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Margaret Wallace
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11 year old Muggleborn
Incoming First Year
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Full Name: Margaret Ellie Wallace

Nickname(s): Maggie, Mags

Birthdate: December 21st, 1882

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Occupation: N/A

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Irvingly in a boarding house with her cousin @'YSEULT O'BYRNE'

Hogwarts House: TBD September 94

Wand: none yet


(All family connections discussed with tagged writers) Descendant from the Valenduris line, her grandmother was born a squib and after marrying a muggle and generally gravitating towards non-magical circles, the line drifted away from the more magically orientated lineages. The marriage of Druscilla was approved by the family and the distance that grew was not the fault of any party. Over the years the declining social status of Margaret 's family, coupled with the rules imposed by the statutes of secrecy means her line has little to no connection to others of the Valenduris family.

Pat. Great Great Grandfather - @"MESERIMUS VALENDURIS" (1748, UCPB)
Pat. Great Grandmother - Alegra ____ née Valenduris (1820's, UCPB)
Pat. Grandmother - Druscilla Wallace née ____ (1844, UCsquib)
Pat. Grandfather - George Wallace (1849, MCMuggle)
Father - Rupert Wallace (1860, WCmuggle)
Mother - Bethany Wallace née O'Byrne (1865, WCmuggle)

Twin brother - ____ Wallace (1882 WCmuggle)
Sister - ____ Wallace (1886, WCmuggle)
Brother - ____ Wallace (1891, WCmuggle)

Maternal Uncle - Lucas O'Byrne (1845 WCmuggle)
Auntie - Caoimhe O'Byrne nee ____ (1853 WCMuggle)
Cousin - @"YSEULT O'BYRNE" (1873 WCMB)

4’3” with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. She has lost some of the sparkle of youth due to her difficult childhood dealing with her magical in incidents. Margaret is right handed. She typically prefers to wear muted colours that don't draw attention, but does sometimes add handmade floral embellishment if she is feeling bright.
1882: Margaret is born to a muggle carpenter and his young fiance and has a twin brother, the double pregnancy coming as a surprise to her parents and quickly putting Margaret into filling the role as second favourite, second to be held, second to be fed.
1886: A sister born
1887: First magical incident - at a birthday party attended by other muggles she excitedly answered the magician's question of “what's the magic word?” by inadvertently casting a spell that injured the entertainer. Ministry intervention was needed for all the guests except her and her parents.
1888: Another magical incident - was being disciplined by her parents and summoned sparks in her room that caused fire damage to the property.
1891: Youngest brother born
1892: Magical incident involving her smaller brother. Margaret started another fire that injured her young brother and caused smoke damage to his lungs.
Early 1893: Mr and Mrs Wallace, at their wits end after the latest incident request that the ministry do something with the girl, their desire is to have her taken off of their hands, citing safety concerns for their other children. mid 1893: With her brother still suffering from the effects of the fire, the Ministry finally came back with an offer to re-house her elsewhere, they couldn't give many details due to the statutes of secrecy but her parents accepted gladly. It was decided in light of Hogwarts being a year away they would send Margaret to Irvingly to live with her cousin who was also a witch and may be able to handle her better. Her father, as a skilled carpenter, had the means to pay for Hogwarts for a single child but applied for a scholarship to cover her first year in order to mitigate the impact on the family of their dirty secret.

Margaret does not like magic, she wishes she didn't have it. Every time she has encountered it, it has involved her hurting those around her and it made her distant from her family. As the unexpected surprise when her twin was born, she was also not brought up in an environment where she was encouraged to love herself, so she has little sense of self value. She is generally a good child but struggles to control her emotions and is prone to acting up when she is pushed too far or feels overwhelmed. She can also be quite easily led if made to feel important to someone.
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