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Lorelei Owens
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Played by Steph
Apothecary Employee
23 year old Half-Blood
Apothecary Employee
5 ft. 2 in.
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Full Name: Lorelei Lily Owens

Nickname(s): Lorie

Birthdate: June 10, 1870

Age: 23

Gender: Female, perceived female

Occupation: Apothecary Employee

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Residence: Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: N/A - attended school in Australia

Wand: Acacia, 10 ¼ in., dragon heartstring, pliable

Family: Father. Patrick Owens (18xx-1893)
Mother. Margaret Owens nee Elderidge (18xx-1893)
Sister. Greer Owens (b. 1873)

”Aunt” (Cousin). Audra Greengrass nee Crouch (b. 1847)
Cousin. Fortitude Greengrass (b. 1866)
Cousin. Noble Greengrass (b. 1868)
Cousin. Verity Swann nee Greengrass (b. 1871)
Cousin. Grace Greengrass (b. 1872)
Cousin. Clementine Greengrass (b. 1874)
Standing at five foot, two inches tall, Lorelei has a slender, if relatively sturdy, build. She has light brown eyes. Her long hair is a honey blonde in color–its lightness in combination with the unfashionable tan to her skin speaking to a life spent outdoors. She favors practical fashions that double easily as work clothes. She is right handed.
Birth. Lorelei is born the first child of Patrick and Maggie Owens. She has a fairly happy, active childhood, and is very curious child, if quiet.

Childhood. Greer is born in 1873. As they grow up, Lorelei and her sister prove to be nearly as different as two sisters can be, but nonetheless the two are near inseparable in childhood.

Schooling. After a few years at the local school, it is time for Lorelei to finally learn magic. She does well enough in most of her subjects, but where she really excels is the more hands-on subjects, particularly in Potions and Herbology. Enough so that, when it comes time to start thinking about what she will do after school, the decision is actually quite easy to make.

Post-Graduation. Lorelei graduates and begins an apprenticeship with a local potioneer. She loves her work, and she loves being at home with her family, especially when Greer graduates, too. She settles into adult life well, and as she gets more established in the potioneering career, she starts branching out into selling her own potions and establishing herself as a professional.

Everything is going well–until abruptly it isn’t. Both her parents fall to an epidemic that burns its way through their town. Devastated but determined to remain strong–if more for her sister’s sake than anything else. Focusing on the needs of others is much easier than focusing on her own grief, after all.

It’s just this attitude that sees the sisters shipping off to their aunt in Britain. Although Lorelei thought she and Greer could get by on their own, the lure of connecting with family–and doing what her parents wished for them–was enough. And, she thinks, maybe the change of scenery will be good for them. She hopes so, anyway.

When the pair arrive in Hogsmeade, they are quick to find work and settle in–Greer as a seamstress, and Lorelei finding a job at the apothecary while she works on establishing her potions business.

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