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The first patented espresso machine was in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. — Fallin
They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
but the system is done for

February Umbridge
614 Posts
Played by Bee
Wife of Edric Umbridge
26 year old pureblood
5 ft. 7 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: February Maeve Umbridge née Lynch

Nickname(s): Febs, Febby

Birthdate: October 13th, 1866

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Occupation: Housewife

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna 1885

Wand: 9 ¾" cherry, unicorn hair, swishy

Edric Umbridge | [1851] Husband, m. 1888
Violet Amethyst | [o7.o7.1889] daughter
Poppy Sapphire | [02.14.1891] daughter
Forrest Flint | [10.1.1892] son*
Daisy Jade | [10.1.1892] daughter*

Peter Lynch | [1839] Father
Romilda "Rose" Lynch née Moody | [1844] Mother
August Lynch | [1866]  Twin Brother
September Lynch [1868] Sister
January Lynch [1869] Sister
October Lynch | [1872] Sister
Arthur Lynch | [1809] Grandfather
Irene Lynch née Wilkes | [1819] Grandmother
Clarence Lynch | [1843] Uncle*
Benedict Lynch | [1843] Uncle*
Remington Lynch | [1854] Uncle

Ronald Moody | [1811-1879] Grandfather
Marilyn Moody née Rutherford [1819] Grandmother
Alexander Moody | [1840] Uncle and family
*denotes multiples
Tall for the era, February stands at an impressive five foot seven inches, edging out her sisters ever so slightly to secure tallest Lynch lady. It makes her self-conscious sometimes, but there isn’t actually much she can do about it. Her medium brown hair falls in long waves to the middle of her back. Warm brown eyes are accentuated by her dark brows to round out a sweet face, deceptively so, as she can be rather cheeky given the opportunity. With pale skin and a figure that has softened and rounded after three pregnancies, Febby prefers deeper colors, plums and blues, and dresses fashionably. She is right handed.
[1866] | February Maeve is born following her twin August. Surprise! She proves to be a babe that thrives on attention, but is not overly demanding otherwise.

[1868] | Another girl joins the family, this time to be named September. Febby is vaguely aware and tries to play with the new babe, but doesn’t have the attention span for it.

[1869] | Clearly the Lynch parents have too much fun and it boggles Bee’s brain, because another girl joins the family on July 22nd, less than a year after September arrives. January is added to the month theme. That’s a lotta babies in a few short years, but the Lynchs are lucky and happy so it’s all good!

[1871] | Though already an avid “reader” (looking at picture books) February is keen to start her lessons with the governess. Everything about learning fascinates Febs. She's a quick learner and wants to please, so picks up things rather easily.

[1872] | After a more reasonable gap, October is the last child to be added to the family. August’s last hope for a brother is squashed permanently. Febby is thrilled however, as is old enough this time to be able to at least play with her baby sister appropriately!

[1873] | August must have succumbed to the disappointment of being the only boy; a lifelong and continuous war of torment begins in the Lynch household. Febby is typically the one to organize the attacks on her twin, using the power and numbers of sisters to her advantage, but it doesn’t take long for August to fight back. They still live to torment one another to this day. (You know, if he weren’t missing for a couple years.)

[1875] | Late spring, February displays her first sign of magic one rainy afternoon by making the flowers in a vase in the living room float around the room to provide some entertainment for herself and her sisters. August is probably not amused.

[1877] | Summer, the family relocates to Hogsmeade after the uproar. Febby is both saddened and delighted by the move. It’s hard to leave their childhood home, but the all-magical community seems quite exciting!

[School Year 1878-79] | Hogwarts seems daunting, but ever-the-optimist, Feb is determined to make the best of it! Both she and August are sorted into Gryffindor which pleases her; she’s ready for change, but not ready to be separated from her twin. First year goes about as expected. Febby makes a few friends, though her roommates are often quiet, she still enjoys their company! August’s love for quidditch becomes more and more evident; she’s pretty sure he pays more attention to the sport than to his studies!

[School Year 1879-80] | Second year has Febby digging into both the social and academic scenes more fervently,especially now that September has joined them at school. Febs is a natural student, putting effort into the studies she needs to, but isn’t so focused on academics that she fails to make time for friends! She enjoys Transfiguration and Astronomy specifically, though she has to work a bit harder at Transfiguration, is determined to do well with it. Still no Quidditch for August, though truthfully, after getting to watch a few school matches, Febby can see why he enjoys it! She obviously would never be anything more than a spectator, but should her brother ever make the team, she would happily cheer him on!

[School Year 1880-81] | Third year arrives along with January Gryffindor! February adds Ancient Runes and Earth Magic as her electives. Things like Divination seem absolutely frivolous to her!

[School Year 1881-82] | No surprise there. February continues to excel academically and does well socially in addition to keeping an eye on her sisters and forcing August to study. It’s a lot of work to say the least! Of course that extends to Gussy’s friend Nate, who Feb starts to fancy just a little but says absolutely nothing about it, to anybody. Ever.

[School Year 1882-83] | Fifth year has Febby stressing over OWLs- and not only her own, but August’s as well. The boy is a terrible student, honestly, but they push through. She keeps her little crush to herself as for one, Nate is Gussy’s best friend, and even a little younger, how embarrassing! And three, it’s so out of her wheelhouse, she has no idea what to even think about it! For all her social graces, Febs is not the best when it comes to boys, not yet anyway.

