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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Wren Burroughs
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Played by Sallie
Third Year
14 year old Halfblood
Third Year
5 ft. 2 in.
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Full Name: Wren Vinita Burroughs

Nickname(s): Birdie (by her mother)

Birthdate: November 4 1879

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Occupation: Third Year at Hogwarts

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: spruce, 11 3/4", supple, dragon heartstring

Warren Burroughs | [1839 - 1891] "father"
Ziya Burroughs née Bakshi | [1850] mother/widow
Elliot Burroughs | [1881] younger brother
Ambrose Burroughs | [1883] youngest brother
Lilibet Burroughs | [1885] baby sister

Vera Morgan née Burroughs | aunt/socialite
and her family
also maternal muggle aunts/uncles and grandparents

The Truth
Robert Rowle | [1847] actual father/Head of DMT
Sibylla Rowle née Crabbe | [1859] stepmother/socialite
Iris Rowle | [1880] younger half-sister
Forsythia Rowle | [1882] younger half-sister
Esmond Rowle | [1884] younger half-brother

extended Rowle family (cousins, uncles/aunts, etc.)
Wren's rarely-flickering smile brightens up her appearance. To her delight, she appears much as her mother does. She has tawny brown skin and warm dark eyes, as well as black hair that she absolutely adores putting into different styles in order to keep up with the trends where she can. Classmates might recall that she spent her the second half of her first year and first half of her second year in black due to the death of her father in 1891, but now wears lighter colors that suit her appearance much more. She is right-handed, and at her age almost taller than her mother, which leads her to wonder if she will see another growth spurt during the summer.
To her apparent father's great disappointment, Wren is born a girl, though she has her mother's love.
The Early Years
Wren is kept away from her father by her mother and household staff, which seems to be fine with Mr. Burroughs, as early in her life he is provided with a son, Wren's first younger brother, Elliot. Later, another son, Ambrose, joins the family. As Wren is quite young when the boys are born, she isn't aware of much, though as they grow up, she is ever-excited to lead games, so long as they keep out of Father's way. When Lilibet joins the family, Wren is greatly intrigued by what exactly a young baby does all day until she discovers that it is, in fact, quite boring. At the very least, Wren is able to gain some attention from her family, as well as a few servants, by magically changing the forks to spoons and the spoons to forks. Father is not pleased with the damage to the heirloom cutlery. Not at all. She is always mildly annoyed that their father seems to favor Elliot over her, but she knows better than to bother Father when he is working, or when he only wants to spend time with the boys. Still, Lilibet is a bit boring until she can toddle around. Then, Wren leads her baby sister in still rather boring games of chase.
Things Change
Shortly after Lilibet's birthday, Wren is startled to find Father attacking Mother. Though too scared to step in, she knows that her mother is aware that Wren saw it. And now Wren worries over how much she missed, if this happened regularly, if this was why the servants kept her away from Father when he was "busy." Somewhat reluctantly, Wren goes to Hogwarts and is sorted quite quickly into Hufflepuff. Later in the year, just before the Christmas holidays, Wren gets word that her father has passed away. Wren immediately leaves Hogwarts to be with her family, especially her mother. The change to black clothes isn't nearly as strange as the change Wren sees in her mother, who begins teaching her the languages her mother had learned.
1891 - present
School Years
Wren manages to finish out the rest of her first year, as well as her one year period of mourning. She takes quickly to lessons and the languages her mother teaches her, and also is good at making friends. Although she shows a little preference for class, blood doesn't matter to her. Her own mother is a Muggleborn, after all.
Outgoing - Bossy - Goody-goody
Wren is always happy to lead her fellow students to one place or another, even if that involves giving them a bit of a push. She's much more adept at interacting with children from her class, but can be known to be a bit stand-offish if blood status is ever insulted, as her mother is a Muggleborn. Having previously struggled with not receiving as much attention from her apparent father and later witnessing the abuse he enacted, she now is nervous around unfamiliar adults and adopts the "seen, not heard" attitude that she kept around him. She doesn't have any particular ambitions for her future besides seeing her mother happy, and having a lot of friends.
Electives: Muggle Studies, Divination, Arithmancy
Boggart: The late Warren Burroughs, bloodied and approaching her threateningly.
Clubs: Book Club and Charms Club
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