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21 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 2 in.   ❤   Courting
played by Elaine
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Naeva Lécuyer

Full Name: Naeva Basira “Colette” Lécuyer

Nickname(s): Basira (paternal relatives), Ange (maternal relatives)

Birthdate: December 6, 1869

Age: 21

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Willow, 11", supple, unicorn hair

Father: Durant Basem Lécuyer (b. 1831)
Mother: Colette Lécuyer née Bélanger (1843-1877)
Sister: Odette Samia Colette Tailler née Lécuyer (b. 1868)
Disowned Sister: Mireille Imane Colette Lécuyer (b. 1868)
Brother: Mercer Basem Lécuyer (b. 1877; died hours after birth)

Cat: Margaux

Dog: Sylvie
Standing five feet, two inches tall with deep brown hair typically in fine braids and dark eyes, Naeva is every bit her mother's daughter, down to the arch of her brow and the curve of her chin. Typically dressed in elegant robes, though the occasional muggle dress permeates her wardrobe, Naeva is narrow-framed and left-preferentially ambidextrous.
Dedicated, strong-willed, honest, loyal, organized, inflexible, stubborn, judgmental, and high-strung

Naeva could quite easily be described as spoiled: she thinks she is owed the respect her father had worked so hard to earn, and that the delights of her class are things she deserves. Dedicated to her father, sisters, and the preservation of her mother's memory as she is, Naeva is, quite unfortunately, the very antithesis of her mother's desires. She seeks power, more than her sisters seem to, and will do whatever she needs to in order to have it. However, she does not exactly deny that power is what she seeks. She wants to improve her own station as best as possible, and will admit this to whomever makes an inquiry.

Naeva does not like chaos, and judges others based on their blood and legacy over their own actions and skills. She sees the world like a pyramid - and she wants to be at the top, no matter who she has to walk over to get there.
  • Patronus: TBD
  • Amortentia: Burnt mint, horses, something sweet she can’t identify
  • Boggart: A goblin informing her that the family vault has been depleted and given to someone else.
  • Likes: Margaux, her sisters, her father, horseback riding.
  • Dislikes: Idiots, being forced to mingle.
  • Western Zodiac: Sagittarius
1869: Naeva is born, the third daughter and first single birth to Colette and Durant.

1874: In the dead of winter, during a particularly terrible snowstorm at Colette’s mother’s home, Naeva sparks a fire in the nursery. Thankfully, Colette is in time to extinguish the flames before it turns into a disaster.

1875: When Odette displays her first signs of magic in the form of an animated paper rabbit, Naeva plays with the rabbit before it disappears.

1877: Mama’s attacked on the streets of London while walking with one of her friends by a mob of Muggles, after they spy her wand and make assumptions. As a result, she goes into labor, months early. She dies shortly after labor, as does the too-small son she birthed, at the family home, after calling for Durant to be brought to her side. She expresses her final wish to Durant - that her daughters receive a full education, something she never had. The nurse who had assisted in the labor was never seen again.

1880: Odette and Mireille go off to Hogwarts, leaving Naeva alone at home with Papa and the nanny. Naeva is highly displeased by this development.

1881: During the summer, Naeva, Odette, and Mireille approach their father, asking permission to include Mama’s name in their own names as a second middle name. He is proud and honored that his daughters wish to honor their mother’s memory in such a special fashion, and he permits the alteration, though it is not a legal change. It is one they all typically use when introducing themselves, though. Come September, she begins Hogwarts; the Hat spends nearly three minutes debating between placing Naeva in Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Ultimately, however, Naeva asks to join her sisters in the House of the Serpent.

1883: Mid-summer, Aunt Manon is publicly disowned and never seen again. Naeva has no clue why, and kind of liked Manon. When she attempts to ask why Aunt Manon was disowned, her father’s icy reaction is all the information she needs to know not to ask again.

1885: Odette and Mireille sit for their OWLs. At Christmas, Naeva is gifted a kitten by one of her maternal aunts, whom she promptly names Margaux.

1886: Naeva sits for her own OWLs.

1888: Naeva sits for her NEWTs for Astronomy, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Potions, and Transfiguration as graded courses, with Art as her chosen elective. Almost immediately, Naeva joins the Pendergast School, and spends her time there learning properly. Hew NEWTs scores aren't dismal, but they could have been significantly better.

1889: With a year of finishing school under her belt, Naeva will officially join adult magical society. She is on the hunt for a husband, and only the best will do.

December 24, 1890: Following a delightful evening of dancing and festivities, Mr. Gerhard Grindelbrook asks permission to court Naeva. She is positively ecstatic — after Mireille's elopement, she'd feared she might not get a suitable match of pure blood. Not only is Mr. Grindelbrook suitable, but he is a firstborn son. Perfect.

December 25, 1890: The holiday passes without undue stress — and Odette's given her a dog! Margaux isn't entirely pleased, but the two seem to be getting along...so far, anyway.
  • Her elder sisters, Odette and Mireille, are graduates of the Pendergast School for Young Roses.
  • Her mother, Colette, died suddenly when Naeva was eight years old, and her father never remarried.
  • She introduces herself with an extra middle name, her mother's name, as a way of honoring her mother.
  • She owns a pet cat named Margaux, whom she considers her dearest friend.
  • Her maternal aunt, Manon, was disowned in the summer of 1883.
  • She is a blood purist, though she is dignified about it; she isn't of the sort to speak publicly against those impure of blood, as that would be improper, but will become quiet and cold when forced to interact with them.
  • She reads Witch Weekly religiously - and in fact has a stash of old copies tucked into the bottom of her Hogwarts trunk. If caught reading it, she claims to be reading it for a laugh, when really, she follows its advice.
  • She doesn't think Mireille was ready to depart from the Pendergast school.
Played By: Elaine

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Odette Tailler

Mireille Smith
Disowned Sister

Durant Lécuyer

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Private Life
  • Naeva keeps a diary; a leatherbound book which is always either hidden in the bottom of her trunk with her collection of Witch Weekly or locked into her bedside table. She doesn't know where she'll keep it when she attends the Pendergast School for Young Roses. When she writes in it, she refers to the book as Ancelin.
  • Naeva's second biggest fear, after becoming destitute, is losing the few memories she still has of her mother.
  • On rare occasion, Naeva can be found humming to herself. It seems to be mindless, but is in fact a half-remembered lullaby her mother used to sing.
  • Things Naeva Enjoys and is Good At: Horseback riding, caring for Margaux, embroidery, sketching, selecting complementary colors, organizing things by age, color, and, where applicable, aphabetical order.
  • Things Naeva Enjoys but is Terrible At: Painting, sculpture.
  • Things Naeva Doesn't Enjoy but is Good At: Quickly mending clothes without magic, styling hair without magic.
  • Although Naeva is a blood purist, she sees little differences in the classes. She merely keeps to her own class out of propriety.
  • Naeva's favorite color is lavender.

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