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Killian Claxton
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Played by Serena
Seventh Year & Chaser
17 year old Pure
Seventh Year & Chaser
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Full Name: Killian Aodhán Claxton

Nickname(s): K, Claxton, Kill

Birthdate: November 7, 1875

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student and Chaser on the Slytherin Quidditch team

Blood Status: Pure

Residence: Belfast, Ireland

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Blackthorn, 14", Unyielding, Dragon heartstring


Father - Daemon Aodhán Claxton:
- Age: 46

Mother - Aisling Róisín Claxton:
- Age: 44

Twin brother - Aiden Aodhán Claxton:
- Date of Birth: November 7, 1875
- Date of Death: June 4, 1887

Younger Sister - Saoirse Róisín Claxton:
- Age: 16
- Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Younger Sister - Blair Róisín Claxton:
- Age: 14
- Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Killian has an aloof presence that draws attention to him when he enters a room. He carries himself with a solid confidence blended with an easy-going demeanor. He is tall 6,2’ and well-built, yet lean. His hair is bronzed blonde, eyes a Slytherin-house green, and his ivory skin is covered in tattoos that have personal meaning to him.

More often than not, Killian can be seen in expensive brands as instructed by his parents. His clothes are fashionable, but he wears it with a rebellious edge, reflecting his refusal to fully conform.

Wand hand: right.
Faceclaim: Thomas Davenport

Part 1: The Burden of Legacy
"The Irish storm lashed at his ivory skin, yet Killian remained stoic, seemingly unfazed by the fury around him. His emerald eyes appeared bleak and lifeless, mirroring the battle inside. The irony was, he was not dead. He was still breathing, his heart still beating. 'Lucky,' they had called him. Lucky. What a load of shite. Killian wanted to be dead. If he could, he would trade places with Aiden in a heartbeat. It should have been him and not his brother."

Wealth, power, and towering expectations. Killian never asked for any of it. He never had to. Killian Claxton, a wizard born into a lineage synonymous with power, ambition, and dark magic, grew up in the shadow of his notorious family name in Belfast, Ireland. Being the eldest son of a powerful wizard and witch like his parents meant that his life was etched in stone before he could even speak.

His parents, Aisling and Daemon Claxton, were, and still are, infamous figures in the wizarding world, deeply entrenched in the dark arts. Aisling, a skilled witch, specializes in crafting malevolent charms and casting harmful curses. Daemon, on the other hand, is also a feared wizard, recognized as a master of various dark magical arts. His parents loathe Ireland's controlled magical society, envisioning a world where true magical power can flourish unrestricted. They despise societal regulations that stifle magical potential, viewing the current system as rigid and weak. A breeding ground for half-bloods and Muggles, posing a threat to the extinction of the purebloods.

Killian's parents directed his upbringing, emphasizing extensive magic lessons and spell practice. They also included their sons in secretive trips to hidden places, where ominous cloaked figures congregated. These gatherings were fueled by a thirst to defy the established order, causing chaos and anarchy in pursuit of what they deemed a superior outcome. Within this clandestine group, his parents shared their ambitions, pushing towards a world where power ruled without restraint.

When Killian and his younger brother, Aiden, were just twelve, they were ordered to join one of these secret trips—a journey that would forever torment Killian. It was a night of darkness and dread, the consequences of which would echo through their lives. In the chaos that followed, Aiden's life was taken. Killian could never let himself forget that night. From that point on, he fought tirelessly to prove his worth, hoping that if he excelled in the magical arts and became the best, he could somehow make amends for the past.

Part 2: You are either on my side, by my side, or in my way
At 11, Killian started at Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin House, upholding family tradition. A quiet confidence and a steadfast demeanor set Killian apart from the very start—a blend of ambition and mystery that both intrigued and unsettled his peers.

Rumors circulated among students about his family's dark ties, hinting at forbidden arts. Most steered clear of confronting him, but there were always exceptions. In a Defense Against the Dark Arts class, a Gryffindor student dared to taunt him about his family, explicitly alluding to forbidden magical practices.

