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Pest Advisory Burreau Employee
Pest Advisory Burreau Employee

29 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 10 in.   ❤   Unattached
played by Kit
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Alexander Echelon

Full Name: Alexander William Echelon

Nickname(s): Alex

Birthdate: November 27, 1861

Age: 29

Occupation: Pest Advisory Bureau Employee

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 11 1/2 in., supple, dragon heartstring, maple

Family: Sebastian Echelon, father, dead Violet Echelon nee Scott, mother, living Tomas Echelon, brother, dead Hannah Pettigrew nee Echelon, sister, twin to Rolf, living Rolf Echelon, brother, twin to Hannah, living
Alexander has the characteristic blond hair and blue eyes of an Echelon-Arnost family member. Standing at five feet, ten inches he has a mildly athletic build. He dresses in the typical manner of an upper class man and favors darker colors. He is right handed.
- Alexander's sexuality is ambiguous at best. He has accidentally slept with a man and did not find it terrible and is not against it happening again.
1861: Alexander is born.

1862: Tomas is born.

1864: The twins are born - Alexander is especially fond of Hannah as she is adorable. Rolf is kind of meh and also yet another boy so he wasn't as impressed.

1866: Alexander shows his first signs of magic by fixing a vase he had accidentally tipped over. Unfortunately, another bout of accidental first magic ended up breaking the thing all over again.

1873: Alexander goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor.

1875: Alexander chooses Care of Magical Creatures and Divinition for his electives because he thinks they will be easy. Ho boy, was he wrong.

1877: Alexander takes his OWLS and manages to pass enough classes to return to Hogwarts. Over the summer, a girl that resides on a farm takes his fancy. Alex visits this farm discreetly in the hopes of getting some but ends up being driven off by a bull or something. To this day, he is still not sure what it was. All he knows is that when he turned to look behind him, a baby goat had followed him off the farm. Not knowing what else to do with it, he ended up taking it home and was later accused of stealing it. To make up for the 'crime', Alex has to pay for the dratted thing so he decides to keep it as a pet of sorts.

1880: Alex miraculously graduates from Hogwarts with enough NEWTs to get a job in the Ministry if he wanted to. He [i]does not [/i]want to nor does he has to, so he doesn't. That same summer, Alex is visiting a friend in the Hebrides when they decide to try out opium for the first time. They end up wandering off from the property and into the vast woods because it seemed like such a great idea at the time. Needless to say, they end up encountering a fricking DRAGON. The pair of friends thought they were hallucinating and were being idiots until it singed Alexanders hair. Well then, not a hallucination, so he apparated off and managed not to splinch himself. The experience was enough to put him off opium forever after.

1881: After apparating home from a party (instead of flooing like a responsible drunk wizard), Alexander accidentally pops in right on the top of the stairs landing. Caught off guard, he goes tumbling down and almost breaks his neck. As it was, his fall woke half the household. And he had to be hospitalized for a small bit.

1882: Alexander moves into Blacks to escape his mothers mothering (which, let's be honest, he actually does need quite a bit).

1884: The election brings him some excitement and he decides to vote for His Majesty Merlin Huxley because he believes it to be the progressive choice among the Upper Class candidates. The plague is much less exciting but luckily does not effect him.

1885: Alexander's fathers illegal dealings are brought to light when the man dies and the house burns down. The family loses their finances and falls from grace. No longer a member of Blacks/Excaliburs due to the scandal, Alexander is taken in my his grandmother, Jena Echelon-Arnost while his pet goat is put up in a stable. Eventually he gets a job in the House Elf Relocation Office since even he can't mess that up. Maybe.

1886: Hannah gets engaged to Thom Pettigrew. Alexander is happy for her since she seems to be pleased enough about it. They later marry and Alexander is happy that she managed to make a good match despite how much Sebastian fucked up their lives.

1887 Guess what? Turns out Alexander [i]can[/i] mess up relocating house elves. Who knew? He is subsequently moved to the Pest Advisory Bureau. This is also the year when Alexander finds himself accidentally the object of a [i]man's[/i] affections and almost just as accidentally (he didn't want to be too rude), he sleeps with him. It wasn't terrible though Alexander is incredibly confused since before the incident, he hadn't even been aware that men [i]with[/i] men was a thing. For once, his common sense kicks in that this is probably [i]not[/i] something he should ask any of his siblings or friends about.

- After his fathers death, it came to light that he was a criminal. This caused a blow to their family fortune and reputation.

- Alexander is prone to mishaps.

- Alexander did not work prior to the scandal.

- His sister is Hannah Pettigrew, wife of Thom Pettigrew.

- Alexander has a pet goat that he keeps in a stable.

- After the scandal, Alexander lived with his grandmother for a time.

- Alexander has had an off and on dalliance with a male friend.
Played By: Kit

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