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It’s quite unusual for a caster's patronus to be their favourite animal, but very possible that it will take the shape of a creature they’ve never before seen or heard of. — Amy
As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Quincey Honeyduke
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Played by Bee
Proprietor of Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop
38 year old Muggleborn
Proprietor of Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop
5 ft. 11 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Quincey Herbert Honeyduke

Nickname(s): Quin, Q

Birthdate: April 1st, 1857

Age: 38

Gender: male

Occupation: Proprietor of Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: High Street, above the shop.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumnus 1875

Wand: 13 1/4", Poplar, phoenix tail feather, pliable

Dahlia Honeyduke née Potts | [1873] wife
Gordon Honeyduke | [1829] muggle confectioner
Christine Honeyduke née James | [1835] muggle bookkeeper
Emery Honeyduke | [1863], muggle baker (in family shop)
Quin stands a little over average for the time, at 5' 11", though he's wispy and not very broad so not nearly as imposing as his height could allow for. With sandy brown hair and stormy blue eyes he has a boyishness to him that hasn’t really changed over time. Quin exudes charm in spades, he laughs and smiles easily, is generally very approachable. He is often sporting some kind of stubble and some flour somewhere on his clothes, though most due to lack of care than anything else. He's almost always disheveled, but only because he's concocting some new recipe in the back, bent over a potion or an oven of some kind. He is right-handed though can often be found doing multiple things at once, needing both in the kitchen.
April 1st, 1857
Quincey Herbert Honeyduke is born to middle class shop owners in Dover, England. Quincey was the first child born to a small muggle family from Dover on the east coast of England. Gordon Honeyduke was a confectioner in the port city and owned a moderately successful business with the help of his wife who managed the store and did the book keeping. He was always an amiable child, carefree and followed by inexplicable odd events.
Christine suffers a tragic miscarriage early in her pregnancy, the entire family is devastated.
A Sister!
Quin finally welcomes a sister! Christine’s pregnancy is long and difficult and though Emery is truly cherished, the Honeyduke’s decide it would be best if they didn’t try to add to the family. Quin dotes on his little sister, constantly entertaining her and keeping an eye on her.
In what would later be realized as his first sign of accidental magic, Quin manages to save himself from falling out of a tree, with a springy bounce at the bottom. Nobody is around to explain it, but when he tells his parents they chalk it up to his vivid imagination. He’s also been known to levitate things to entertain Emery and is generally followed around by little oddities that everybody ignores as best they can.
Magic School?
The summer after his 11th birthday, the Honeyduke family is visited by a mysterious man in strange clothes. He’s from a place called Hogwarts, which is apparently a school for people who are magical. It instantly clicks for Quin, an explanation for his little isms that nobody else could give him an answer for, but his parents are understandably hesitant. After hearing what the man has to say, they take a long while to decide if he can go, but after being constantly pestered by Quin about it, they agree that he will be allowed to attend.
Magic School!
Quin thought he’d been prepared for what he was about to do, but Hogwarts was everything and more than he could have ever imagined! The castle itself was astounding and the Great Hall totally enchanting. The Sorting Hat places him in Hufflepuff rather quickly where he goes off to join his new housemates at their table, instantly finding himself among friends. The year goes by much too fast and soon enough he’s home again for the summer, dying to go back.

Eager to get back for his second year, Quin feels bad about leaving Emery behind, as all he’s done all summer is talk about school, but hopefully soon enough it would be her turn and everything would be great! Second year doesn’t disappoint and Quin finds himself doing rather well in Charms and Potions. He showed potential to play quidditch, but never got into it enough to give it a real try. He was too engrossed in every other aspect of the wizarding world to focus solely on one thing.

Electives! Quincey adds Care of Magical Creatures and Earth Magic to his coarse load. They seem like the most fun classes he can take and magical creatures are just fascinating.

Though his classes are demanding, helping out more and more in the family shop over the summers has left Quin with a strong desire to try something new. Thanks to his skills in Charms and Potions and easy access to the school’s kitchens, Quin starts playing around with magical treats, much to both the delight and chagrin of his roommates, who are often his taste-testers.

OWLs loom and Quin isn’t super worried, of the classes he decides he wants to continue with, he passes fairly well, and the others well, they are what they are. His “creations” continue to keep him busy at school, as he can’t practice at home, though he continues to work in the family shop and improve his regular skills.

Sixth year sees him keeping Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration, though the last one he barely squeaked through in. He pretty much spends most of his time in the kitchen and socializing, as one does.

This summer the family expects to receive Emery’s letter, though nobody has ever witnessed any accidental magic on her part, they really aren’t sure how that works exactly. July comes and goes and no letter arrives. Emery is devastated. After hearing all about Hogwarts from Quin, she wanted nothing more than to go. It causes her to withdraw from her brother, causing a huge rift in their once close relationship.

