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Frida Lestrange
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Played by Bree
"He was happy to work with Miss Frida Lestrange; unlike some of her close and distant relatives, she was mellow in class despite his halfblood status, and did not predict horrific deaths for muggleborn students. Low bar, here." — Prof. Elliot Carmichael in Wide Awake
20 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 1 in.
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Full Name: Frida Sylvestra Lestrange


Birthdate: May 16, 1873

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff ('91)

Wand: Larch, 10 inches, Unicorn hair, Unbending

Orestes Lestrange, Father [1836-1885]
Elda Lestrange (née Hall), Mother [1851-1884]
Kristoffer Lestrange, Brother [1871]
Gretchen Lestrange, Sister [1874]
Meta Lestrange, Sister [1876]
Klaus Lestrange II, Brother [1879-1884]
Hilda Lestrange, Sister [1881-1886]
Aric Lestrange [1883-1884]

Priam Lestrange, Uncle [1844-1893]
and family
Andromache Pettigrew née Lestrange, Aunt [1839]
and family
At five feet, one inch tall, Frida is the shortest of the Lestrange sisters despite being the eldest. Her figure is thin, most of her curves manufactured with corsets and petticoats. Her features are rounded and soft, but she still possesses the trademark Lestrange features: dark hair, porcelain skin, dark eyes, and a high brow. Her cheeks have a natural flush to them, and she always looks to be frowning even when she's not sad. She does not have much of a personal sense of style, instead allowing herself to be influenced by the more fashionable ladies in her life. One of her biggest fears is being a target for gossip over fashion mishaps or general dishevelment. As such, she takes great care to make sure every hair is in place and that every fold of fabric lays correctly. She is right-handed.
1873 | The second child and first daughter of Orestes and Elda Lestrange is born and is promptly named Frida Sylvestra. Absent parenting means most of her time is spent in the arms of a nurse and later a nanny. She is a quiet child, and blends into the walls for most of her infancy.

1874 | Frida's mother births a daughter that's a glaring oddity in a family of dark-haired members: Gretchen Lestrange. At only fifteen-months-old, Frida barely acknowledges her sister's existence.

1876 | Another daughter, Meta Lestrange, is born into the family. At two-years-old, Frida spends her time watching the newborn with curious eyes, but is never brave enough to even cradle her sister in her arms.

1877 | The family moves to Hogsmeade, which isn't something Frida has many memories of.

1879 | Another boy finally joins the family, and he's named Klaus II. Frida doesn't really see what she can do with a brother and finds herself disappointed that she doesn't have a younger sister to play with.

1880 | Frida's first sign of magic comes when an anger-fueled burst of magic from Kristoffer causes her to disappear into the attic for a near five hours. She is discovered by servants as the sun went down, and is (embarrassingly) forced to explain the situation to her parents.

1881 | Hilda is born. Frida takes an interest in entertaining the infant... for a time. She soon grows bored with the baby, especially since ninety percent of her time is spent crying, sleeping, eating, or defecating.

1883 | Frida is given another brother, Aric Lestrange, and is more or less uninterested in his existence.

Summer, 1884 | The year intended to be spent celebrating her eleventh year turns to one of mourning. Members of her family begin to drop dead to the laughing plague that ravishes Hogsmeade in the summer. She loses both her younger brother and mother, with the latter leaving a gaping chasm in her heart. She was never particularly close to her mother, but she'd always hoped to one day be. Apart from her mother's dowry, which is to be split between the girls in marriage, Frida is left her mother's pearl necklace, a family heirloom.

Autumn, 1884 | Frida goes off to Hogwarts with cousin Seneca and is thoroughly embarrassed when the hat places in her Hufflepuff. Her brother makes fun of her, and she's too afraid to write to her parents to tell them the news (although someone—probably Kristoffer—tells them the news without her knowing, leading to an awkward letter later that week). She struggles to make friends in her house with her namesake, but enjoys going to class. She is an average student and favors book work to practical magic.

1885 | An explosion occurs at the Ministry, leaving her father dead. Now total orphans, the Lestrange siblings are split between households: the girls go to live with their Uncle Priam, while Uncle Lucius takes Kristoffer. It takes time to adapt, and her grades momentarily dip when school begins again, but she gets through it the same way she gets through everything else: pretending it does not exist.

