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Awkward Turtle
Awkward Turtle

23 year old Pureblood
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Loretta Browne

Full Name: Loretta Faith Browne

Nickname(s): Etta, Lorrit

Birthdate: February 14, 1867

Age: 23

Occupation: Akward Turtle

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: 10.5", rowan, unicorn tail hair, swishy

Family: Augustus Browne, Father [1822]
Aurelia Browne née Hebb, Mother [1837]
Sampson Browne, Brother [1858]
Chastity Pettigrew née Browne, Sister [1860-1884] — @'Thom Pettigrew', Brother-in-Law [1855] — Odessa Pettigrew, Niece [1881] — Alexander Pettigrew, Nephew [1884] @'Calliope Riley' née Browne, Sister [1863] — Daniel Riley, Brother-in-Law [1845-1882] — Viola Riley, Niece [1883] Odira Potter, Sister [1865] — Bennet Potter, Brother-in-Law [1859-1886] — Jane Potter, Niece [1885] — Jameson Potter, Odira's Ward [1883] — Elspeth Potter, Odira's Ward [1884] Gideon Browne, Brother [1865] @'Prudence Browne', Sister [1872]
Loretta has dark hair and eyes. Like many in her family she stands tall for a woman - at five feet, eight and a half inches - which does nothing to bolster her confidence. She tends to favour soft, feminine colors though often dresses in a way that makes her blend into the crowd rather than stand out from it. She is right handed.
Creative; soft-spoken; sensitive; patient; kind; prone to anxiety; self-conscious
- has an excellent talent for fashion design and creating pretty things such as doilies, tea cozies, handkerchiefs and the like but is too self-conscious to do much about it other than making gifts for family and friends.
1867 - Loretta Faith Browne is born to Augustus and Aurelia Browne. The family that she was born into was already on the large side of things when she made her appearance. She was always a quiet child that often failed to stand out among her own siblings, let alone other children. 1874 - Loretta gains another sister in the form of Prudence Browne. She is glad for the new addition but grows distant from her as the child grows and it becomes more and more apparent that they are nothing alike. 1876 - The twins go off to Hogwarts and Loretta can't help but feel heartbroken over it even though she knows that her own turn will come soon enough. With Odira, the person she had felt closest to in the household gone, Loretta retreats a little further into her own world. 1877 - The Browne family moves to Hogsmeade in the aftermath of muggles finding out about magic. Loritt dislikes leaving the home she had known but doesn't make a fuss. 1878 - Loretta's turn to go to Hogwarts finally arrives. She is sorted into Hufflepuff, the first in her family, and it is both wonderful and slightly disconcerting to find a place that she fits so fully into. She makes friends with the most notable being Ismene Swift whom she would soon consider to be her best friend. She becomes known as someone that one can talk to without worry of obvious judgement or prejudice which leads her to be confidant of many a student. 1881 - Loretta, whom had been quietly amused at Ismene's varying crushes in the past, experiences a crush for himself when she develops one on @'Harvey Beauregard' which would see itself to persist to this very day. In the summer of 1881, Chastity married Thom Pettigrew. In Autumn, Sampson marries Annie Childs. 1882 - Loretta is appointed prefect (as is Harvey). She is quite shocked by this turn of events since she had always been among the quieter students of the house. Even so, she takes the appointment seriously and does her best to be an asset to the student staff. Calliope married Daniel Riley. Chastity has her first child. In December of the same year that she married, Calliope is left a widow. 1883 - Sampsons wife dies after bringing twins into the world. One of the babies dies only days later. It saddens Loretta greatly, especially when she sees how brokenhearted her poor brother is. On a somewhat happier note, Odira debuts into society and Calliope gives birth to the daughter that she had conceived prior to her husbands death. In September, Prudence joins Loretta in Hogwarts but is sorted into Gryffindor which comes as no surprise to the Hufflepuff. Autumn ends with the news that Odira is betrothed to Bennet Potter. 1884 - Chastity gives birth to a boy. Odira and Bennet get married and on their wedding night, her sisters brother in law (who is also the Minister of Magic) is murdered. Chastity perishes in the laughing plague. Loretta manages to come through unscathed as do many of her immediate family members. To add to her misery, Loretta learns that Ismene will not be returning to Hogwarts and will instead be going off to the Pendergast School of Young Roses. When school begins that fall, Loretta feels quite lonely, indeed. 1885 - Mass murderers escape and there is a lockdown at Hogwarts. Later, it is announced that the coming out ball is cancelled. An event that Loretta is lowkey happy about since she had been dreading it. Even so, she would have liked being properly debuted but other than that - and sympathy for her friends who are more into these things - she doesn't really care. Thus, she graduates with little fanfare. Odira is kidnapped by a mass murderer. Loretta is anguished, especially considering the fact that Odira is the family member that she feels closest to. Loritt frets and worries until Odira is found and brought home. She had also given birth to her baby. Loretta simply cannot imagine what she went through and is heartbroken to discover that her sister does not remember them at all! She does her best to be of assistance and through patience and understanding on Loretta's end, their bond begins to reform itself once more over time. 1886 - As her time as a Hogwarts graduate goes on, Loretta comes to realize that she is petrified at the idea of being married. This results in her being incredibly awkward around eligible men. She supposes it is hardly surprising considering her family's experiences with marriage and family thus far. Lorrit decides to keep her fear to herself, due to not knowing how her love-obsessed best friend might take it. 1887 - Ismene finally gets to debut into society! Loretta is looking forward to being able to have more time with her best friend despite feeling a little awkward around her best friends new friend, Dorothea Potts. And thus it has been another year of subconsciously trying to drive off interested suitors, crushing on Harvey Beauregard and generally awkward turtling it up.
Played By: Kit

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The fact that this was Calliope's second wedding weighed a little heavily on Loretta. She had yet to even catch a beaus eye (as far as she knew) and yet both her sisters had secured second marriages. Her sister looked lovely, of course, and Loretta was sure that Weekly Wenches would be bestowing many compliments onto the brides attired.

"Oh yes. Quite gorgeous, really," Loretta said with a tentative smile. Would she, herself, ever be the one being primped and pressed into a wedding gown? Or was she doomed to be the spinster aunt, forever crocheting doilies as Calliope married her seventh husband or something?