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Wife of Cosmo Zabini
Wife of Cosmo Zabini

27 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 7 in.   ❤   Married
played by MJ
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Calliope Zabini

Full Name: Calliope Grace Zabini (prev. Riley) née Browne


Birthdate: 27th May, 1863

Age: 27

Occupation: Wife of Cosmo Zabini

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Chestnut, 10 3/4", dragon heartstring, firm.

Family: Augustus Browne | Father | 1822
Aurelia Browne née Hebb | Mother |1837
Sampson Browne | Brother | 1858
Chastity Pettigrew née Browne | Sister | 1860 - 1884
-- and family
Gideon Browne | Brother | 1865
Odira Potter née Browne | Sister | 1865
-- and family
Loretta Browne | Sister | 1867
Prudence Browne | Sister | 1872

Daniel Riley | Husband | 1845 - 1882
Morgana Riley | Step-daughter | 1872
Gwyndion Riley | Step-daughter | 1877
Viola Riley | Daughter | 21st August, 1883

Cosmo Zabini | Husband | 1830
-- & baggage Zabini in-laws
At 5'7", Calliope inherited the unusual height of women in her family, though she is not so awfully tall as some of her sisters. She is pleased to still have a nice figure, though, ample bosom and well-defined waist giving her noticeable curves, always accentuated with an uncomfortably tight corset. She cares about fashion - and has quite an eye for it, if she does say so herself. Therefore, she will not wear out dresses any more than necessary, and spends a great deal of her time choosing hats and gloves and other accessories. She also takes great care with her hair; like the rest of her family, it is a dark brown, rather thick, and naturally wavy, and she will wear it up in the most elaborate fashion her lady's maid can manage. Though she makes every effort to look elegant and attractive, Calliope detests the shape of her face, sure it is too round and heart-shaped, her cheeks and chin too prominent to be perfect. Nevertheless, she makes up for it with full lips and cool blue-green eyes, but there tends to be a deliberate haughtiness in her expression. She is right-handed.

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Calliope has always been competitive, striving to be better than people, and usually judging success by material wealth, influence and power. Whilst she is cold, ambitious and independent, when her drive is not directed towards anything in particular, she becomes far more finicky, devolving into petty manipulation and idle gossip, stirring the pot just for something to do. At the same time, she is very painstaking about her lifestyle and her social circles, and is quite a good conversationalist, if mildly self-absorbed. Still, she is well-practised at hiding her true feelings and being cheerful and involved and sugar-sweet when she wants to be (although often enough Calliope doesn't care enough to hide them). Whilst vain and greedy, Calliope also considers herself less vapid and more clear-headed than most women she knows, capable of being hard-hearted and practical, valuing the end above the means. In short, she always, always, always puts herself first. And she can be a real bitch about it, too.
— Her patronus is a swan, although she can rarely conjure it.
CHILDHOOD | 1863 - 1873

A second daughter in a loving yet unremarkable middle-class family, Calliope was well looked after but never spoilt rotten. She began life following in Chastity's footsteps - literally - and spent a great deal more time looking up to her mother and her elder sister than getting to know her younger siblings, when the twins, Loretta, and Prudence eventually arrived. As a child, she was rather taken with fairytales, though she liked the stories and their outcomes perhaps moreso than the heroines of them; even these gave rise to early ambitions and expectations. What wouldn't she give to be a princess, with a castle and a pretty ballgown, unexpected riches and a handsome prince?


By the time she arrived at Hogwarts, Calliope's head was down to earth again, and she was startlingly aware that, even with magic in the world, one did not beget anything from nothing, and that there were plenty of children who were better off than she was, plenty of people who had more. With her competitive nature, determination and the drive to go after what she wanted, no one in the family could be much surprised at her sorting into Slytherin. For the most part, she flourished there, making firm, fast friends with some (though... less so with others). However much she might pride herself on her independence - not relying too closely on anyone else, not wanting to need her friends - making connections would serve her well, she knew.

