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It’s quite unusual for a caster's patronus to be their favourite animal, but very possible that it will take the shape of a creature they’ve never before seen or heard of. — Amy
As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Benedict Hunter
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Played by Chris
Fifth Year & Book Club President
16 year old Halfblood
Fifth Year & Book Club President
5 ft. 3 in.
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Full Name: Benedict Charles Hunter

Nickname(s): Ben, Bean, Little Charlie (to mother)

Birthdate: April 21st 1878

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Blood Status: Half-blood

Residence: Lives in Hogsmeade in a three story house where the bottom story is a magical pets shop. His home often smells like animals but that's ok

Hogwarts House: Griffindor

Wand: Dogwood, 13", Rigid, single phoenix tail feather, crackles when used

•Father - Charles Hunter (halfblood wizard), owns three pet shops two run by muggles in England on his behalf, and another that he runs in Hogsmeade.
•Mother - Elsbeth Hunter (halfblood witch) nee Warrington, court scribe
•Sister - Victoria Hunter (halfblood witch) - three years older, seeking marriage, hufflepuff graduate Sept 93
He is 5 foot 3 inches and of an average build that is beginning to form the muscular frame of an athletic late teenager. He has dstinctive flowing dark brown hair with full body that he loves and takes care of, he has hazel eyes. Right wand hand, enjoys striking metallic waistcoats.

•Born 1878
•1882 First magical experience, accidently turned invisible while sleeping much to his parent's horror who thought he had been abducted.
•1886 sister started hogwarts as a hufflepuff
•1889 Started hogwarts
•1890 financial pressure from their children's education puts strain on his parents eventually leading to the breakdown of there otherwise happy union. Both parents remain together for appearance sake and insist the children continue their educations but Benedict is left feeling guilty and under pressure to make it worthwhile.
•1893 Sister graduated NEWTS and is hoping to soon find a husband. Benedict misses having her at school.
•Playful, flirtatious, friendly, a little vain. He makes bad jokes because he feels under pressure and if people are laughing they aren't judging. This has however given him a bit of a reputation that he doesn't take class as seriously as he should.

•Average student who enjoys COMC more than any other subject. Subjects which require a definitive answer are less fun.
His prized possesion is a small box from his grandmother that reads books to him. He joined the book club but doesn't really read the books like he should, he just likes the atmosphere and hearing clever girls talk. He also fancies himself a bit of a Knight and is convinced that is why he was selected for Griffindor. Maybe it will come true but he talks about those ambitions less since the ridicule of first year.
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