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Helga Scamander
"Holy shit, this one was enthusiastic." — Cassius Lestrange [on Helga] in Eyes on the Screen

Full Name: Helga Mildred Milburga Scamander


Birthdate: May 11, 1869

Age: 20

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Knightsway, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumna ('87)

Wand: Pear, 9¼ inches, Hippogriff feather, Swishy

Alexander Scamander, Father [1828]
Annaleise Scamander (née -----), Mother [1836]
Amina ----- (née Scamander), Sister [1859]
Louisa ----- (née Scamander), Sister [1861]
Eugene Scamander, Brother [1862]
    — Theseus Scamander, Nephew [1889]
Marlena Scamander, Sister [1866]
Helga has always appeared to be her age, which always proved a good thing. Though on more than one occasion she wished others would have treated her like she was older — more mature — she's also been lucky that no one has treated her like a baby when she was not! She's always considered herself rather pretty, having a slim but not skinny frame; light greenish-grey eyes; a round, yet not chubby face; and fair skin. Her hair is a light brown, almost auburn hue that highlights easily in the sunlight. She is five feet tall even.

Like any good debutante, she dresses in pale dresses that fit the recent trends, though her style could be considered modest by those who consider themselves trendsetters. She's almost always wearing gloves (except on occasions where they're completely unacceptable!) and likes large, decorative hats. She is left-handed.

    ❧ Her boggart is her family unhappy, be it her brother unemployed, her sisters divorced and destitute, or her mother standing over her husband and children's graves.

    ❧ If she were able to cast a patronus, it would likely take the form of a squirrel or some other woodsy animal.

    ❧ Her amortentia is her Mama's perfume, which reminds her of the comforts of home; smoke from burning firewood, which reminds her of the Hufflepuff common room and the nearby kitchens; and Honeyduke's sweet shop, which is where she spent many Hogsmeade weekends.

Care of Magical CreaturesA
Defence Against the Dark ArtsP
History of MagicEA
Muggle StudiesA
1869 | Helga is born the fifth and final child of Alexander and Annaleise Scamander. Being the baby of the household means being spoiled by her parents and entertained by the elder children of the Scamander brood. She rarely goes without, having an attentive nurse (and oftentimes the family governess!) watching over her.

1870 | Amina goes off to school — not that it really matters. She's far too young to even recognize the eldest of the Scamander daughters as her sister, let alone form a strong enough bond to miss her.

1872 | A few months after Helga's third birthday, Louisa goes off to school. It doesn't please her at first (she doesn't want to lose another playmate, boo!), but she quickly goes back to being happy Helga.

1873 | Helga's first sign of magic appears sometime after her fourth birthday! After one of her favorite dolls loses its arm and no one is around to fix it for her, it seemingly repairs itself before her eyes. Yay!

1874 | Eugene goes off to Hogwarts, which practically shatters her heart. Who's going to keep trying to teach her how to ride a broomstick when she fails? While close in age to Marlena, the two girls are prone to arguing over unimportant matters, leading to Helga to simply avoid her unless she really wants to play.

1877 | The marriage of Amina, the firstborn Scamander daughter, leaves eight-year-old Helga daydreaming about her own happy ending one day. The family picks up and moves to Hogsmeade, which upsets Helga immensely! One stern glance from the family governess, however, assures she doesn't complain. Marlena goes off to Hogwarts, too, leaving her all alone at home. She revels in being the only baby of the household at first, but soon grows tiresome of being all alone.

1879 | Louisa graduates and debuts from Hogwarts, marking the second Scamander daughter to do so before Helga even gets the chance to begin Hogwarts. Her longing for school gets more intense as every day passes.

1880 | Eugene graduates the spring before she's set to go off to Hogwarts, which is a source of great disappointment for her. Her disappointment is soothed, however, when her Hogwarts acceptance letter arrives! An excited Helga can't be slowed down and manages to narrowly avoid becoming more of a nuisance than her brother was at her age. Taking her to Diagon Alley, an action her governess believed would calm her, only manages to do the opposite, with her attempting to use her wand after she gets it (to no avail!). She is shipped off to Hogwarts in September alongside Marlena, and is sorted into Hufflepuff. She's not really the academic type, but does enjoy making friends!

1882 | Helga adds Muggle Studies, Divination, and Ancient Studies to her schedule.

1884 | Helga's father runs for Minister, but subsequently drops out following a heart attack that shakes the family. The thought of losing her father marks a change in the way she views boggarts after running into one at school: she now sees her mother, widowed and all alone!

1885 | Helga takes her OWLs in May and is later disappointed that she didn't do as well as she'd hoped. After looking her scores, she decided that four NEWT classes is the maximum she could take without further disappointing herself and her family: Astronomy, Charms, Herbology, and History of Magic.

1887 | Helga takes her NEWTs and graduates from Hogwarts. She attends the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball, marking the beginning of her first season! While she's excited to begin the hunt for her happy ending, she knows she's still not the first priority: Marlena still has yet to secure a husband! Her first season comes and goes, with most of magical society distracted from parties after the Wizarding World Market disaster sends half the community into mourning. Boo.

1888 | As her second season approaches, Helga remains hopeful that she'll be able to secure a happy and respectable match. In the back of her mind, however, the thought of failure still remains. Will she have to get a job and hope that the perfect gentleman will happen to cross her path one day? She surely hopes not!
❧ Though a pureblood family themselves, the Scamanders are quite vocal about their views on blood equality.

❧ Despite the above, Helga herself isn't vocal about those views due to her association with ladies from families who do espouse blood purist views.
❧ Considered somewhat of a social-climber due to her association with ladies about her own status, though she's never done anything that would solidify any rumors that might come about!
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Edric Umbridge; Skype

Plot Preferences:
POSTING | My posts tend to run between 80 and 300 words on average, but can be shorter or longer depending on what I'm given to work with. I prefer faster-paced threads and love rapid-fire style posting.

CONTENT LIMITS | I won't write out gory scenes or ones that depict non-consensual sexual interactions. I don't mind normal smut, but only if the relationship is established and there's a plot or character-driven need for it in a thread.

PLOTTING | I prefer organic development for romantic relationships, but have no problem pre-plotting friendships and work relationships.

THREADS | I prefer not to have basic "meet-and-greet" threads because they get tiring quickly, especially when I have twenty of them at the same time. Anyways, my favorite ships and friendships have blossomed out of wacky or traumatic action threads ;)


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