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Heather Parkinson
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gaslight • gatekeep • girlboss
Political Activist & Suffragist
20 year old Pureblood
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Heather Camille Parkinson

Nickname(s): None

Birthdate: September 15, 1873

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Occupation: Political Activist & Suffragist

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Parkinson Villa (Elsewhere)

the parkinson family owns two homes; the estate and the villa. the parkinson estate is located in wellingtonshire, hogsmeade and they have lived there since selling their original family home in yorkshire after fleeing from muggle persecution in 1877; after the eldest parkinson boy was married, he and his wife took that home to start their family and the rest of the family moved to the parkinson villa in yorkshire, england, which is located on the coast overlooking the ocean; the home is protected well with plenty of anti-muggle charms.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Ash, 7½”, Supple, Dragon Heartstring


father: elwood parkinson [b. 1828]
mother: violette parkinson née [b. 1839]
brother: --- parkinson [b. 1858] & family
brother: chester parkinson [b. 1861] & family
sister: wisteria bulstrode née parkinson [1863-1893] & family
brother: maxwell parkinson [b. 1866] & family
brother: --- parkinson [b. 1869]
sister: jessamine parkinson [b. 1876]
face claim: alva bratt
ethnicity: caucasian
accent: british received pronunciation
height: 164 cm
weight: 59 kg
build: thin, but with slight curves
eyes: blue-green
hair colour: brown
hair style: usually up in a simple, but elegant style, but sometimes tied up and hidden under a men’s hat
wand hand: right
distinguishing features: unlike her little sister, her face can sometimes be hard to read unless you’re close enough to her to know the tiny mannerisms she has; she’s been trained too hard in keeping her thoughts to herself because she knows they’re not popular and has gotten her hurt or in big trouble before. also, while it isn’t public knowledge as it would be too scandalous, she often goes out dressed in men’s clothing, especially when she spends time at rip van winkle with those who understand her more. it isn’t that she identifies as a man, because she doesn’t, she just finds most men’s clothing more practical, comfortable, and it represents a certain level of freedom.

scent: cloves, honey, and smoke

demeanor: there’s a certain haughty and intimidating air that surrounds heather, making her sometimes difficult to approach, especially as reading her is so difficult unless you know her micro expressions, especially if you come across her during society events. however, really it is just that she is used to being talked down to, mocked for her opinions, and of course the troubles with her father’s abuse, that has made her seem to want to make herself look bigger than she is and keep her feelings close to her chest; it’s as if she is challenging you to try it because she will crush you. but, if you’re close to her or if you catch her in a place where she feels open to be herself, you’ll see she’s incredibly relaxed, open, and perhaps even a bit chaotic without having any real shame or harsh judgment toward other people.

fashion: if heather had her way, she’d be having her hair up in an elegant, feminine style, but also be wearing men’s waistcoats, trousers, and pulling it off better than they ever could. however, society states she has to wear whatever witch weekly declares is the hottest fashion of the season and if that means frills, pastels, and the odd feather or two, she has to roll with it. heather prefers not to wear pastels, feeling she looks better in richer tones, but she does think some ladies really do look amazing in them. when it comes to how she looks in society at balls and other events, she’s very put together, looking not much different from any other debutante looking for a husband, but she also regularly dresses in men’s clothing and uses it to get into places she probably shouldn’t be in her more private life. her favorite place to spend time is rip van winkle because she can fully be herself in both personality, but also her slightly masculine fashion sense. she often pays jessamine’s best friend, francesca garlick, to adjust men’s clothes to fit her body and she keeps it a secret.
TW: adultery, alcoholism, attempted murder, depression, domestic & child abuse, homophobia, miscarriage/abortion, & suicide attempts

early childhood
1873 - 1885

heather, named for the flower, was the sixth child born to elwood and violette parkinson, but she was also the first legitimate daughter, though nobody except the immediate family would know about that. she was a quiet child, having learned rather quickly how things worked around here; do as you’re told, without question, even if you really would rather not, don’t so much as breathe in the wrong way unless you want to end up beaten or worse. it pulled the siblings close together as they would need to learn how to protect one another, treat each other’s wounds, cover for each other, lie, and do whatever it took to survive; when the next child was born, the last of the siblings, they would take it upon themselves to make sure that she made it out alive as well. heather would be grateful that she was among the few who didn’t get it as bad as some of the other kids like her eldest brother or wisteria, who seemed to be the usual targets.

just like her elder sister and younger sister, heather would be tasked with learning art, music, languages, embroidery, flower pressing, and any other feminine art that would make her the ideal match for her future husband. the only things she would seem to really like was learning french, latin, and singing, though she was often criticized by her instructor because her voice was more of an alto rather than an elegant soprano. as much as she might not have liked the other stuff, she wasn’t going to be the one to speak out at this point. however, so badly did she wish she could participate in some of the stuff that her brothers were learning, not necessarily because it was interesting, but because it just wasn’t fair that just because she was a young lady, she was denied an entire branch of education; but that’s how heather and [brother] became close as he’d always share his coursework with her and not mind the fact she was a young lady.

