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Salvatore Howlett
11 Posts
Played by Chris
Assistant Head of Department of Spell Damage
30 year old Halfblood
Assistant Head of Department of Spell Damage
5 ft. 10 in.
❤   Engaged
Full Name: Salvatore Howlett

Nickname(s): Froggy (from parents and brother)

Birthdate: December, 21st, 1863

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Occupation: Healer - assistant Head of Department of Spell Damage - Hogsmeade hospital

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Pear wood, 13.5", Rigid, Phoenix feather core - right handed

Family: Father - Benedict Howlett b.1836 - muggle
Mother - Angelina Howlett b.1845 (née Gambetta) - witch
Brother - Matthew Howlett b.1867 - wizard
Engaged to - @"Cordie Middlemiss"
Short, well kept hair, light beard. He is of a good height of 5'10" and keeps in shape, small scar on abdomen from injury as a teen. He likes to wear long sleeved shirts and trousers whether business or casual but can often be spotted with his sleeves rolled up.

1863 - Born in Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire
1869 - First magical incident, accidentally caused a duplication effect on some garden frogs that quickly got out of hand until his mother returned home and was able to intervene.
September 1875 - Started at Hogwarts School for Wizards, sorted into Ravenclaw after a brief deliberation between Ravenclaw and Griffindor
August 1876 - Near fatal incident with a bull whilst on summer vacation, required life saving surgery at St. Mungos in London. Left him with a scar on his abdomen and a mild phobia of livestock. Missed the first three weeks of second year.
July 1880 - Passed OWLS with good grades including top marks in charms, defence against the dark arts and potions.
July 1882 - Passed NEWTS, again with excellent grades, by this time Salvatore was already very determined to move into a medical career after the wonders he had seen after his injury five years earlier.
July 1882 - Successfully applied to St. Mungo's for a position of trainee healer and was placed into the department for Spell Damage, then spent a year as Junior Healer.
August 1885 - Became a full healer in the Spell damage department of St. Mungo's. Finding himself increasingly drawn towards paediatrics and is admired for his ability to sooth young patients.
late 1886 - Whilst on a networking event outside of St. Mungo's Salvatore attended an art gallery for some light entertainment and ran into the most fascinating young woman who he instantly connected with, despite mildly embarrassing himself with his inferior knowledge of the arts. Some time after this the began to court, falling quite heavily for each other.
1892 - Cordie was offered and took a role in Hogwarts with them being forced to live in different countries for a while, he missed her terribly but they wrote frequently.
January 1893 - A position at Hogsmeade hospital as assistant Head of Department became available. Looking to both improve his career and also with his partner taking a teaching position in Hogwarts he submitted an application and formally took the position in February 1893.
Summer 1893 - Salvatore, having been courting the young woman for a length of time that was raising uncomfortable questions with his family, Salvatore finally asked Cordie to marry him. Proposing at the very same art gallery they had first met. Gratefully, she said yes.
Friendly and pleasant to be around, confident and likes to embolden others. Enjoys art as aesthetic experience but will confidently mix up styles and artists to his fiancé's bemusement. Adores children.
Finds it hilarious when people confuse his fiancé with her sister, they clearly look nothing alike.
— trivia —

amortentia: Fresh Pastry
boggart:Bull gorgon
clubs:Duelling club, potions club, healers club
electives: info here
pets: info here
religion:Anglican - non practicing
romantic orientation: Engaged
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
titles: info here
zodiac sign: Saggitarius
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