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Natsuko Mountbatton

Full Name: Natsuko Catherine Mountbatton

Nickname(s): Suki

Birthdate: 8th April 1868

Age: 21

Occupation: Heiress

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Attended Mahoutokoro

Wand: cherry, 15 inchs pheonix tail feather

Family: General -Eugene Mountbatton (Served as a military ambassador to the Japanese government, and served a later tour to the British raj in India.)
Grandfather, General James Mountbatton - Father, Megumi Katsumo - Mother.
_____ Mountbatton - Spinster Aunt
_____ Katsumo - sister passing as a cousin.
Natsuko has something of a porcelain doll about her, while she is of average height and weight for her nationality she is very pale. A fact that both her make up and personal taste tends to exaggerate. Her face is shaped with high forehead and cheek bones but with a thin pointed chin. She has a slender nose but wide set brows that with the shape of her eyes can look a little doll like. She has a small mouth but her lips are full and a naturally full shade of pink. Natsuko's hair is long, down to her hips when it is brushed straight but her hair is naturally thick and curly and as such hangs in her mid back. Her face in general is unreadable when she is being spoken to by someone older than herself, someone to whom she should show deference - a result of a past where those older than her did not care for her opinion on any matter, so she was used to not expressing it. To those her own age she can be hesitant at first, but if you drag a smile out of her her whole face can light up and she can glow with childish enthusiasm. She has a slender frame, built to be a gymnast with not much figure, curves, or breasts to speak off. Looking at her it would be impossible to guess the strength and ability in her limbs even without her powers she had a wirey sort of strength in her limb. She holds herself very still when she is standing, like a dancer, there is a rigidness in her frame as though she is constantly on the verge of running, like all of her muscles are tense. Natsuko's sense of style is understated and modest. She tends to wear floral prints and pastel colours. she wears simple outfits that are Japanese traditional not european.
Charismatic ~ Loyal ~ Hard Working ~ Willful ~ Proper ~ Ambitious ~ Savvy ~ Fashionista ~ More intelligent than she lets on ~ Very aware of perception and appearance.
If she had gone to Hogswarts she would have been a Slytherin with Ravenclaw tendancies - A Slytherclaw
General Mountbatton had been sent as an ambassador of England to Japan, at the time he was a mere major general, a commission purchased for him by his well to do family. However, he was a young man, simple, licentious and prone to following his lusts rather than his discretion. He had engaged with a young Japanese woman, not a relationship, merely a dalliance with a beautiful orchid of the east. He had not expected much to come of their interaction, he thought they would amuse each other for a time an then he would return to England with no one being the wiser. That was not, however, what occured.

His father, an admiral of the fleet, came to Japan to visit his son and it was at this time that the girl made a rather alarming pronouncement. She was with child and her contention is that it was his. The plan had been to abandon the woman to the fate of all mothers of bastard children - but for one factor. The General's sister, was a witch - she had attended a magical school from the age of 11 when her condition had been revealed to her family. Her aunt Lissa was worried about the dangers of allowing a poor 'muggle' woman to birth a magical child and not make provisions insisted that they keep an eye on her until the time the child was born. Afraid that the superstitious 'foreigner' might take accidental magic as demonic. If she proved to be the generals, (as there was every chance that she 'entertained' more than one man) then provisions would be made.

At her birth Natsuko's close resemblance to her father comforted the General that she was in fact his child. Her mother had hoped that he would be harangued into a marriage but it was not to be. General Mountbatton claimed his daughter as legitimate, sending to Lyssa, who at this time shared her time between England and France. The General himself left Japan when his commission was complete. Natsuko never knew her mother but instead grew up in the magical society of her aunt, with whom she was unceremoniously deposited after her father died of brain fever in the tropics on another assignment. It was a world of well to do, high classed and aware at all times that her race made her very different to many children she was exposed to.

Little did Natsuko, or indeed the general know that her mother was soon after married to another man and bore another child, a girl who would be Natsuko’s half sister. This girl was also magical, as it transpired that their mother was magical but had never attended school and so had no ability to use or control magic. When Natsuko turned 11 she received her letter inviting her to study at Hogwarts but also an invitation to study at the magical academy in her native Japan. It was decided, for many reasons, not least of which her heritage, to send her to study in Japan, so that she would return when old and properly turned out enough to be considered proper in the eyes of society. So, she began her magical education abroad, with her aunt spending her summers in Japan so Natsuko did not return to England during the period. Everyone was told that her parents had been married, and that she was legitimate, well she was now anyway, she had been claimed by her father.

She completed schooling with fully golden robes. Now that her education is completed she has returned to England an heiress in order to be finished in the proper English fashion so that she might be prepared for marriage. Her aunt lives with her, the spinster woman relying on Natsuko’s inheritance for her income but she also acts as Natsuko’s guardian.

Upon her return to England she came out in a lavish ceremony, a mix of Japanese and European custom and began to involve herself in the society of England and the duties of debutantes in this sphere. The two split their time between Natsuko’s London home and Hogsmeade. Natsuko’s aunt the sister of the late General Mountbatton, is deeply protective of Natsuko and wants her to marry well, but relying on Natsuko's inheritence for her own comfort and lifestyle, she comforts herself by grumbling into her teacup and meddling in her romantic life which Natsuko doesn't mind.
*Natsuko has a cousin, recently returned from completing her schooling in Japan *Natsuko and Eva Sleptova were public friends
*Natsuko's cousin is a half sister, they share a mother, but they are masquerading as full siblings to save reputations. They didnt find out about each other until 1887 *Natsuko is illegitimate, the result of an affair between her father and a lower class Japanese woman, but has been raised as a full legitimate child of General Mountbatton *Natsuko and Eva HATE each other.
Played By: Dante

Contact: Pm me, I suck at everything else right now

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