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Social Butterfly
Social Butterfly

22 year old Pureblood
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Ginevra Blackwood

Full Name: Ginevra Eugenia Blackwood

Nickname(s): Vera, Ginny,

Birthdate: 18th November 1868

Age: 22

Occupation: Socal Butterfly

Blood Status: Pureblood Probably distantly related to half of the other pureblood families

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Holly, 13inch, whippy, phoenix tail feather

Family: Bertram Blackwood -Father -Gentleman of leisure,
Eugenia Blackwood, Nee Flint- Mother -Socialite
Bertram Blackwood - Older brother
Ginevra is 5,3, and built slender. Ginevra has long flame red hair, of which she is very proud and as such only wears colours and accessories which she feels best compliments it, so lots of greens and sky blues. Her style tends to be very modern, whatever is the cutting edge of fashion is. Ginny has the same bone structure as her father, normally that would be a bad thing except her father has exceptionally high cheekbones and a very fine bone structure, she does however have her mothers ear and nose. Her hair comes from her mothers side of the family, with her fathers side sporting blonde hair. She favours the Gibson Girl aesthetic.
Vera is funny and vivacious, she is confident and outgoing, she always has been. She is a firecracker and the life and soul of every party.
She doesn't take life too seriously, a sign of privilege because wealth, blood status and reputation have protected her from most serious things in life. She enjoys social responsibility, throwing parties and events.
As a debutante she enjoys all the delights of the season. She loves throwing parties and hosting and thinks anyone who doesnt is frightfully boring. She however longs for the freedom that comes to women in marriage.
She speaks French and Italian
She plays piano forte (well), some violin(well enough), and sings.
She adores quidditch
*Bertram and Eugenia Blackwood partook in an arranged marriage -loveless but friendly, the pair have never been in love but they make good friends and have lived happily.

*Bertram jnr. was born

*Bertram snrs father passed away, leaving his estate to his son

*Bertram snr, a quidditch enthusiast, fancies himself an inventor and innovator in the sport of Quidditch, and starts making brooms, and other Quidditch related items which he submits for sale, provides patents for, gives to friends, or just equips the teams he sponsers, or gives to Hogwarts as school brooms.

*Ginevra Blackwood is born, and named after Eugenia Blackwoods mother

*Bertram displays magic for the first time.

*Ginevra displays magic for the first time at 4, levitating her dolls around the room.

*Bertram Blackwood goes to Hogwarts, he is sorted into Gryffindor

*Ginevra goes to Hogwarts and joins her brother in Gryffindor

*Bertram plays for the house team, and his interest in Quidditch is keenly encouraged by his father as the magical equivilent of horse riding.

*She loves quidditch and would LOVE to play, but she also looks up to her mother and so abstains, but never misses a school match, even if it isnt her house.

* Bertam completes his education at Hogwarts and he joins his father in the family business.

*She leaves school after her OWLs, and goes to finishing school as part of the inaugural class at The Pendergast School for Young Roses

*She debuted in a private coming out ceremony

* Her brother also comes to fancy himself as a quidditch 'inventor', determined to innovate within the sport that both brother and sister enjoy. Both father and son fancy themselves inventors and design Quidditch gear, a fitting interest for a family of Quidditch enthusists.

*Ginny, is an outspoken philanthropist, taking on 'causes' and chartible endeavours, constantly hosting 'events.'
- Socially active and hosts frequent events
-Her Father traditionally sponsers worst team in the league because he roots for the under dog
-She was a Pendergast Rose
-Her grandmothers blood purist estate has left her a lot of money if she marries a Pureblood
-Her grandmothers family were EXTREME blood purists and entailed the estate away from an uncle who married a halfblood.
She is bisexual, has probably engaged in a little light petting with a girl in her own house
Her brother has some moderate purist views
Played By: Dante

Contact: Pm me, I suck at everything else right now

Plot Preferences: Book Challenge *Rape of the Lock *To the Lighthouse *Gone Girl *Fingersmith *Christmas Carol *Middlemarch *To Kill a Mockingbird *The Budha of Suburbia *Don Quiote *The Colour Purple


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RE: ❄ Character Christmas Gifts December 14, 2020 – 9:26 AM 4
Thread Subject Forum Name
❄ Character Christmas Gifts OOC - Community
Post Message
Cad - His father is getting nice firewhiskey (He probably asked an uncle for advice on this)
@Ambrosia Selwyn- a book on notable female animagus and a peacock book mark
@Hortense Selwyn - something probably excessive for her age, like a fan and muff set, to highlight the fact that he didn't get @Liliana Selwyn anything
Heph - probably a book or something

Madeleine - @Cane Backus is getting a set of books on magical animals
Tiger is getting a Christmas thank you for his help with the unicorn, in the form of baked goods!

Ginevra - The Prewett boys, as well as the Galivans, and other Quidditch fun people are all receiving a 'hamper' of festive booze and treats.
UC PB society parents are getting something suitable and friendly, as well as an invite to the hunt.

Emma -made her parents @Rosie Binns and sibling scarves and hats. Zach and Jules, probably also got hats. They are made with whatever wool she could get her hands on - they are not aesthetic.

Murdock - Siblings and most of the department heads got a very nice reserve of firewhiskey
@'Titania Alloway' is getting an excessive floral arrangement, a silver broach of a bear, and an apology that a very bad flu is preventing the Greybacks from inviting her for Christmas.

Benevolence - @Melody Crouch is being sent a Christmas floral arrangement including a magical patridge in a small table top sized pear tree, (the patridge turns back into a nice floral vase after Christmas dinner)
@Roman Crouch is getting a greeting card, thanking him for his help this year in her allotment project and a small Christmas festive boutonniere.

Lucretia - Is sending gifts to every upperclass PB she has met! Her in laws will get suitably thoughtful gifts, the girls will get fans, or small beaded purses - tasteful and expensive. It doesn't reflect how much she likes them

Meserimus- @Clue Leverett and @Idunn Fraser got a first edition of the final book published by Meserimus and Giorgio over the summer. As well as a book on the careers of exceptional potioneers (Meserimus is included) with a notation that they both might strive to make the next edition.
Other Hogwarts professors and staff got wine or firewhiskey as their preference dictates.

Yuri - Will make something in Art class for @Xavier Mondragon and @Billie Farrow will probably get a card and maybe some sweets that are actually from the Hogwarts dinner table.

Nel - The girls are all getting whatever they asked 'Santa' for - YES even though they are still past the age of believing they all still have to write a letter and a Christmas list and that's what they get!

Samuel - @Hope Crawford is getting a special piece of jewelry - maybe....he hopes.

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