[School Year 1883-84] | Sixth year allows Febs to relax… a little. She continues on with Runes, Astronomy, Charms, Potions and Transfiguration. The rest are not of enough interest for her to keep up with, though she was kind of sad to lose Herbology. Gus and his band of friends are still obnoxious with their quidditch, September is still obnoxious with their divination (ugh, it’s such a waste!) and there’s sweet January, who Febby likes to keep an eye on as best she can when she isn’t studying. She continues to simultaneously fancy and ignore Nate as best she can.

[Summer 1884] | Unfortunately everything goes haywire! There’s a heinous fire and a plague! August and September are trapped outside the whole thing in London with Uncle Reming. At least they’re safe! Poor Nate however, loses his house to the fire! Febby is pleased that mother allows him to stay with them for as long as he needs, though the whole time Febs is either too busy worrying about what’s going on around them or trying how to be inconspicuous during his stay.

[School Year 1884-85] | October joins her siblings at Hogwarts- though not in Gryffindor. In a shocking turn of events, Tobby is sorted into Slytherin of all places! Secretly Febs thinks it suits her, but not in a negative way, she's proud of her baby sister for taking her own path. Unfortunately Febs is very AH NEWTS this year and has less time than she would like to check in with her sisters. Like the good student she is, February is stressing both her exams and her debut. How can anyone focus on either when there is so much to do!? It seems like there are just not enough hours in the day for her to focus on any one thing! Somehow she manages to pull through, along with August surviving as well to see her debut after all the exams.

With the last week of school void of most of the pressure, thanks to exams being over, Febs finds herself trying to practice her flirting for her upcoming debut, which though not proper at all, leads to a couple of steamy make out sessions with a fellow seventh year boy. It's hard to hold on a crush when you know it's not going anywhere so she's eager to branch out, just a little bit.

Her debut... ENDS UP CANCELLED. Escaped convicts from Azkaban see most of the town and school on lockdown and their Coming Out Ball is cancelled as a result. Febs is mildly disappointed, but isn't super put out by it.

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Ancient Runes E E
Astronomy E O
Charms O O
Defence Against the Dark Arts A --
Earth Magic E --
Herbology E --
History of Magic A --
Potions O E
Transfiguration E E

[Fall 1885] | The cancellation of the Hogwarts Debut is a bad start to an even worse season. Nothing seems to go her way and Febs is a little frustrated, but mostly because she probably would have gone into an occupation if she'd know it would have been so bad. Finding solace in her books after a failure of a first season, February decides she may start to study becoming an animagus to fill her time and so starts researching as much she can. It is a wonderful way to occupy herself and distract herself from her disaster of a social life. She's trying not to take it to heart, but honestly!

[Winter 1886] | Everything in her life comes to a screeching halt when she is informed that August is missing after going out on New Year’s eve. Time slips by and nothing comes up! She debates reaching out to Nate, but has no grounds to do so other than their mutual worry over her brother.

[Spring 1886] | Her animagus studies keeps her somewhat sane. It’s something to keep her mind occupied and off thoughts of where August might be or what might have happened to him. She has no idea what the rest of her family could possibly think, but Febs refuses to admit he’s permanently gone.

[Summer 1886] | Though she refuses to accept it, Feb is technically in mourning and does not actively participate in the season; finding an occupation looks more and more appealing. It goes by without a mention one way or another really, a note or two in her journal, but nothing more. She misses August, misses pranking him and talking with him and everything about him, even his incessant quidditch nonsense.

[July 1887 - May 1888] | August is found on the 17th of July, 1887 with little to no memory of anyone in Hogsmeade. Relieved her twin was safe and mostly sound, February continues to study her transfiguration, though it slows a bit and she is nowhere near attempting any changes yet. She hopes to master all of the theory behind it before even thinking about trying it out. Though she desperately wants to know what her animagus form will be, she cannot bring herself to think on it too much; she fears being disappointed by what’s inside her. Truthfully, though she maintains an outward bubbly attitude, as best she can anyway, and especially around her sisters, August's disappearance still rattles her.

Febs throws herself into the season, albeit halfheartedly. It’s a welcome distraction, the balls are enjoyable, but she cannot help but to notice how much of a strange August is. She’ll push on however, because she cannot fathom doing anything else. She refuses to give in just yet.

[June 1888] | After attending the Hogwarts coming out ball, Febby finds herself entirely disenchanted with the entire notion of being a debutante and starts thinking about finding herself an occupation. Of course that all comes to a dead stop when she meets a handsome, if obnoxious auror by the name of Edric Umbridge. After a run in with a malicious prankster in which Febby's household maid is turned into a pig, what starts out as a wild adventure through the alleys of Hogsmeade turns into much, much more.

[September 1888] | The Amortentia love letter scandal sees Febby and Edric running off to get married... a little ahead of schedule. It's fine, don't worry about it.
Adventurous; outgoing; extremely social; bookworm; hard-working; unfailingly loyal; stubborn; cheerful; optimistic; can be blind to deeper issues out of denial; determined; competitive; occasionally mischievous; maternal over her siblings; headstrong.
Name Etymology/Reason | haha #monththeme
Birthplace |
Birthmarks/scars |
Scent | lemon and rosemary
Health | fair
Languages | polite French
Phobias |
Traditions/superstitions | never takes off her grandmother's pendant or Edric's locket
Instruments | none, but she can sing
Pets | black cat Andromeda
tawney owl Ianthe
Amortentia | Edric's cologne, seaside air, old books
Patronus/Animagus | unknown for now!
Quirks |
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