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Discovered today that spotted dick is a pudding with raisins in it. But more importantly that "dick" was the victorian word for pudding. — Fallin
His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Madeline Bell
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Played by Kayte
Sixth Year & Chaser
16 year old Halfblood
Sixth Year & Chaser
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Madeline Ambrosine Bell

Nickname(s): Maddy, Maddy-Belle

Birthdate: February 7th, 1876

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Swallowbury, Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Pear, nine inches, with a dragon heartstring core.

Ambrose Bell, Father [1847]
Helga Bell née Slughorn, Mother [1855-1880]
Oakshaft Bell, Brother [1880]
Annie Bell, formerly Gillenwater, née —, Stepmother [1855]
Cameron Gillenwater, Stepbrother [1875]
Greta Gillenwater, Stepsister [1878]

Horatio Slughorn, Grandfather [1821]
Geneva Slughorn née -----, Grandmother [1827]
Salazar Slughorn, Uncle [1847], and family
Rowena Slughorn, Aunt [1853-1880], and family—including Alcyone Slughorn, Maddy’s favourite person other than Papa
Godric Slughorn, Uncle [1858]

Elliot, Pet Rabbit [1881-1891]
The first thing anyone notices about Maddy is her broad grin—since she is almost always smiling—complete with teeth just slightly too large for her petite mouth. The second is her hair; unless the situation dictates otherwise and brushes it out, she often lets it run wild (however unbecoming) and wild, for her, is brown ringlets. When properly seen to, it falls long enough to graze her rump, though as she ages, Maddy has grown less and less comfortable leaving it free.

In terms of size, she’s what you would expect of a girl fully grown, having stopped at five feet, three inches. Her slim build has, since about her fourth year, been punctuated by a small (but still-growing) bosom. She tends to be well dressed and well-kept unless she’s been engaging in tomboyish behaviour. She has large brown eyes and long, dark lashes, and a soft soprano voice. She is right-handed.
1876 | From the start she was a quiet baby, but prone to smiles, and she quickly became the apple of her father’s eye.

1880 | For the first time in her life, Maddy is sad for more than a few minutes at a time. Both her mother and Auntie Rowena were lost to childbirth. Decidedly quite miserable, she declares that she will never come out of her room again. This lasts but two days, but is close enough to “forever” to the four year old to be satisfied she kept to her word. The brother left by her mother’s passing, without a sane parent in the picture, is named after the latest popular broomstick.

1881 | No sooner has Madeline performed her first act of magic—rewarded with the bunny she had always wanted, dubbed Elliot—than her father has her on a broomstick. Of course, he’s not deranged—it’s set to not go particularly high. Still, she proves to be quite a natural at it (or would have if her sense of balance was a bit better), and her father’s glee at seeing her fly makes her enjoy the experience very much indeed.

1882 | After her brother sets their house on fire, Alycone moves to Hogmseade. While they can still see one another, Maddy is not wholly pleased by this development. She decides to fill the void with a stepmother, and begins keeping her eyes peeled for worthwhile candidates. She supposes Alcyone herself is not an option.

1884 | Maddy finally loses her first tooth. Her summer is spent fretting over Alcyone’s well-being after she’s told there are sickness and fire in Hogsmeade. It is a tense time for her.

1887 | Though reluctant to leave her father and brother behind, not to mention Elliot, Maddy is elated to go off to Hogwarts with Alcyone in tow. The pair are sorted into Gryffindor, and Maddy even makes the house quidditch team as a chaser!

1889 | Her father marries Mrs. Gillenwater—the mother of Maddy's friend Cameron!—making them a family of six.

1890 | THE QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP IS COMING! Greta turns out to be a muggleborn. As part of the QWC festivities, Cameron and Maddy partake in a scrimmage with members of the Morrocan national team. The actual Cup match, though, proves to be vaguely traumatic. At least it results in Selwyn being kicked off the Gryffindor team? This is also the year the family moves to Irvingly from Godric's Hollow.

1891 | As Maddy gears up for her OWL year, she loses her dearest friend: Elliot the rabbit dies in August, at the ripe old age of ten.
  • Proficient at oral French
  • A natural (at least, for her age) on a broomstick

  • Boggart: Her father without arms or legs—and so, never able to play quidditch again
  • Quidditch Team: Wimbourne Wasps, her father's former team (and her future team!)

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