1886 | Hilda dies in an incident with a mountain troll, which should come as another hard blow but does surprisingly not. Used to the routine of mourning, Frida goes about her life with a new morbid outlook. She adds Ancient Runes, Divination, and Ancient Studies to her schedule when school begins.

1887 | Meta is sorted into Gryffindor, shocking no one in hindsight. She makes a friend in Blythe Fairchild, who introduces her to the same Church that Uncle Priam and Aunt Nephele had taken an interest in. She begins to display more confidence and firmness with her boundaries.

1888 | Miss Fairchild's departure from Hogwarts leaves Frida feeling lonely. Her appointment as Hufflepuff prefect works wonders on her self-esteem as she works towards her OWL examinations. The year is shaping up to be a good one, but then her brother goes and steals her dorm-mate's diary and immediately publishes it for the school to see. Her friendships with her dorm-mates suffer as a result, and Frida finds herself growing more impatient with her family's antics.

1889 | With disappointing OWL results, Frida drops all but three classes from her course schedule. She endeavors to do well in her favorites: Potions, History of Magic, and Herbology. It is a quiet school year, and with more time on her hands, Frida looks to the future.

1890 | Frida is appointed head girl, a pleasant conclusion to her Hogwarts career and proving, once and for all, that her family's values of cunning and wit are not the only traits that will lead to success in the world. She takes her position in stride and is eager to debut, hoping her badge will help convince her Uncle Priam to let her debut immediately instead of spending a year being finished.

1891 | Frida graduates from Hogwarts and debuts. While her name gives her the social currency she needs not to be considered a complete failure, she fails to form any meaningful attachment during the Season. She's not calculated enough to invent scenarios where she'd be forced to make introductions with the men she is interested in, and too shy to admit when she does have interest. Her first season passes rather uneventfully.

1892 | Gretchen graduates from Hogwarts and debuts. Frida feels the pressure to marry to give Gertrude more of the spotlight, but isn't sure how to get there. She remains unmarried by the end of the Season.

1893 | Uncle Priam and Aunt Andromache die in the dragonfire that scorches the ports of London. She remains in the care of Aunt Nephele, dreading the day Kristoffer decides to wield his authority over her and her sisters. At least Meta is at Hogwarts.

While no longer the meek girl she once was, Frida is a far cry from her wittier, more calculating siblings. A desire to be liked by her peers has left Frida with an unwillingness to engage in conflict, although she is more likely to stand up for a friend than herself. Loyalty is her greatest strength, but also her fatal flaw: when her loyalty is given to the wrong person, she puts herself at risk for emotional manipulation.

Most people seem most at ease around people they are familiar with, but in Frida's case the opposite is true. She has little difficulty conversing with unfamiliar people; it is only when she reaches the point in a relationship where opening up is the next logical step that she finds it difficult to maintain her confident façade. Her home life has always been turbulent, and unconditional love is something completely foreign to her. Thus, making close personal friendships—especially after beginning Hogwarts—has always been difficult.

Although she's long outgrown the bigoted beliefs she was raised with, she's not immune from her own prejudices. She expresses surprise when someone from a less privileged background shows promise, and treats them as though she is proud of them in spite of their circumstances. Like most girls her age and class, Frida is naïve to most matters of the adult world and is not curious to seek further knowledge.
  • Fluent in English, French, and German, her mother's native language.
  • Accomplished in all areas of the feminine arts, believing that if she lacks the academic prowess to succeed in her classes than she ought to be able to take pride in something.
  • Well-read, especially in the classics, but she would much rather discuss history than fiction.
  • She is unable to cast a patronus.
  • Her boggart takes the form of her mother, looking like an animated corpse and yelling hurtful things.
  • She is decidedly not a blood purist, but understands the importance of it in her family and strives to keep friends that meet their expectations.
  • Despite being a member of The Church, Frida is not as devoted as its longstanding members.
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Ancient StudentsA
Defence Against the Dark ArtsP
History of MagicA?

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