Without missing a beat, Killian calmly turned to face the Gryffindor student, his green eyes holding a quiet determination. Killian held his gaze, unaffected by his attempts to provoke him. With measured composure, he spoke, his words sharp and direct, cutting through the room. "Here's some advice, Patrick, free of charge: You poke a snake, eventually you get bitten. Best check your facts before challenging a Claxton. Or shall I enlighten the room about your 'family secrets'?"

Possibly ruled by a hero complex, Patrick drew a wand and without a second thought, tried to escalate the confrontation. The challenge was thrown, wand drawn, attempting a disarming spell. But Killian, swiftly countered, disarming the challenger within mere seconds. The duel had hardly begun before it concluded. A glint could be seen in his eyes reflecting a mixture of amusement and mild provocation. "A little too eager, mate. Keep practicing." Killian shifted his attention back to the lecture, leaving Patrick seething in the background.

Part 3: Playing with fire
By his fifth year at Hogwarts, doubt started creeping into his mind. His main focus had always been to meet his parents’ expectations, but over time, he got sidetracked by unexpected distractions. Quidditch games, hangouts with fellow Slytherins and girls started competing for his attention, even though it contradicted all he was raised to disregard.

And to add to the chaos, there was a Gryffindor girl. Not even pure-blood, but somehow, she managed to chip away at his usually stoic façade. There was a spark, an attraction he couldn't deny—like a fierce Quidditch match, a jolt of adrenaline that made him feel alive whenever he saw her.

But, like a bucket of cold water on a blazing fire, their romance came to a quick end with his parents' disapproval. Killian had no choice but to break off whatever they had. It was the right thing to do, he kept telling himself, and yet he still could not help but look for her in the crowd when he walked the castle hallways.

Part 4: Time to make a choice
In his seventh and therefore final year at Hogwarts, Killian finds himself torn between his dreams and his family's expectations. Despite being a respected player on Slytherin's Quidditch team and receiving professional offers, he hesitates, fearing parental disapproval. Inside, the fire to fulfill his potential on the Quidditch pitch blazes, contrasting with the façade of compliance he puts forward. The guilt, the longing for his lost brother, and the suppressed anger simmer beneath the surface, threatening to spill over. Killian fights a daily war between being himself and not letting his family down.

Killian Claxton is an enigma to many as he steps into a room like a puzzle waiting to be solved. At first glance, he's a wall of composure, an air of determination mixed with a mischievous edge. Some call him a jerk, cold, and selfish, seeing only the surface of the Slytherin demeanor.

Beneath Killian's tough exterior and his quick wit, there's more to the lad than meets the eye. Some people love him, meanwhile others love to hate him. None of which Killian pays much attention to unless their opinion has an impact on his goals.

Killian is an expert at putting up walls, shutting off emotions, and adhering to what's expected of him. He excels under pressure and embraces hard work, shaping him into a skilled wizard. From an outsider's view, Killian seems to have it all under control. But on the inside, he's wrestling with his own demons. Guilt from his brother's death claws at him, while he fights to live up to the Claxton legacy and follow the set path, even as dreams and distractions pull him in the opposite direction.

Killian might not wear his heart on his sleeve, but beneath the layers of self-preservation lies a man of loyalty. Once you break through those massive walls, you'll find someone who'd face down dark magic for you.

- The Claxton name is of Irish origin, just like Killian himself. He was born and raised on a grand estate on the outskirts of Belfast, surrounded by vast lands colliding with the ocean. Household staff are always present in his family home, but the same can't be said for his parents.

- He is fluent in Irish and not so much else. You can clearly hear it in his accent.

- Hack: talk about dragons or Quidditch and you’ve got Killian's undivided attention.

- Secretly, Killian's dreams of playing for the Irish Quidditch team, but he would never admit to it, knowing his parents would disapprove

- Killian is very protective of his younger siblings at Hogwarts.

- Patronus: wolf.

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