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They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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Elliot Carmichael
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You dozed, and watched the night revealing
The thousand sordid images
Of which your soul was constituted;
Gentleman of Leisure
34 year old Halfblood
Gentleman of Leisure
5 ft. 7 in.
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Full Name: Elliot Colwyn Carmichael

Nickname(s): N/A

Birthdate: February 14th 1859

Age: 34

Gender: Male, perceived as male

Occupation: Divination Professor

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Wales [Hogwarts most of the year]

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 10", Ash, slightly swishy, phoenix feather

Family: Brandon Carmichael, Father [1828]
Elizabeth Carmichael née Teague [1840]
@"Virginia Carmichael", Sister [1863]
George Carmichael, Brother [1866]

Colwyn Carmichael, Grandfather [1794-1882]
Margery Carmichael née Jernigan, Grandmother [1807]
James Carmichael, Uncle [1830]
— Morwenna Carmichael née Vaughan, Aunt [1839]
— Gawain Carmichael, Cousin [1859]
— @"Gwenda Cadwallader" nee Carmichael, Cousin [1864]
— Elaine Carmichael, Cousin [1866]
— Tristan Carmichael, Cousin [1867]
Dylan Carmichael, Uncle [1836-1852]
Elliott is 5'7" tall, shorter than his cousins and his younger brother. He has rather curly black hair and pale blue eyes. Elliot tends towards half-smiles and casual dark clothing - though of course he remains well-dressed! Think your 1800s Romantic Goth professor. (R-romantic, not romantic.) He has a quiet tone of voice that occasionally veers towards sarcastic, especially in the classroom.

Born in 1859, Elliot is his parents' first child and first son. Although he is too young to remember it, in 1862 he very gloomily announces that a death will come upon the household. Later that day, a maid accidentally steps on a mouse in the living room.

1863 brings with it the arrival of Elliot's sister Virginia Carmichael. Elliot adores her immediately, and easily adapts to the role of being Ginny's older brother. In 1866 the pair are joined with a brother, George. Elliot is a cheerful child prone to fits of moroseness - and possesses an eerie tendency to predict misfortune three or four times a year.

These things don't always come true, but about half of the time they do, sooner or later.


Elliot receives his Hogwarts letter in 1870 and is sorted into Slytherin house. A naturally social creature, his friends are in varying houses - especially because the stubborn youth doesn't take well to the purism some of his Slytherin housemates espouse. With cousin Gawain in the same year, the two become very close friends.

Perhaps due to his occasionally morbid nature, Elliot selects Divination and Ghoul Studies as his electives in 1872. When he starts Divination, his tendency to [i]just know[/i] things makes sense for the very first time. Elliot falls in love with the academic study, especially since 'divining' tends to turn up less gloomy predictions than his own predictions do.

1874 brings Ginny to Hogwarts, where she is sorted into Ravenclaw. Although he doesn't want to hover, Elliot is a bit of a hoverer, and looks after her when he can. He sits his OWL exams that May, and continues with Divination, Ghoul Studies, Astronomy, Charms, and Transfiguration.

The summer of 1875 brings with it Elliot's first real vision. He's hiking the Carmichael estate with cousin Gawain when he stops dead and stares somewhere past his cousin. Although Elliot does not remember much of what comes next, he is told he started shaking and said, with certainty, that a classmate would be drowned by her father before the summer was out.

Elliot very reluctantly laughs it off when he comes to - after all, his Sight is not always accurate - until three weeks later, when the Prophet reports the story as an anonymous murder. Driven by his conscience Elliot goes to the Ministry to report the vision - only to discover that 1) they somehow already knew about it (author's note: department of mysteries) and 2) the father had turned himself in anyways. This excursion has the side effect of getting him a throwaway line in the papers, and Elliot is very unfortunately known as 'that kid who can predict your untimely death' for a few months, until classmates generally realize that his 'party trick' is a rarity at best.

Elliot finishes his schooling in 1877.


An upper class heir with a seemingly random smattering of NEWTs, Elliot finds himself a reluctant gentleman of leisure until 1878, when boredom and social awkwardness win out. (You don't have to go to as many parties if you're employed!) With a Ghoul Studies NEWT and a tendency towards morbidity he finds himself employed in the Spirit Division, which suits him well enough.

In the summer of 1879, a walk on the grounds results in Ginny being bitten by a werewolf. After cursing himself for not Seeing it - if he can only predict ill fortune, can't he at least do ithelpfully for once? - Elliot agrees to swear an Unbreakable Vow to never reveal his sister's secret. Although traditionally self-motivated he agrees in a heartbeat - he would never hurt his sister, after all, and revealing her secret would ruin the entire family.

1881 brings with it another unsettling appearance of his Sight - Elliot becomes convinced that his coworker is going to do something terrible, and his quiet mentions of this to the head of the division and later the head of the office go unheeded. He eventually convinces himself that he's imagining it only for, in 1882, the coworker to be arrested by the Investigation Division for a series of murders.

This time Elliot's sixth sense doesn't leak to the press but with the entire office and increasingly most of the Ministry aware, he leaves the department and goes back to being a 'gentleman of leisure.' Instead of just going to social activities, though, he spends much of his time in the library studying other diviners and refining divination skills. In this same year, grandfather Colwyn dies, although of course Elliot doesn't have any sense of this before it happens.


1883 brings with it an opening as Hogwarts' Divination professor. Thinking that this is more or less the one job where his Sight is an asset, Elliot applies to the position and receives it, starting in September. His approach to Divination is a very academic one, and he enjoys encouraging students without the Sight to divine their futures.

The only student he meets with a real talent - at least, with one that registers to Elliot - is Miss Temerita Reid. The two butt heads often when he teaches her, but it's only after Miss Reid's graduation from the school that the two strike up a real and snarky rapport through letters.

Elliot spends the Plague holed up in Wales feeling tremendously guilty for not knowing it was coming. In the fall of 1884, the Ministry collapses - and Elliot is struck with such an enormous sense of foreboding that he finds Miss Reid and asks her to tell him if his father is alive. He should have known better than to request something of the Sight -- after all, his own 'advance notices' are never on request -- and when the pair try to See the collapse, the Sight is so overwhelming that both are left horrified. Elliot feels guilty - he should have known better, and he also should have known that his sight never shows him things he wants to see.

Another reminder of his fallibility comes in 1885 when Ginny kills a maid on accident. Elliot and George help her hide the body, and while the secret is not discovered, the experience shakes Elliot deeply.

In 1887 Elliot meets a Mr. Podmore who his sister seems very fond of. His own fondness for Miss Reid continues, but in the start of 1888 Elliot finds himself having recurring dreams of someone deeply horrifying. He is still trying to convince himself that they're just dreams, but...

After he is unable to stop more visions from coming true during the fall semester of 1889, Elliot leaves the school and becomes a gentleman of leisure. The trouble is, he still isn't sure what to do with himself.

Although Elliot has the Sight and is a skilled diviner, his visions/hunches/whatever only ever surround death, and have never been of something he considers particularly 'useful.' When he divines using other methods - his personal favorite is tarot - his results tend to be much less morbid.
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