as they got a bit older, she and [brother] would continue to be close, since they were closer in age than they were to their other siblings, and when she got old enough to join them in lessons, their youngest sister would join their little group. despite being young themselves, and only just learning certain things about the world, they would be the ones to explain to her that they couldn’t talk about the kind of horrors that happened in their home, that their mother’s drinking and their father’s adultery and abuse was just part of growing up and nice families didn’t speak about such things. as hard as heather tried to be gentle with jessamine, trying to welcome her whenever she was playing a game, she would end up isolating herself a lot and not seeming to participate in spending time with her and [brother].

the month leading up to going to hogwarts for her first year, heather was plagued with dreams that felt far different than the ones she was used to; they were bizarre in nature, she’d only see flashes at a time, and oftentimes they would end up making her sick and give her headaches. afraid that her parents would make her stay home from school if she told them about them, she would keep it a secret. that was, until, while at family dinner the week before going to hogwarts she had a vision right there in front of everyone, causing her to crash to the ground, out of her seat, breaking dishes that were knocked to the floor; it wasn’t until after she went to hogwarts that she would learn the cryptic vision was actually about what house she'd be in. while her brother tended to her wounds, both from cutting herself on the dishes, and the punishment from dropping them in the first place, she would confess that she’d been having these dreams; he would encourage heather to talk to the school’s divination professor in case they were able to help her understand her seer abilities.

hogwarts school of witchcraft + wizardry
1885 - 1892

the sorting hat would debate between slytherin and ravenclaw for a time before ultimately going with the former, and it was only after she sat down at the table did she realize the symbolism of her vision that dinner related to this house in specifics. that was how her visions worked, she would later learn, through study with the divination professor, they were never literal and she always had to put in the effort to decode what the symbols meant if she wanted to hone her power. aside from her new interest in divination, she had a fondness for potions, transfiguration, and defense against the dark arts. she really didn’t care about the history of magic because all the numbers in the dates got scattered in her head and goblins and trolls were boring, and herbology made her hands smell like dirt - though the latter she would find she wasn’t half bad at the class despite not liking it and she enjoyed learning all of the plant’s uses in potions.

heather loved being at hogwarts more than anything as it afforded her plenty of freedom that she didn’t get at home, plus she liked to learn so many new things. she would join the dueling club when she got the chance, and though she was disappointed she wasn’t going to be able to fight any boys, she would enjoy herself immensely. she would also join the elective course in music so that she could practice her piano and her voice lessons, though she didn’t join the club for it because instead she made time to be in the wizard’s chess club, loving the competitive aspect of it, plus it later became something she could do with jessamine as they both enjoyed the game - though her sister would become so much better than she ever was at it. once she was older, when the divination club was formed, she would join it right away and then later on became its president when she was a seventh year. besides clubs, she would get her own set of tarot cards and do readings for her classmates, as well as palm readings, and admittedly, most of it was completely fake and she was making it up, as she would rarely have actual visions, but since they knew she was a seer, it was a fun way to spend her time, make new friends and acquaintances at school, and even tease her friends by giving them silly readings that would ultimately make them laugh.

as heartbroken as she was when her third year started and her brother had graduated the year before, she was happy to have jessamine join her at the school, though she was disappointed that she was sorted away from her and didn’t seem as interested in hanging out with her as she had hoped she was, though they did sometimes. heather would decide on arithmancy as an elective, hoping having a class full of numbers would help her improve on not mixing them up in her head, as well as the obvious divination where she would learn a lot more about the different kinds of seers and how to get better at deciphering her visions. she hadn’t had them as often as she did when she was younger, but they still occurred sometimes and they often came with a slight headache; though, the more powerful the vision she had, especially when she would really try to focus while viewing it, trying to solve the puzzle while still seeing it rather than writing it down, she could end up being incredibly sick. but, as she worked on her ability with her divination professor, it began to get easier.

when it came time for her fifth year, the conversation that heather had been dreading since she witnessed wisteria go through it finally happened. she was only fifteen and her father was already discussing whether or not she should continue on with school or go off to finishing school, already talking about her dowry, whether she was doing enough to make herself appealing for potential husbands. heather didn’t even know if she wanted to get married; of course, that sounded ridiculous as every lady did, but she didn’t feel like she did. and it upset her even more when she saw how badly it affected her little sister who seemed to stop caring so much about her education and talking about her own ambitions because she knew that it didn’t matter, she’d end up married and a socialite regardless. in the end, heather was granted permission to do her o.w.l.s and her n.e.w.t.s, just as wisteria did, but her stomach turned knowing how acceptable those sort of conversations were to have as if she wasn’t there at all or her opinions didn’t matter, because she was a woman.

