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Defense Attorney; Silent Partner of Chance D’Amour
Defense Attorney; Silent Partner of Chance D’Amour

34 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 11 in.   ❤   Complicated
played by Beanie
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August Echelon-Arnost
I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,
or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

Full Name: August Theodore Echelon-Arnost

Nickname(s): N/A

Birthdate: June 23rd 1856

Age: 34

Occupation: Defense Attorney; Silent Partner of Chance D’Amour

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Aspen, 10 3/4", slightly flexible, phoenix feather


Lysander Darcy Echelon | Secret!Son

Alix Arnost | Father

Jena Echelon-Arnost | Mother

Idelle Whatever nee Echelon-Arnost | Sister | B. 1854 and family

Elsbeth Echelon-Arnost Gisella Lupin | Sister | B. 1855

  Leon Lupin, brother-in-law   Baby Leo Lupin | Nephew and Occasional Lodger Ferdinand Frederick Echelon-Arnost | Brother | B. 1858 Leisa Karina Echelon-Arnost | Sister | B. 1861 [i]and family[/i] Siegfried Oswald Echelon-Arnost | Brother | B. 1862 [s]Sebastian Echelon | Half-Brother | D. 1885[/s] [i]and family - most notably Hannah Pettigrew[/i] Corina Winthrop nee Echelon | Half-Sister [i]and family[/i] Thorben Echelon | Half-Brother [i]and family[/i]
bnormally tall for the era, August stands at 5’11”. He has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. August is usually well-dressed in suits, especially for court, in dark simple colors. He has a cherry cane for his right leg and walks with an obvious limp; if you catch him pantless (somehow?) the leg is twisted and wrong at the knee, with significant scarring down the leg. Although right-handed, August sometimes does wandwork with his left to accomodate for his cane.

Introverted nerd. Bleeding heart. Unprejudiced. Wants to save the world.

FAMILY BACKGROUND: Alix Echelon married Jena Echelon nee Hallow for love, after the death of her first husband and her mourning period. That she already had children wasn’t too much of a concern; they’d inherited their father’s money, after all.


In 1856, August was born. He was the third Echelon-Arnost child but the first son, and was pretty much spoiled from birth because of it. While his older sisters, Elsbeth and Idelle, were basically best friends, there was a sort of divide between them and August -- whether it be age or gender-based. He never got on really well with his younger brother Ferdinand either, for whatever reason: August was just a bit of a loner.

August’s first sign of magic came at around five, when he levitated a bookcase and hid behind it to avoid one of his half-brothers.

His social circle eventually included Thom Pettigrew, a very short boy slightly older than him who is notable primarily because their friendship was persistent.

In 1866, Elsbeth’s Hogwarts letter doesn’t arrive. August learns what a squib is, and starts avoiding his sister; squibs are awkward. Families like theirs aren’t supposed to have squibs. His passive avoidance comes from his other siblings’ more active avoidance.


In 1867, August leaves for Hogwarts. He’s sorted into Ravenclaw -- unsurprisingly -- and settles in nicely with his fellow nerds. His favorite class becomes History of Magic, fostering an interest in politics that no-doubt changed the course of his life. Possibly for the worse? It’s sometime in these years that August becomes friends with Leon Lupin.

Although August is very involved in clubs on campus, he doesn’t play Quidditch, finding ‘sports’ slightly beyond him. His singular act of teenage rebellion comes when he and some other friends go to a political demonstration in wizarding London during a Hogsmeade weekend his sixth year; they get caught and lose points as well as Hogsmeade privileges, but August’s still on his hell-bent track to political activism. When August finishes school in 1874, he leaves with several NEWTs and becomes an intern in the DMLE.


Idelle’s wedding comes at about the same time; notably, Elsbeth doesn’t attend. It’s shortly after this that she’s officially disowned, and August just - doesn’t know what to think. They couldn’t keep her in the family while she’s trashing her reputation, but August is still very torn.

In 1875 August moves up to a DMLE clerk. He’s not sure how he feels about working for The Man but he is pretty good at it, and in 1876 he gets his wizarding law license and becomes a DMLE lawyer. It’s not until December of that year that the accident happens; at yet another demonstration, August is hit by a magically-reinforced carriage. His wand and the magic interact in a way that is not good, on top of the collision - so that’s that, then.


