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Cameron Gillenwater
534 Posts
Played by Bree
Trainee Healer
18 year old Muggleborn
5 ft. in.
❤   Complicated
Full Name: Cameron Gillenwater

Nickname(s): Cam

Birthdate: May 23, 1875

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Occupation: Trainee Healer

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Bell House in Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Ash, 11 inches, Phoenix feather, Supple

Martin Gillenwater, Father [1841-1880]
Annie Bell (formerly Gillenwater, née Browning), Mother [1855]
— Ambrose Bell, Stepfather [1847]
Madeline Bell, Step-sister [1876]
—Oakshaft Bell, Step-brother [1880]
Greta Gillenwater, Sister [1878]
Cameron has always been tall for his age, and now stands at five feet, seven inches tall. He has medium brown hair and light brown eyes, and a nose that's a tad too long for his face. He has a fair complexion with light freckles, but far more noticeable are whatever cuts or bruises he's sporting for the day.

Never the one to worry too much about fashion, Cameron sticks to his robes during the school year and regular muggle clothes during Hogsmeade weekends and vacations. He always looks somewhat disheveled. He is left-handed.
1875 | Cameron is born the first child of Martin Gillenwater, a physician and part-time literature tutor, and his wife Annie. The family, though stable and happy, is poor in comparison to those considered middle class by London standards. They own their home and Martin maintains a practice in a rented-out office, but the family always seems on bad year away from ruin.

1878 | A new baby—a girl—joins the Gillenwater houshold, leaving three-year-old Cameron feeling abandoned by his mother who was nearly always around to dote on him. His father takes time out of his busy day to ensure Cameron does not feel abandoned; however, that does not stop the tantrums from coming... and coming and coming and coming.

1880 | Cameron's father dies after becoming infected by one of his own patients. The Gillenwaters move in with their mother's sister's family so Annie is able to secure a position of her own as a governess to one of the local wealthy families. Cameron does not take well to the sudden changes.

1881 | After an argument ensues between mother and aunt after Greta accidentally calls the latter "mother", Cameron shatters a glass vase—which is, unbeknownst to him, his first sign of magic.

1886 | Cameron receives a visit from Professor Darrow, professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who informs him that he's a wizard. A wizard! Cameron and his mother go to Diagon Alley, where his mother meets a wizard that Cameron hardly acknowledges at the time. He purchases his wand and school supplies, and a month later is off to Hogwarts. His first week at school is spent boarding in Gryffindor tower after the Sorting Hat is stolen, but once it is recovered he is properly sorted into Gryffindor. He tries out for the house quidditch team, but does not make the team. He joins club quidditch instead and tries to focus on his studies, but finds he is not well-suited for a long day of classes requiring practical magic that he's just not that talented with.

1887 | Cameron returns to Hogwarts in the fall and finally makes the house quidditch team as a chaser! He befriends his team-mates, most notably the group of girls in the year beneath him. Among them is Miss Madeline Bell, a familiar face from Godric's Hollow; Miss Sloane Bixby, an unusually short girl whose hair changes color; and Miss Calla Potts, who, despite not being in Gryffindor, becomes a friendly rival on the quidditch pitch.

1888 | The Irvingly Fog Crisis leaves Cameron feeling isolated most summer. The only magical contact he has is with Maddy, who lives down the street from him. When he returns to Hogsmeade in the fall, he is unsure of what electives to take and blindly chooses Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, and Divination. He enjoys CoMC, but often struggles when it comes time to write essays, and he completely stumbles through Ancient Runes and Divination.

1889 | His mother announces that she is marrying Ambrose Bell, Maddy's father. While pleased to be in a more magical family, it takes time to adjust to living under the same roof with a girl he's long considered a friend. He bonds with his younger step-brother over quidditch, yet grows more distant from his biological sister, a muggle. His return to Hogwarts is marred by a fight with his best friend, Sloane, which results in the entire year being spent ignoring each other.

1890 | Cameron and Sloane reconcile—temporarily—after he breaks his leg during a quidditch match. The summer is much more eventful. He and his friends recuse Sloane after she nearly drowns in the Black Lake, and then he plays against the Moroccan National Quidditch team in the Educational Scrimmage. He is passed over for quidditch captain only to receive the badge after the disaster at the Quidditch World Cup results in a beater ban. He returns to Hogwarts in September and finds everything turned upside town. He and Sloane confess their feelings to each other and begin a secret relationship. It's not easy, though—not when their friend group begins to crumble around them.
"Cameron Gillenwater: master procrastinator and the worst of them all of taking his education for granted." - Alice Dawson

Bold. Energetic. Would probably be diagnosed with ADD in today's world. Protective. Jealous. More athletic than academic. Fun-loving. Accident prone. A team player. A friendly face.
  • A poor student when books and essays are involved. He tends to struggle maintaining good grades even when he enjoys a subject, but does do well when he's allowed to point his wand at somebody.
  • A skilled flier and quidditch player, having been on the Gryffindor team since second year.
  • His worst classes are Potions and History of Magic. He usually gets through exam season by copying his friends' notes.
  • He's adopted the slang of the magical world despite being a muggleborn, yet still struggles to remember to use his wand for problems he'd normally use his hands to solve.
  • He supports Puddlemere United in the British League.

Ancient RunesP
Care of Magical CreaturesE
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOTBD
History of MagicA
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