Lessons might also have served her well, if she had ever cared enough to commit to trying: as it was, Odira and Gideon - Ravenclaws - soon came along to clinch the title of most studious in the family, and that was a title for which Calliope had no interest in competing. She found she had a good hand for some kinds of wandwork, however, and often wasn't terrible at bullshitting essays either, but, with music her primary passion, both her OWL and NEWT scores were largely average. No matter, of course: she had plans for her future, and academics wouldn't matter.


Just as Chastity had married into the upper class in 1880, and had given birth to a daughter in 1881, Calliope had set her sights high. Her first season after debuting into society had not seen any lasting progress (though she could not complain about days filled with shopping and paying social calls!), but after the turn of the year, Mr. Daniel Riley had come a-calling. And he was perfect. Granted, marginally older than she'd predicted, and a widower with children, but otherwise... perfect enough. If she had not already been convinced by his being a respectable Ministry man, a former Slytherin - and easy to get along with, with similar values and opinions - Mr. Riley's generous gifts undoubtedly would have swayed her. Despite a slight hitch, when she was forcibly drafted onto the Hogsmeade Trail, a perilous and tiresome expedition (which did, however, grant her some funds of her own, through a plot of Irvingly land), her August wedding to Mr. Riley eventually came and went in something of a blur.

Having adapted well to her new life, things took a turn for the worse in December. Her husband's ambition led him astray, and a plot of his backfired. It was unfortunate, to say the least, though Daniel's scheme became publicised as a "dreadful accident at the Ministry", and him a hero. Temporarily, at least: the explosion was not what it seemed on the surface, and was only going to cause more trouble for them both. And he had lost a leg already, was confined to a bed... Better a martyr than a convict and a cripple. Having deliberated on that bleak future, Calliope felt obliged to act - it was clearly doing him, the girls, and herself a kindness.

So. Daniel died on the 26th December.


It was never what Calliope had planned, but she took to her new position as widow calmly enough. It was a shame to be out of the spotlight of society so soon after she had joined its rank, she supposed. Nevertheless, the mourning period lined up perfectly with her discovery that she was pregnant; thus, publicly mourning Daniel and having his child would not take any more time out of her social calendar than necessary. How convenient!

Rather less convenient was the fact that Calliope lost all chance of inheriting the whole Riley fortune in her husband's will, having given birth to a daughter rather than a son. Still, she had gained a healthy enough portion of his wealth, enough to keep her in comfort, enough to retain her new class and social circles. Enough, perhaps. On the other hand, she had more than enough daughters now. She had thought, given her experience of having step-daughters (with Morgana a horribly mature girl, all sense and quietness; and Gwyndion just horrible, a real brat) that she would think similarly of the baby. But Viola Eris Riley, born on the eve of August 21st 1883, was rather a surprise to Calliope, who actually instantly felt rather fond of her.

Meanwhile in 1883, Prudence went off to Hogwarts, and Odira actually got engaged. (This is a real shock.) The following year brought tragedy, a loss that affected Calliope more than most, when Chastity succumbed to the Laughing Plague. The year after that, Odira gets abducted by a madman - but later returns (minus her memories), which just goes to show that life isn't fair.

Otherwise, Calliope and her family have largely avoided calamity: Calliope's biggest tragedy these days is boredom, so she spends her time playing music, shopping, and bitching, and shopping some more. All the Ministerial tumult in the past few years has seen her develop rather more of an interest in politics (really, it's all scandal and shrewdness, just a more masculine sort of gossip, isn't it?) - and perhaps it is that that makes her wish she had more influence in those circles. That said, Calliope is also rather fond of her independence, and has no inclination of giving that up any time soon.  

❧ That she married up from the middle class.
❧ That she's... not the nicest person around, if you've spent enough time with her.
❧ That she murdered her first husband.
Played By: MJ

Contact: PM Elias Grimstone

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