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Xander Stanwell
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Werewolf Capture Unit Member
24 year old Halfblood
Werewolf Capture Unit Member
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Full Name: Xander Fitzwilliam Stanwell

Nickname(s): Stanny (peers)

Birthdate: July 28 1868

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Occupation: Werewolf Capture Unit Member

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade, though there's also an estate near Clifden, Ireland.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: fir, 10 1/2", supple, single dragon heartstring

Fitzwilliam "Maurice" Stanwell | [1835] father Adelia "Wendy" Stanwell née ____ | [1847] mother Eira Murphy née Stanwell | [1866] older sister Archibald Stanwell | [1869-1873] younger brother "Milo" Stanwell | [1870] younger brother Astoria Stanwell | [1873] younger sister Melody Stanwell | [1874] younger sister Rosabella Stanwell | [1876] younger sister Extended "Ursula" Penn p. Matson née Stanwell | [1838] paternal aunt Edmond Matson | [1828 - 1870] uncle "Hans" Matson | [1859] cousin "Eugene" Matson | [1862] cousin Monroe Penn | [1835-1880] uncle "Ella" Penn | [1876] step-cousin
A man of average height with a well-muscled build, Xander doesn’t often keep up with fashions unless his clothes end up torn or one of his family members notes that he is out of date. He uses his right hand for things like writing and casting spells.
Born at the end of July, the second child and firstborn son, Xander's birth was celebrated. Loud and boisterous from the first, he would be best described as "noisy" in the earlier months, though as the firstborn son everyone dotes on him. His wishes might as well be a to-do list.
The Early Years
Xander is thankfully joined by additional brothers to boss around and be typical rambunctious boy with, even if "Milo" isn't always all that fun. Xander grows to become an adventurous young boy, and occasionally joins his father on hunting trips. Then, in 1873, tragedy strikes. Archibald is killed by Eira's accidental magic. It takes Xander, a while to realize that his more fun brother wasn't coming back, though the itchy mourning clothes make that clear. Also, there's a few sisters born, but Xander doesn't really care. He tends to exclude them from the games he makes up, either because they're "too young" or the games are "for boys only!" unless they're happy to play damsel in distress. Sometimes he acquiesces to their wishes (demands) and joins them for tea parties, and overall he isn't awful to them. Just a typical older brother.
The Hogwarts Years
Xander's head barely touches the hat when it announces "GRYFFINDOR" for all to hear. The house suits him quite well, and in his third year he joins the Quidditch team as a Beater. He adds Care of Magical Creatures and Ghoul Studies to his courses, thinking that they will be easy courses. After his fifth year, he drops anything he found either boring, difficult, or not relevant to his ideal career path as an Auror. At the end of his sixth year while competing for the Quidditch cup, Xander suffers a debilitating Quidditch injury. Although he makes a full recovery, his mother is still too worried about him getting injured in another game and "ruining his future." He doesn't return to the team in his seventh year, which definitely decreases his morale. It shows in his grades, as he's two E's short of his Auror trainee aspirations. He does, however, meet the requirements for being a hit wizard trainee.
The Working Years
The first three years of his career go by quickly. He's a good trainee, dedicated and doing his best, though he does tend to hog the glory, and he even makes a good hit wizard for a year. Then an offer comes from the Werewolf Capture Unit, inviting Xander to be a member. He accepts it instantly, due to a combination of his own prejudices against werewolves and the opportunity to mostly work during full moons. In the meantime, he was getting some "encouragements" to make himself look better when the time inevitably came for him to get married. Xander chooses mostly to ignore that, presuming that he'll find a proper wife when he's good and ready. Speaking of marriage, his sisters, Eira and Astoria, have a few troubles in that department. The first is Eira's husband, who seems nice enough to Xander. They're even coworkers in the werewolf capture unit, and make a pact that if one of them is bitten, the safe one will "put him out of his misery." Unfortunately, Mr. Murphy slips up on the job in 1890 and gets bitten, leading to Xander filling his end of the bargain. The official cause of death is that the werewolf, who also ended up dead, attacked him and he bled out. Xander refuses to talk about that night. Astoria is an entirely different story, rejecting a few suitors. The first two are fine, it seems, but the last Xander takes it upon himself to deal with after hearing what he said about Astoria. The man was rude and insulted her, which Xander saw as a step too far. Ignoring the potential consequences, he pushed away any concerns that Astoria had over the duel and did what he does best: something bold and overprotective. Though the other man isn't killed, or even badly maimed, his pride is embarrassed enough that Xander is certain he'll consider his words more carefully next time.
Leader - Overprotective - Prejudiced - Spoiled Xander assumes that 1. he knows what's best for everyone and 2. he's going to get it. Bold and quick to anger, he follows some prejudices that some might find archaic in that he's anti-werewolf, anti-part creature, and strongly believes that most women are delicate flowers that need to be protected. Some of his more radical views are kept quiet so that he can appear more palatable. He is genuinely loyal to his family and would risk his life to protect them, as well as anyone he considers worthy of that protection.
Care of Magical CreaturesEE
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEA
Ghoul StudiesA-
History of MagicP-
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