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Temerita Reid
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Played by Fawkes
Apprentice Wandmaker at Ollivander's
26 year old Halfblood
Apprentice Wandmaker at Ollivander's
4 ft. 11 in.
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Full Name: Temerita Louise Reid

Nickname(s): Meri

Birthdate: June 26th, 1866

Age: 26

Gender: Female, perceived female

Occupation: Journeyman Wandmaker at Ollivander’s

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Silver Lime, Unicorn Hair, 10.5 inches, swishy

  • Sean Reid | Father [1831-1884]
  • Adaline Reid | Mother [1836]
  • Philander “Andy” Reid | Brother [1855]
While she would naturally stand at 4’9, during a particularly lively wand fitting she was hit by a ricocheting hex and grew to 5 times her usual size. She may or may not have let the accidental magical reversal squad believe she was a bit taller than she was and is now 4’11.

Her face is distinctly heart shaped; with high cheekbones, a tapered chin and prominent eyes of slate blue. Her dark hair stands in contrast to her pale skin though a smattering of freckles often decorate her cheeks and the bridge of her nose in the summer. Her wand is almost comically long compared to her height but she wields it with ease in her right hand.

1866 | Meri’s birth came with more anxiety than joy. After two late term miscarriages and three children that did not live a week her parents had grown wary. They finally began to breathe easier when she made it to her first birthday. She was a bright eyed and eager child who showed no signs of illness or weakness

1870 | By the time she was four and old enough to communicate complex concepts, her muggle mother began to suspect there was something unusual about her. Drawing inspiration from old family tales that her grandmother had a gift for foresight, Adaline asked Sean if such a thing existed in the magical world. He dismissed the possibility out of hand.

1873 | It isn't until age seven that she herself becomes aware of her Sight and even then it was mostly because the mounting confusion it caused her had become unavoidable. She grappled with sensory input beyond what she was equipped to process and her visions were often incongruous with her regular life. She knew her mother would drop an egg while cooking breakfast in the same way she knew it had rained last Tuesday. Of course this made a great number of people around her uncomfortable whenever it happened. Except her mother of course. To her mother, Meri’s Sight was just another part of her and no more foreign than any other aspect of magic she’d been exposed to. Her father, on the other hand, vocally dismissed all of it as nothing more than cleverness and inordinate lying skills

1875 | … that is until he is the sole witness to a particularly powerful vision that hurtled her into a trance and rendered her unresponsive as she made a prophetic declaration. He was unsettled, to put it mildly, and refused to repeat what she said for anyone. From then on he is forced to accept that his daughter is a Seer but still forcefully ignores the topic, often growing agitated when it can't be avoided.


1877 | While shopping for her first wand it was quickly apparent that a Silver Lime wand had picked her but due to the price and strong affiliation with Seers her father was adamantly opposed to it. The wandmaker tried to warn him that the inferior wand option would have poor results but Sean was determined that his daughter would be average for once. Meri is sorted into Hufflepuff and, as expected, her use of the 'normal' wand produced less than desirable results. She ended up with a new Silver Lime wand by the time she returned to Hogwarts for her second year.

1879 | She enjoys all wand-based classes and is quite fond of Herbology if not exactly remarkable at it. It is an interest she picked up from her mother who is quite adept at gardening. When the time comes to pick electives, Meri takes on Muggle Studies and Divination, both seeming like a natural placement for a Seer with a muggle mother. The fact that arithmancy and runes sounded like actual torture at the time only made the decision easier. Muggle Studies turns out to be as suited to her as she expected but Divination was almost instantly her most aggravating class. Not only was being a Seer not an advantage, to her it seemed a distinct disadvantage. Her inner eye often felt in direct contradiction with the results she’d get with practical methods.

1880 | Meri begins to actively explore her Sight, reaching into that part of her that felt indescribably ‘other’, eager for some kind of clarity or control over the sixth sense that pestered her. She is at first intrigued and fascinated by what she finds but it is not long before she pushes too far and, as best she can describe it, gets “stuck”. Outwardly she was catatonic for hours but inwardly it was a terrifying and relentless onslaught that overwhelmed her so that when she is finally released and comes back to herself it is with a new fear of her Sight.

1882 | Meri gets her OWL in Muggle studies and is content to drop it. It's a class that comes easy to her but she doesn’t see a point in pursuing it at a NEWT level. She keeps Divination out of spite along with Charms, Transfiguration, and Herbology. The family moves to Irvingly once the accord is reached. Having lived in the English countryside for years, Irvingly seemed like an ideal way to bring his family closer to a magical community without isolating Adaline.

