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Bram Colson
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Played by Bee
31 year old muggleborn
5 ft. 11 in.
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Full Name: Abraham Ledger Colson

Nickname(s): Bram

Birthdate: March 30th, 1863

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Occupation: Cursebreaker

Blood Status: muggleborn

Residence: Lets a place in Bartonburg but travels extensively for work.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 11 ½ “ elm, phoenix feather, rigid

Merrick Colson | [18xx] father
Sybella Colson née - - - | [18xx] mother
Cullen Colson | [1859] brother & family
Eleni - - - née Colson | [1868] sister & family
Growing up, Bram was a bit of a lanky creature, uncoordinated and clumsy, it took a while to grow into the height he achieved at a young age. Now, thanks to adulthood and an active occupation, he’s filled out his 5’10” frame with an athletic build and plenty of lean muscle. His dark brown curls are kept short and neat, out of his face for work, though he does neglect to trim it while on assignment, so it can get long and a little unruly in the interim. The same can be said of his facial hair; he tries to keep it neat, hoping it helps his baby face, but it’s inconsistent. He carries himself inauspiciously, like he would much rather not be noticed, especially in a crowd, which he avoids at all costs, despite being taller than most. Brown eyes are constantly watching and he’s keenly observant, even if it doesn’t look like he’s paying attention. His expressions are hard to read and not very pronounced, though he used to smile easily and often in his youth. Bram dresses typically for a man of his station and prefers neutral colors. He is right-handed for writing and ambidextrous with his wand.
A second boy joins a robust toddler and Sybella Colson is immediately overwhelmed. She goes through a bit of a depression, but recovers after a few months. Cullen and Bram are rambunctious children, terrorizing their nanny, then governess. By the time Eleni joins the family everyone is relieved that she is a much easier baby and then child. His childhood is largely uneventful, minus the sometimes inexplicable and surprising mishaps that tend to follow Bram around.

The summer after his eleventh birthday has a stranger showing up on the Colson family doorstep.There is a detailed explanation about a place called Hogwarts and how all of the mysterious things that happen around him are due to the fact that he is, in fact, a wizard. It takes several weeks for Mr. and Mrs. Colson to come around to the fact that their son can do magic, but they agree to send him so that he can learn to control it and is not a danger to anyone in the household.
Bram is awed by the school immediately. He is sorted into Gryffindor, which doesn’t mean much to him at the time, but he learns quickly it is a good placement. Bram immediately makes friends with his roommate, George Gardiner. He and George become inseparable, causing mayhem and mischief at every turn. Bram had never given his studies with his governess much attention, but magic is fascinating and he eats up his classes with fervor, excelling in the practical classes. The summer after his first year is hard; nobody at home wants to hear anything about his schooling and he can’t show them anything. Things are not the same between him and Cullen anymore and he thinks his parents have told Eleni not to ask. He can’t wait to go back to school. Second year is very much the same as first, though it takes him a little while longer to get back into the groove after the sullen summer.

The cycle continues for a few years, up to his fifth year when after careful consideration, George and family invite him to spend the summer with him in their Hogsmeade home instead. This is the beginning of the end with his natal family; as the Gardiners quickly become his family more than his own. Bram is relieved and immensely grateful for their kindness, but something in him fractures that he has never fully healed from.

With his eyes on graduation, Bram has decided he wants to go into cursebreaking after school. It’s adventurous, it gives him the opportunity to prove himself, he can make his own mark on the magical world. The best part? He winds up being really good at it.
Graduation sees Bram saying goodbye to the Gardiners, forever thankful for their hospitality and willingness to take a chance on a muggleborn kid who needed some love. His thirst to do something worthwhile with his life that is entirely magical spurs his determination to excel and he does. His mentor notes his quick-thinking and applauds his intuition, even if Bram is constantly second guessing himself. The apprenticeship goes well overall, and Bram begins to take his own, independent contracts until he lands a position with an experienced cursebreaker who agrees to keep him on and keep him flush with assignments.
Bram spends the better part of this decade traveling, visiting Hogsmeade and the Gardiners occasionally. He often writes to his sister through muggle post, as after her marriage, she attempts to reach out and maintain some sort of relationship. Bram still hasn’t recovered from the loss of a kinship with the rest of his family, but he maintains that it doesn’t bother him. Underneath it all, he still feels the fallout sharply, but allows his job to keep him distracted from it.
On an assignment in South America, Bram’s leg is mangled trying to save a colleague from getting caught in the trap of an Incan temple. His employer sends him back to London for a respite, so he’s currently in his rented room in Hogsmeade convalescing and working in the office on cursed objects that are sent in through his employer. He is restless and itching to get back out there, but he doesn’t want to ruin his chances and permanent damage, so he’s playing along for the time being.
There is a lust for adventure and belonging that runs hot through Bram’s veins. He’s not overly social, a little too focused on work, and feels untethered more often than not. He is a steadfast and dedicated friend, but only to those who have managed to break through the somewhat stoic exterior, especially in his adulthood. He keeps his circle small and close, but he would go to the ends of the Earth and back for anyone in that category. At work he is calm, collected and calculating. Maturity sees him trusting his gut more responsibly and he’s settled into a quiet sort of confidence, at least on the job. Socially he’s a little reserved, unsure how to navigate a lot of situations, but he’s polite and courteous at the very least.
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