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Viola Sinistra
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Played by Steph
Public Information Services Employee
24 year old Half-Blood
Public Information Services Employee
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Viola Sinistra

Nickname(s): Vi

Birthdate: July 16, 1869

Age: 24

Gender: Female, perceived female

Occupation: Public Information Services Employees

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Residence: The Slums, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Hawthorne, 10 1/4 in., dragon heartstring, whippy

Father. Silas Sinistra (b. 1830)
Mother. Cora Sinistra nee -- (b. 1840-1884)
Sister. Lillian Sinistra (b. 1865-1884)
Sister. Edith Sinistra (b. 1866)
Sister. Esther Sinistra (b. 1871)
Sister. Myrtle Sinistra (b. 1873)
Brother.Ephraim Sinistra (b. 1876)
Standing at five foot two inches and some change, Viola is of a relatively small and slim build. She has dark skin, with black hair and dark brown eyes. She is right-handed.
1869. Viola is born the third daughter of Silas and Cora Sinistra, a working class family.
1871. Another daughter, Esther, joins the family.
1873. A fifth daughter, Myrtle, is born. This is also the year that Viola shows her first sign of magic.
1876. After six daughters, it's almost bizarre to have a boy in the family. Or at least Viola thinks so. Her parents seem thrilled, even if it means having another mouth to feed.
1877. The family opts to move to Hogsmeade with much of the rest of the magical community, and Viola is mostly happy to have more people to interact with that aren't just her family. She loves them, but there are a lot of people living in a little house--they're too much.
1880. Viola leaves for Hogwarts. She is a good enough student, mostly through sheer determination, knowing that she won't get to continue at school unless she secures herself at least a partial scholarship. What she does mostly excel in is socializing. It would be unkind to say she was often in everyone else's business. It would be the truth, though.
1884. The Laughing Plague hits the family hard, claiming both Viola's mother and eldest sister. Esther chooses to leave school to help support the family, though Viola and Myrtle allowed to continue, if only because they have scholarships--and Viola will be leaving after her OWLs, anyway.
1885. Viola sits her OWLs and leaves Hogwarts. She gets a job at the Ministry in the Public Information Services department, which at least makes her feel more important than working in a shop, and fits her temperament better than most other jobs she's technically qualified for, anyway.
1886. The establishment of Pennyworth is rather exciting until Viola realizes they can't really afford to move.
1894. Viola's life is reasonably stable, but boring and stagnant. She wants adventure--and, probably, to do something stupid, though of course she wouldn't describe it that way!
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