1883 | By the time she progressed to NEWT level classes she'd developed a severe mistrust of the required Divination textbooks but for the most part could rein in her better judgment and manage decent marks. Her frustration with the subject is further complicated by the installment of a new Professor. Part of her truly respects Professor Carmichael’s academic approach to Divination and feels an unspoken pull towards him as a fellow Seer but it's nearly impossible for her to personally accept his methods when every reading she does feels wrong. To his credit he is quite congenial, even when she storms his office to insist her tarot cards are broken.


1884 | Graduation comes and she participates in the class’ Coming Out Ball. It's not as successful as her father might have hoped, since she didn’t walk away with a marriage proposal, but she did dance with Professor Carmichael which was … unexpected.

That summer the Laughing plague strikes Hogsmeade and while Meri has the good fortune of remaining safe and unscathed she is also left with a lot of free time. She ends up taking up correspondence with her former professor and rather enjoys getting to know him as a person rather than Professional Torturer and Divination adversary . Meri’s father gets trapped inside Hogsmeade for the Quarantine and she is only vaguely guilty at feeling relieved that he is not looming around the house disapproving of her general existence. She never actually considered him to be in real danger so it comes as a shock when he dies from the plague shortly before the cure is discovered. Their strained relationship and his prolonged absence prior to his death makes grieving a confusing process. Andy moves back home, at least in some capacity, to be the head of the house and Meri takes employment at Ollivander’s. While first motivated by the precarious position of the family’s finances which is quite glad for the distraction.

There is another crisis, this time at the Ministry. With family trapped inside the collapse, Mr. Carmichael seeks her out for a reading, desperate to know if they survived. She agreed despite knowing first hand what happens when you ask too much of the Sight. When they touch it’s as if their Inner Eyes collide, overwhelming both and leaving them terrified.

1885 | Meri enjoys working far more than she ever expected to and struggles with guilt because of it; guilt for enjoying herself while in full mourning, guilt for loving something she could only do because her father died, and guilt because she wasn’t especially sad about his passing. Its not long before her zeal for wandlore is noticed and she is offered an apprenticeship in wandmaking, redoubling both her happiness and guilt. She is thrilled to learn more about wands but she worried that accepting a craft meant potentially turning her back on what she was always raised to do: get married.

1886 | After a particularly successful game of cards with a house elf breeder Andy finds himself in possession of a flock of house elves. He gives one to both Meri and Adaline which means Meri has a house elf following her around now. Which is weird.

1888 | Her apprenticeship has advanced such that she was able to begin selling wands of her own making. Of course they pale in comparison to the demand for Ollivander made wands but she finds it exceedingly satisfying to see her creations paired with well suited wielders. When a mysterious fog appears and spreads through Irvingly she soon realizes she is stuck there as it incapacitates all magical means of transportation. She endures the various plagues that came with it until her employer, Mr Ollivander, petitions the Ministry to allow her and her mother a seat on the one working train out of the fog, on the premise that first years demand for wands would overwhelm the shop without her there to help.

She makes it to London in time to be called upon again by Mr. Carmichael for a reading, this time on a murder he’d foreseen. Despite the near disastrous results the last time they tried to collaborate, she agrees. Unfortunately, nothing comes from it, save from a sickening feeling of foreboding she when reading his tarot cards.

1889 | In her zeal for wandlore Meri learns of a wandmaker in Italy and after a brief bout of correspondence, he extends an apprenticeship to her. She spends several weeks tormented by the decision as she feels both appreciation and loyalty to Mr. Ollivander for starting her on this path. By all rights, she should be content under his skilled tutelage but the Italian wandmaker’s work focused on the magical properties of various trees and in the end that won her heart. After discussing the matter with Mr. Ollivander it is agreed that she could take a year long sabbatical from her post in London to go study in Italy.

One year ends up being closer to two. While in Italy her mother, who had traveled with her, became quite ill. Not only could she not travel but Meri had to step away from wandmaking to nurse her mother full time. Obviously she’d rather her mother be well but there was no love loss when it came to the end of her Italian apprenticeship. She’d long found the wandmaker’s approach to be ill founded and disingenuous if not completely merit-less. His son’s clumsy attempts to court her was even less impressive.

1891 | Adaline is finally well enough to travel and they return to Irvingly to resume the life they’d left behind 2 years ago. As an added bonus, Meri can now speak Italian!

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Meri is a Seer who, despite having fairly regular moments of foresight, is not particularly influential with her Sight. Often her ‘visions’ are so insignificant they go unremarked, are largely benign, or are difficult to make sense of. She has found mirrors can help provide clarity in these moments and usually carries one on her.
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