likely should care more about social divides, at least that’s what her mother has cautioned her of. She sees herself as the outgoing leader of her group and is almost fearless when it comes to diving into things for her friends.
Has a cat named Athena Fears heights, dragons, and spiders Bogart - Dragon
- Early Years -
1869: Lucille Flint is the first child born to Titanus and Laverna Flint. Not the hoped for son and heir, but it is determined she is a cute baby - despite the ease in which it takes for her tears to start. 1870-74: Early in 1870 Titanus Flint dies leaving Lucille as sole heir of Harvestone Manor. A nanny is employed and Lucille spends more time with the staff than her mother. As an only child Lucy is often left to her devices and enjoys stories of romance and playing with her dolls above all else. 1875: At age six Lucille is taken for walk through the gardens, a hunting dog from the kennels gets lose and charges at young Lucy. The dog being the size of Lucy herself terrifies the child and she displays her first sign of magic in appearing on the roof of a nearby garden shed. Shortly after it is determined she is old enough for a governess and she begins her lessons. 1880: Lucy turns eleven and anxiously waits for her Hogwarts letter to arrive. The months until the school year drag on but she creates many daydreams about all the friends and fun she will have at school and is beyond thrilled when her letter arrives.
- School Years [1880-1887] -
1880-81: Lucy’s first year at Hogwarts starts with her being sorted into Hufflepuff. Lucy easily makes friends with many of her classmates and is only mildly interested in her courses. The school year starts out with the additional drama of Lucy’s lost cousin Bella attending Hogwarts. Lucy’s mother encourages Lucy to be friendly with this long lost relative but the girl withdraws from Lucy’s attentions. She remains friendly with her cousin, ignoring the politics of the adults, but focuses on her other friends. 1881-82: Second year for Lucy is much less interesting than her first. Her primary enjoyment of Hogwarts remains her friends and her social life. 1882-83: Entering her third year Lucy adds Earth Magic and Divination to her schedule. Both classes are alright, but she becomes fascinated with prophecies for the course of the school year. 1883-84: Lucy determines she is now old enough to be interested in boys. She spends much of the school year crushing on the sixth and seventh year boys and pulling her friends into wild schemes to attract the boys’ attentions. 1884-85: Fifth Year, OWLs do not go well. Lucy’s mother is severely disappointed in her daughter, Lucy doesn't mind as it gives her the excuse to avoid further terribly boring courses. 1885-86: As it is now obvious that Lucy is not exactly the most inclined in her school work her mother encourages her to keep up studies in the more womanly arts at the very minimum. 1886-87 Lucy starts her seventh year excited to final finish school, but most importantly to debut. Much to her mother’s approval her NEWTs actually go well. Lucy graduates much to her mother’s relief and her own excitement.
- Academic Record -
Defence Against the Dark ArtsP
History of MagicP
Earth MagicP
- Early Adulthood -
1887: Lucy’s coming out ball is a success, she thrives during the season and has a few potential suitors. Dreaming of romance and love Lucy’s season ends with many visions of such a romantic story but with no serious suitors. Lucy’s mother takes in Bella Scrimgeour during the season and the two cousins become fast friends. Always having known of each other but having little time to bond the two now take comfort in each others presence. 1888: Lucy determines this season will be the season they all get their love story.
Played By: Fallin

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Like everyone else Lucille was very aware of the most recent Witch Weekly article detailing the very ineligible eligible bachelors, the very same Mr. Crouch had been included in the article. “Where's your sense of adventure Bella?” Lucy teased, although she was rather aware where it was - lost in the baseless rumors that popped up around her very dear cousin. “Besides, who says he's trouble? Witch Weekly?” Lucy was very aware of the fact that Bella loathed Witch Weekly and made a point of claiming to pay it no attention. Lucy was also aware that many of the claims listed in it were without fact, having often heard the other side of the story in her circle before the magazine even published the story.

Oh? And who might these people be?” Lucy asked with a tilted eyebrow, all inquiry. Her mind instantly spinning with the thought that Bella might very well be keeping a secret crush - or even romance! - from her. “Do tell.” Lucy commanded, leaning forward in anticipation of just whatever was at the heart of her cousin’s preoccupation with the staff of St. Mungo’s.