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Debutante & Behind-the-scenes Right Hand to the Sponsor of the Chudley Cannons
Debutante & Behind-the-scenes Right Hand to the Sponsor of the Chudley Cannons

20 year old Halfblood
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Cecily Gallivan
‘‘[...] and Miss Gallivan already had qualities that boring men considered problematic - the Quidditch fanaticism, namely.’’

Full Name: Cecily Grace Gallivan

Nickname(s): Cee

Birthdate: August 29th, 1870

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, 2 Crescent Moon, Northern Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Quite flexible, 10'', hazel and unicorn tail hair

Nathaniel Gallivan, father (1840)
Victoria Gallivan nèe Hamilton, mother (1850-1876)
Theodore Gallivan, brother (1868)

Veronica Gallivan née Scamander, step-mother (1859)
Nathaniel Gallivan II, half-brother (1882)
Selene Gallivan, half-sister (1883)

Cecily comes from a family of tall people, so she is tall herself. While she isn't as tall as her father, brother and cousins, she is still tall for a woman, standing at 5 feet and 7 inches. She has an athletic body which leans to the inverted triangle shape. Her shoulders are broader than it is desirable, but at least she has a large bosom. Her hips aren't wide enough for her to have an hourglass shape but she can conceal it with her clothes. Her height and athletic build aside, Cecily is quite pretty, by Victorian standards. She has a clear, rosy complexion, blonde curly hair and beautiful green eyes.

She's right handed.

In spite of her sporty endeavours, Cecily likes to be feminine in the way she dresses. She likes soft, romantic dresses in creams, warm blues and pale pinks. She likes stripes and florals.

❧ Cecily is strong-willed and opinionated and she isn't afraid of defending her opinions. Even though it is admirable that she isn't a pushover, she can sometimes have an overly black and white way of thinking and not consider that others might be right.

❧ She is honest and has a strong moral compass. She cannot stand cheating and lying. The worst thing you can do to her is betray her trust. That is a weakness for her, since she's a very open book type of person and others can take advantage of her.

❧ She believes in equality and treating everyone with respect and dignity. That being said, in her attempt to achieve that, she could be prejudiced against the "bad guys".

❧ She has a struggle going between her feminine and her masculine energy. There are times when she feels tired of her more brass and masculine side. However, while she does enjoy being a girl, she could never be as soft spoken and gentle as what is typically expected of women.

Amortentia — Roses, a hint of her mother's perfume and morning dew.

Boggart — A werewolf

Languages — She could get through a conversation in French but she doesn't go out of her way to use it otherwise.

❧ She was a member of Hogwarts' Quidditch and Leisure Sports clubs.

❧ Cee is very athletic. She can play most lawn sports and she's above average at Quidditch, even if she personally thinks that her skill is meh. She's a good swimmer and a good runner.

❧ Due to a splinching accident in April of 1890, Cee has hearing problems from her left ear.

Ancient StudiesE--
Care of Magical CreaturesA--
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
History of MagicOO
Childhood (1870-1881)

Cee is the second child born to a well off middle class family. She has a brother, Theodore, who was born two years before her. Because of their closeness in age, the two children are close throughout all of their childhood. Cee preferred Theo's toy trains to her dolls, though she wasn't really a tomboy in the rough sense of the word. She didn't protest wearing dresses, or anything, she simply found her brother's toys and books more interesting than pretending to be a mother/wife.

Her childhood is marred in 1876, with the loss of her mother. She is slain by a werewolf. Nathaniel is turned, though the family doesn't find out until much later. Even the details on Victoria's death are blurry and it's especially difficult for the six-year-old Cecily to grasp the whole thing. She demands the return of her Mama which causes some outbursts of magic. This is one of Cee's first contacts with magic, seeing that her mother as oblivious to her husband's abilities and the Gallivans lived in muggle society.

A year later, the family moves to Hogsmeade. Even though Cecily had already been told of her magical heritage, this is her first proper contact with the world. She is fascinated by it and that serves as a cure to the loss of her mother. She reads all about magic and great wizards and the like. For a while, she has the hope that magic could bring her Mama back, though she soon finds out that can't happen. In any case, the change of scenery is just what Cee needed to get over her pain.

Hogwarts (1881-1888)

Cee joined her brother in the Ravenclaw House. Her childhood fascination about the magical world saw her excel in classes like Magical Theory and History of Magic. Furthermore, she's good in Charms and the other two wand-based classes. She's also interested in Quidditch, being a naturally athletic person. Besides, her own father was involved in the Quidditch industry, so Cee had a childish fascination with it.