Feeling immensely guilty that he is leaving without Emery this fall, Quin lacks his typical enthusiasm for school that he’s held all these years. Some of it returns once he is back at school, but he still feels like something is missing now, without his sister. NEWTs come and go and Quin does well enough in what he needs to, as he’s decided on a direction for after graduation; opening a magical confectionery shop.
Magic Treats?
Quin spends countless hours creating and executing magical confections in the small kitchen of his parents’ house. He doesn’t dare try anything in the big kitchens of the family shop, but after a long struggle in which he suffered just as many, if not more, failures as he does successes he finds himself with enough of a base, and the money, to finally start a business. He was finally able to take his love of candy and his consciously developed magical abilities and combine them into something everyone could enjoy; magical candies, candies with the ability to change your hair color temporarily, or that fizz and pop when chewed.
August 1877
Magic Treats!
With financial help from his father, Quin is able to open a small storefront in Hogsmeade. He’d originally planned on starting off in Diagon Alley, but after the exposure and subsequent migration of wizarding families to Hogsmeade, he thought Hogsmeade would be a better fit. Plus with the school there, he would be able to entice the students to try things for him!
Quin almost burns the shop down more than once in the first couple years, both literally and figuratively. He finds quickly that he desperately needs a manager with a good head for numbers, as they are not particularly his strong suit. With somebody helping him in that respect, things start to get better and he expands the shop a little bit, magically of course. “Vera” keeps track of the numbers (and Quin) while Quin keeps cranking out new treats to keep everybody coming back.
May 1883
Quincey meets “Iona”, a young debutante with a penchant for making sweets herself. Unbeknownst to Quin, she starts to fancy him, but he is oblivious. He agrees to assist her with her own magical confections and they maintain a platonic friendship.
Summer 1884
PLAGUE FIRE DOOM. The shop suffers minor damage in the massive fire that threatens Hogsmeade, though they make it out alright and only have to close the shop for a little while, the damage is not extensive.
February 1885
In an unexpected turn of events, one of “Iona’s” new concoctions, meant to make the person eating the sweet quack like a duck, Quin is turned into a duck! He spends the next month hounding the shop in duck form while “Iona” tries to fix him. One night he suddenly turns back into a human, while sleeping in a makeshift bassinet in “Iona’s” room. Needless to say the very pantsless, very grateful Quin encounters a scantily clad woman for the first time and awkward ensues.
Summer 1886
During the World’s Fair in Irvingly, Quin’s batch of fudge is spiked with Amortentia! He’s framed for trying to poison everybody with the love potions, but eventually the truth is found out.
First Love?
A troll of all things destroys the shop while Quin is away visiting his family. His friend Percy Adlard is in the thick of it and Quin comes back to a demolished shop. Time to rebuild and repaint!

After an accidental drunk kiss with his best friend's sister, Quin and Felicity start out on a rocky, quiet period where they decide to get to know one another as adults, rather than the kids they were at school. Felicity's fiance has passed recently, Quin struggles to see her as an adult, and Percy isn't exactly thrilled they were keeping it quiet, but things eventually settle.
First Heartbreak
Lissy is called away to stay with family elsewhere, a family duty she is bound to fulfill and Quin tries to be okay with it, but unfortunately the distance is too much for them and they call it quits. Heartbreak #2, moving on.
This year sees some interesting things happen. Billie, his “niece” (aka lovechild of his mate Gideon Ollivander) submits him to Witch Weekly’s Lonely Hearts. Some hilarious letter exchanges come from it, but one in particular continues on even after admitting he was not the one to submit the request for a connection.

Miss Dahlia Potts is a breath of fresh air, but young. Quin struggles to wrap his brain around what to do, but ultimately, is charmed by the chipper florist’s sunny disposition and penchant for baking. November sees disaster strike the High Street when a young woman is attacked by bees. Dahlia is caught up in it and Quin rushes to help. He has able to get Dahlia out, but others on the street are not so lucky. This reveals their connection to be stronger than he realized. At a Christmas party at the Potts family home, Quin is granted permission to court Dahlia and finally it looks like he’ll be settling down.
April 1893
It’s Official
Shortly after both of their birthdays, Quin proposes to Dahlia and she says yes! Now it’s time to really start adulting.
Quin is a lovable sort of goofball with a big heart and a love of life; just a kid in an adult body. He loves hard and is incredibly loyal. He would give the shirt off his back and it's a wonder he hasn't gone bankrupt for all of the free candy he gives away. An obvious extrovert, Quin thrives on interpersonal relationships. Sometimes he doesn't know what to do with himself when is his alone, which is why he can tend toward being a bit of a workaholic. The shop has driven his life for so long that he isn't quite sure how to be still and relax.
Mr. Honeyduke's eyes disappeared from sight, but the cushion shifted beneath her slightly and as he spoke an arm wrapped around her. Dahlia leaned into it, feeling safe surrounded by his warmth and the smell that was so uniquely him. At his question she shook her head. She couldn't think of anywhere near as safe as this. His hand on her back soothing as it calmed her.
Dahlia Potts
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