August’s leg injury is severe enough to have him sequestered in St. Mungo’s for 3 months. Because of this, August rather misses the events of early 1877. After he’s released from the hospital, he wants to avoid the hovering maternal instincts of his mother - so: Ottery St. Catchpole it is. August gets an advance on his inheritance to purchase a cottage there and settles in.

He can only slack for about another year; in 1879 August begins taking up small law cases. In the middle of the year he actually starts putting out advertisements and arguing cases as a defense attorney; this time on the opposite side of the bench.


Eventually it becomes clear that it’ll be easier to do the activism/lawyer thing from an actual magical population center. August sells the Ottery house and moves to Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade. He hears that Elsbeth is living in the Slums of Hogsmeade and rather clumsily, he reinitiates contact - August feels rather terrible about everything that happened when they were children, and almost as if he can save her.

When Irvingly is settled, August ends up becoming the silent partner of the cafe Chance D’Amour; mostly so that he can stick Elsbeth in the upstairs apartment. Anyways.

He also begins writing to Miss Lyra Potter. What starts out as curiosity and mutual interests quickly becomes a real bond, and a convenience-engagement. Things go terribly when he first meets her brothers - as well as Lyra in person - but actual romantic attraction is there. Things between them are a bit of a roller coaster; she first breaks things off when she finds out that August knows Elsbeth, and then again when an amortentia-incident involving Elsbeth almost results in elopement. August catches on and brings a drugged Lyra home, but they’re still done: they agree that they are terrible for each other.

August loves her anyways, of course.

In 1883 they end up deciding to elope after a secret goodbye that played out differently. August is supposed to meet Lyra in the Forbidden Forest, but things don’t go exactly as planned: they find Lyra’s body a few days later.


Except it’s not really Lyra’s body.

August kept sending her letters after she died, and, finally, Lyra replies. She’s not dead, but she is a vampire. August is heartbroken and loves her anyways, and she leaves, and he spends the next several months rather listless.

In the fall, Lyra comes back, and takes August’s virginity. August tries to move on but rather questionably.

Elsbeth gets knocked up by a foreigner at the Quidditch World Cup, and August has to swindle Leon Lupin into marrying her. He’s -- successful, he guesses. They’re terrifying together even if they don’t actually like each other, and Elsbeth moves in next door.

Eventually Lyra comes back and tells him something shocking: she’s pregnant. Yikes. Early 1884 also sees August serving as the manager for Eugene Scamander’s failed Ministerial campaign after the assassination of Darcy Potter. In the spring, it also sees the birth of his son - named Lysander Darcy Echelon, a barely-hidden bastard. After losing too much blood Lyra accidentally kills the midwife - August hides the body in the Black Lake and is very stressed when it’s thrown on the banks by angry mers. But no one comes to arrest him -- so. Lyra leaves, for good this time.


August is peripherally involved in the fallout when he finds out that his half-brother Sebastian is a criminal and a horror; he ends up taking a bit of a guardian-role with his niece, Hannah.

Tobias Echelon dies in ‘85. After Hannah’s father dies (*cough* is murdered) in 1885, she moves in with August until 1886 when she marries Thom. August would find this much cuter had he not walked in on them making out in his sitting room once.

After Balthazar Urquart resigns in 87, August toys with running for Minister, only to be accidentally poisoned by an intern at Hogsmeade Hospital. Shaken and not entirely physically right after, he decides not to run -- which is probably for the best, when he hears at the end of the year that Lyra is coming home.

* August is pretty liberal for his socioeconomic class/blood status.
* August's sister, Elsbeth, is a fucking disaster, and they're still in contact.
* August is crippled.
* His half-brother was discovered to be involved in extremely illegal activity after his death.
* August's good friends include Thom Pettigrew and Leon Lupin, and he is usually at Thom's parties.
* August has a suspected bastard.
* August is a defense attorney; he was paid to represent Argus Scrimgeour, and represented the vampire Galina for free.
* During their rollercoaster courtship in 82-83, August and Lyra Potter were engaged threeish times.
* If you read WW, you know that August was involved with Lyra Potter.
* You may also know that August was involved in the process of recovering Lyra's body.
* August's son is a half-vampire; you also don't know that he's Lyra's child.
* August knew Lyra was "alive."
* August is the father of Freya Selwyn's fetus.
Played By: Beanie

Contact: PM/skype

Plot Preferences: Good for: lawyer-ing, half-breed shenanigans, uncomfortable party talk, being forced to express Quidditch opinions.
I don't pre-plot or do [normal] meet and greets.
Full-time student working 20 hours a week; I am slow.


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