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Auror Dropout & Sponsor of the Chudley Cannons
Auror Dropout & Sponsor of the Chudley Cannons

22 year old Halfblood
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Theodore Gallivan

Full Name: Theodore James Gallivan

Nickname(s): Theo, Teddy

Birthdate: April 28th, 1868

Age: 22

Occupation: Auror Dropout & Sponsor of the Chudley Cannons

Blood Status: Halfblood; muggleborn father, muggle mother.

Residence: North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Walnut, 10 1/4 inches, unicorn hair, swishy.

Family: Nathaniel Gallivan | Father | 1840
Victoria Gallivan nèe Hamilton | Mother | 1850 - 1876
Cecily Gallivan | Sister | 1870
Veronica Gallivan née Harkiss | Stepmother | 1859
Nathaniel Gallivan II | Half-brother | 1882
Selene Gallivan | Half-sister | 1883
Graced with his father's genes in the way of height (although 5'10" is still significantly shorter than him!), Theodore's colouring, however, is a continuous reminder of his dead mother. With his dark brown hair, he used to worry that people - having seen the family - would assume dark-haired Veronica was his actual mother, despite the fact she is hardly old enough to have been. He has a grand smile when it appears, but the other half of the time his mouth is set in a stubborn pout. He is a bit of a beanpole, though not frail or gangly enough to be knocked off a broomstick with any ease! He is right-handed, though playing quidditch for many years has helped his dexterity, and he can also manage to cast a fair enough spell with his wrong hand.
Intelligent. Curious. Hardworking. Quick-thinking, but prone to overthinking. Stubborn to a fault. Holds a grudge. Active. Confident. Team player. Wants to please people. Can get frustrated when things don't go as planned.
— His patronus is a bloodhound.

1868 | Theodore is born to Nathaniel and Victoria Gallivan, and named after his late grandfather, who passed away just before his birth.

1870 | He becomes an older brother, when his mother gives birth to a girl, Cecily.

1876 | His first childhood memory that isn't a hazy recollection of a happy life is of a night this year, when his parents have gone out to dinner and don't return. Theo has never been more terrified. Their father returns home from hospital. But their mother has been killed.

Changes abound in the following months, sees Theodore slightly shell-shocked. They move out to the country, and at last find out about their magical heritage, something their father has kept from them until now. It's a lot to take in, and suddenly Theodore can explain odd instances in his own life when he is feeling particularly frustrated as signs of magic. (He still can't explain why, if his father was a wizard, his mother could have died.)

1877 | They move to Hogsmeade, which means more change - but also more time to get accustomed to this new world. Theo - perhaps unsurprisingly, given his father's passions - finds that quidditch is one of the best things about this new life.

1879 | As is Hogwarts, when at last it is time to attend. Theodore - a clever, capable, cheerful boy again, for the most part - is sorted into Ravenclaw.

1880 | In his second year, he becomes a Chaser for his house team. His father gives him a top-of-the-line broom, although Theodore is generally rather bitter at this point, since Nathaniel has started courting again, and Theo has no interest in having another mother or in being brought around by bribery.

1881 | Theodore remains fairly stubborn and sulky about this, even as his father marries Veronica Harkiss, still very strongly attached to the memory of his late mother. He is also a fairly protective older brother, genuinely quite close to Cecily, and pleased to have her join him in Ravenclaw. This year he also picks up Muggle Studies, Ghoul Studies, and Ancient Studies.

1882 | A half-brother is born, taking his father's name. Theodore is still begrudging about this, though he is slowly growing more civil to Veronica.

1883 | A half-sister joins the family, and when he begins fifth year he is made a prefect. But this is also the year he finds out the truth about his father, a revelation that makes most else pale beside it. They're out at an international market around the time of the Quidditch World Cup; it is sunset; Theodore is dawdling; and his father... transforms. The werewolf before him is his father. Theodore is stunned, but keeps the secret. What can he do? He's his father.

1884 | At the quidditch finals of fifth year, in May, Theodore gets impaled by his own broomstick. Which is... not fun. He continues to play quidditch - he feels obliged when he gets made House Captain in sixth year, and he does still love it - but the incident throws him off the dream of playing professionally (for the Cannons, as his father would love for him to do), a little.

1885 |  Cee joins the quidditch team as a Chaser alongside him, which is great! Cee also finds out that their father is a werewolf, and she, quite evidently, thinks this is less great.

1886 | Theodore, having been appointed Head Boy, graduates from Hogwarts in May. It is at this point, perhaps for the first time in his life, he feels utterly lost about his future. Quidditch is too much of a hobby, and not a lasting career, and perhaps too lighthearted for him... In the end, he starts up in the Auror Training programme, because it seems like a challenging path to take, and he has usually found himself capable.

1887 | He continues on to the second year of training.

1888 | His father disappears on a scouting trip to Asia. Presumed dead by the newspapers, the family learns the truth, because Nathaniel has left an explanation behind. It is better for them all if he appears dead and gone. Better that he, a werewolf endangering them all, has left. Nevertheless, having been abandoned, Theodore is Not Happy.

1889 | Before he can finish his final exams and sign off on the last three years of hard work, Theo lets his life disintegrate around him to the point of meltdown, and the Auror department are witness to it. He just needs to get out of his head. He drops out of the program because he knows, with the nosedive his training was taking, they'd be forced to fail him.

1890 | There are still the Cannons to think about, of course. There's a sponsorship he never wanted (not like this) to fall back on. Great: another thing to screw up.

❧ He was Head Boy and Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain at school.
His father went missing on a trip in autumn 1888, and is presumed dead by the public.
❧ He was once impaled by his broomstick in a Hogwarts quidditch match.
❧ His father is not dead, just decided to leave.
❧ His father is a werewolf.
Played By: MJ

Contact: PM Elias Grimstone

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He’d have predicted a rant about the second-string seeker’s uselessness right about now, about someone else getting on Lestrange’s nerves, about - well, something petty, probably.

Whatever he’d been expecting Lestrange to say, it... wasn’t that. Theodore blinked up at him, seeing something new in the seeker he hadn’t seen before.

He knew what the best answer to that would be. No. No, I have no idea what you’re talking about, Lestrange. Go home and get some sleep and come back when you’ve got your head screwed on again. Instead, a laugh - a stupid, honest laugh - tore its way out of him before Theo could help himself. “Yeah, actually,” he said, with a shake of his head, sure he shouldn’t be agreeing to something that made him sound like a useless sponsor, and a useless person to boot. He leaned further back onto the wooden beam. “All the time.”

And this was not the pep-talk he’d envisioned. “Is the smoking s’posed to help?” He said, squinting at the cigarette stub with a frown.