At Hogwarts, Cee is first properly accustomed to prejudice against her blood status. Even though she loved the magical world, she was loyal to her muggle roots too. She refused to be belittled by students for it. Over the course of her school years, she's often involved in arguments regarding blood status. She's a supporter of blood equality and the abolishment of the ancient aristocracy of blood. Wizards ought to be judged by their individual abilities rather than their heritage.

In May of 1881, her father remarries. Cecily, who was without a mother figure for so long, is happy with the change. Her brother, who had two more years with Victoria, is less happy. In any case, the addition of Veronica in the family brings life to the household -- literally and figuratively. She gives Nathaniel a son in 1882 and a daughter in 1883.

In her fifth year, Cecily joins the Quidditch team as a chaser, under Theodore's captaincy. There are those who think her addition to the team is thanks to nepotism and Cee develops a great insecurity about her abilities as a Quidditch player, for all that she enjoyed it very much and she was good at it as a member of the Quidditch clubs.

The Relevation (August 1885)

A huge event during Cee's academic years, and one that deserves its own chapter, is the discovery of her father's lycanthropy. Unbeknown to Cecily, her aunt Elizabeth and her brother Theodore had already discovered that fact.

The relevation occurs by accident. Cee happened to discover the dungeon in which her father locked himself during his transformations while she was packing for her return to Hogwarts. She witnesses Nathaniel's entire transformation. She is scarred, terrified and deeply hurt by Nathaniel's "betrayal". She who was once a daddy's girl, begins to detest him. She's harsher on him and even though it privately fills her with guilt for doing so, she can't help herself. Her father is a monster, she can't see him as anything but one.

Hogwarts; The Final Year (1887-1888)

In her seventh year, Cecily is named Ravenclaw captain. Her new responsibilities help with her case of insecurity and help her mature. Her anger towards her father has quieted now. She begins to consider forgiving him or trying, at least. Hating him had been so tiring.

The prospect of graduating Hogwarts is a daunting one. She doesn't know what to do with her life outside of Hogwarts. She wouldn't make a great debutante, but she doesn't think herself talented enough for an occupation. The truth is, she would like to help her father around with the Chuddley Cannons, the sponsoring aspect of it. (Which would of course demand a rekindled relationship.)

After her graduation, her stepmother suggests she goes to the Pendergast School for Young Roses for a year. Since she was so athletic at Hogwarts, she could use some practice in the feminine arts. Cecily doesn't mind that, because she does find it challenging to get used to her new life of a young woman. The only downside to the finishing school is that there are a lot of snobby pureblood sorts.

Nathaniel's "Death" (1888)

In the autumn of 1888, her father disappears in a scouting trip to Asia. He is presumed dead by the public. Only the Gallivans learn that he is not in fact dead but that he chose to disappear because he deemed it better for them if he is not around. She feels really guilty for her father's decision as she is sure that it was her negative attitude towards him that tipped him off the edge. With him gone, she realizes that she didn't have to be so harsh on him. He hid the truth about his condition to protect her and he was now choosing to disappear in Asia for her own good, once again.

The Debut; The Chuddley Cannons (1888-Present)

With Nathaniel gone, Theodore is forced to drop out of the auror training program and take up his father's businesses. Cee can see that he is not happy. Meanwhile, after she debuts, she is more than happy to start and help her brother with business, especially the sponsoring of the Chuddley Cannons.
❧ Cecily's family is well known in the Quidditch industry. Her brother, Theodore Gallivan is the current sponsor of the Chuddley Cannons. Her father, Nathaniel Gallivan, used to be the sponsor for years. Cecily herself is involved in Quidditch and while she doesn't play or openly sponsor a team, she can be found talking passionately about Quidditch at parties.

❧ Her father is presumed dead after going missing in a trip in the autumn of 1888.

❧ Mentions in the DP/WW: WW Issue #231 - April 1890

❧ If you were at Hogwarts around the same time as Cecily, you will know that she played in Ravenclaw's team as a chaser. She was also a member of the Leisure Sports club and was generally very athletic.

❧ Cecily was Ravenclaw's Quidditch captain during her final year at Hogwarts.

❧ Cecily was a Pendergast Rose from June 1888 to the summer of 1889.

❧ Cecily is very openly against blood discrimination. She doesn't try to hide that her mother is a muggle and that her father was a muggleborn.

❧ Her friends: Charlotte Beauregard, Zelda Fisk, Ginny Blackwood, Helga Scamander

❧ Cee had her ear splinched at her brother's surprise birthday party in April of 1890. It was successfully reattached, but she now has a hearing problem.

❧ Her father isn't actually dead.

❧ That her father is a werewolf.

Played By: Soph

Contact: Skype

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