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Sirius Black
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Played by Beanie
"Curiosity and sensible questions meant the Black blood in his veins was battling against whatever Ursula had contributed to his make-up" - Elladora Black in The Unseeing
Fifth Year & Chaser
13 year old Pureblood
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Sirius Nobel Black

Nickname(s): Protests, frequently, that he has outgrown ‘babyish’ nicknames.

Birthdate: August 13, 1877

Age: 13


Occupation: Incoming First Year

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Larch, 10", Dragon Heartstring, Firm

Phineas Black | Father | 1847 -
A perpetually distant figure, Sirius has never gotten to know his father very well. One would think he'd get a better grasp of him now that he's at Hogwarts, but that hasn't proven to be the case so far.

Ursula Black nee Flint | Mother | 1857 -
Sirius looks a great deal like Ursula and clearly has the potential to be very much like her; this is not necessarily a good thing. He loves her very much, but has never been ‘mothered’ by her in a way that is anything but dysfunctional.

Unnamed Black | Half-Brother | 1881-1881
Phineas Black II | Half-Brother | 1883-
The eldest of Sirius’ brothers, received the brunt of Sirius’ frustration over no longer being an only child. This resentment has carried over as they grow older, and the two fight frequently and with some viciousness.

Arcturus Black II | Brother | 1884 -
Sirius was fully prepared to resent Arcturus just as well, but somehow that didn’t happen. He is surprisingly gentle with his brother and they have the capacity to be great friends.

Belvina Black | Half-Sister | 1886 -
Sirius swings wildly between loathing his sister for how much her mother likes her, and liking her because she is a rather likable baby. Depends on the day.
Cygnus Black | Brother | 1890 -
Sirius really doesn't have an opinion on Cygnus yet, although his birth almost killing Ursula is certainly a mark against him.

Elladora Black | Aunt | 1850 -
One of the few adult figures who has never abandoned Sirius, he is steadfast in his adoration of Elladora, even as her personality will likely contribute to some of his worst qualities.

Iola Hitchens nee Black | Estranged Aunt | 1857 - | and family
Once the person he loved most in the world, Iola leaving to get married represents the first major abandonment of Sirius’ life. He would very much like to see her again, but would be hostile if such a thing occurs.

Via Ursula, Sirius is also related to the Flint family.
It is easy to see who Sirius takes after; he has his mother’s face shape, high cheek bones, and gray eyes. He currently stands at 5’1” and is likely to be quite tall when he grows up. He smiles warmly and often, and, likely taking after his aunt, wears primarily dark colors. Differing him from Elladora, his father, and Ursula is is warm demeanor; his expressions bear a similarity to his aunt Iola.
Early Childhood 1877-1883
Sirius is born in Hogsmeade in 1877, having a fairly uneventful early childhood where neither of his parents are very interested in him. Instead, exempting his nanny, he is primarily raised by his aunts; he can often be found shadowing Iola or Elladora, whichever is more likely to put up with him at the time. He is also generally unaware of the tempestuous events between his parents; namely, Ursula’s affair. While aware of his mother’s son (1881), Sirius is let unaffected when the child dies, too young and self-absorbed to grieve.

His aunt Iola is disowned in 1882 for reasons that Sirius does not entirely understand at the time - later he learns that she ran off with a muggleborn. He is distraught and inconsolable for weeks, throwing tantrums seemingly at the drop of a hat - the entire event gives Sirius persistent abandonment issues.

When he turns five (1882) his mother, through dubious and possibly traumatic tactics, manages to provoke Sirius’ first sign of magic in the Forbidden Forest. From then on their relationship becomes more of an actual bond, and Sirius is quite relentlessly loyal to her.

1883 brings the arrival of a brother, Phineas, whom Sirius dislikes largely because his position as an only child is unthroned. Ursula’s dependency on laudanum gives him a patience for such behavior, although he will likely not recognize it for what it was until later in life. 1884 brings Arcturus to the family, and Sirius surprises himself by liking the child. It is also around this time that he begins flying and has a bit of a talent for it; encouraged by his mother and a Mr. Thom Pettigrew Sirius becomes an avid amateur Quidditch player.

Move to London 1884-1888
Left unaffected by the plague inasmuch as he does not die of it when he is ill, Sirius does move to London with the rest of the family after the fire in Hogsmeade in 1884. 1886 brings Belvina with it - jury’s still out on that one. Sirius is rather excited to be going to Hogwarts in the fall of 1888.

Hogwarts 1888 - Present
Sirius begins Hogwarts in the fall of 1888, where he is sorted into Slytherin. He becomes a chaser and is a clever, if not particularly motivated, student. His closest friends are Flora Mulciber and Abraxas Crabbe, and he has an off-and-on friendship with Hesper Gamp. In third year he picks Divination and Care of Magical Creatures as his electives.
Sirius is a child raised primarily by narcissistic, female personalities - he is also a child raised to believe that he is very inherently special, even moreso than some of the pureblood children he plays with due to the haughty self-assured projections of his mother. Sheltered to an extent but used to a certain amount of chaos, Sirius is selfish but unruffled, and furiously loyal to his family members and friends. Periodically left unaccompanied as a child, he is used to acting out to get attention, and has in the past doneso without hesitation. He is left unsurprised by taxidermy but perturbed by the poor; used to witnessing laudanum but left baffled by the suggestion that he is anything less than superior. He is also warm and social, arguably Iola’s influence but also arguably his own personality.

This all leaves him with the potential to end up vain, haughty and insecure like Ursula, seeking approval and love from whomever. It also leaves him with the potential to end up like Elladora; cold, clinical, and self-possessed.

There is of course a third option: Sirius could end up entirely different.
  • Languages: Sirius is proficient in French and... fine... at German
  • Quite evidently a good flyer

  • Boggart: A spreading darkness which overtakes him
  • Patronus: TBD
  • Amortentia: TBD
  • At home has several animals, including a snake and a large black dog

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