during the summer between her sixth and seventh year, she was plagued by more nightmares and visions, and she knew something bad was going to happen. heather spent nights staying awake, just writing down everything she could remember, trying her damndest to solve what hell her mind was trying to tell her. perhaps, this was why she blamed herself when she heard jessamine’s piercing scream throughout the whole house and when she burst in she saw her covered in blood, trying to help their mother who attempted to take her own life because she found out she was pregnant and she didn’t want to be; their eldest brother was already there, and he would inform them that this was the second time this had happened, the first time after she miscarried the baby wisteria replaced and he’d been the one to find her. in the end, their mother survived, but she had lost their sibling and was stuck in a deep depression, never getting out of bed unless she absolutely had to. heather didn’t know how she felt, perhaps angry at her for trying to leave them? pity for how she felt, especially because she married a complete monster? but there was a tiny bit of resentment, especially when their mother would favor jessamine by giving her the heirloom jewelry despite being the youngest daughter and therefore having no entitlement to any of it at all.

her seventh year was bittersweet, she had to admit, as she knew that she would go from one of the most academic inclined students in her year to being just another desperate debutante, paraded in front of a swarm of men who’d look her over like a prized cow before deciding to reward her by choosing to buy her. she’d seen it in wisteria before she was married, in her eldest brother’s wife, then chester’s wife, it was tragic to her; they may be happily married, but heather felt that it wasn’t like they had a real choice so did it truly count? and her next brother, maxwell was rumored to be courting and she hoped that whatever girl ended up with him wasn’t regretful and miserable in the end. this line of thinking triggered an intense rebellious phase in her and she was flirtatious, pushing the boundaries between propriety and scandal so hard that they could have broken if she wasn’t careful about who knew and who didn’t. by her debut, she was no longer a virgin, she had decided she preferred women, and was determined to never marry and take a career as an auror or hit wizard, as soon as her father died or she hit spinsterhood, whichever one happened first as it would give her that freedom.

the best season is the fall (of the patriarchy)
1892 - present

heather was finally out in society and having a sizable dowry, she actually was sought out by a few potential suitors, but honestly she was more interested in their sisters than them and so she tended to reject their advances. of course, she did her best to be tactful about it, as she didn’t want her father to hear about her reluctance to find marriage and then decide to arrange something for her against her wishes. that seemed to be big for her; the idea of choosing what was best for you, even if it was against what was considered acceptable. of course she questioned her eldest brother when he seemed so interested in marrying so soon after losing his first wife, wondered why on earth chester would choose a bastard, and maxwell very well might be under a veela spell of some sort, but if they were going to make those decisions, she tried to be accepting of them, unlike her little sister who seemed to start a fight every family gathering; heather only hoped that she would grow out of that. as long as her siblings were happy and weren’t hurt, she would do her best to accept their choices.

she was successful her first season, and for her, that meant avoiding getting married, and it gave her the confidence that she’d be able to pull it off a few more times. heather spent a lot of time getting deeper into her hobbies, self study, working on her seer abilities, but she also began to dress like a man from time to time and just go out and enjoy some of that freedom when people didn’t question it. it was around this time in her life that she discovered rip van winkle, an underground parlor for the queer community, and she thrived heavily there; she made all kinds of friends that were like her, she flirted with ladies, and she got involved in political activism, especially women’s suffrage. the only person who knew about this was [brother] because they were still so close, and she thought it was hilarious how they both would check out ladies together, the both of them becoming proper rakes in how they behaved. of course, she supposed she ought to be careful because she was pretty sure when jessamine walked in on her and one of their maids in bed together one of the times, she was going to explode from both horror and anger. heather could only hope that jessamine would learn to accept her choices.

still avoiding men like the plague at most events, heather managed to make it through a good portion of the next season, but thanks to her political activism and the fact that she’d been more confident in brushing them off, they tended to avoid her more without effort anyway. heather took up smoking at one point because one of her friends did and it was another subtle sign of rebellion that she had against what was considered proper for a woman of her station, and she got heavily into political activism for not just women’s suffrage, but for being and halfbreed rights and class equality as well. perhaps all of this was partially because she knew it would piss her father off if he knew how she was behaving and she wanted to get back at him, but also because heather didn’t like the concept of some group of old wizards that never retired making laws to tell people what they couldn’t do with their lives just because it upset the status quo.

the 1893 ministerial election fascinated her and she read all that she could in the papers and attended as many political events as she could. heather would also organize plenty of marches and rallies for women’s suffrage and being and halfbreed rights as well as write opinion pieces and pamphlets to remind men that at least half their population were not being represented properly. she wasn’t entirely certain which candidate she liked more - mr. wright or miss whitledge, but she and her brother debated it a lot and though only he could vote between the two of them, she appreciated he took her opinions seriously. thanks to politics being at the forefront of everyone’s mind because of the election, she became a lot more well known as a political activist and suffragist because of all the work that she did.
strengths: ambitious, brave, charismatic, driven, generous, independent, organized, sociable, tough, witty

weaknesses: blunt, competitive, disobedient, distrustful, haughty, opinionated, rebellious, sarcastic, stubborn, vengeful

likes: aurors, card games, chocolate, cigarettes, cloves, crystal balls, divination, dueling, feminism, firewhisky, going to rip van winkle, holidays, honey, men’s waistcoats, most of her siblings, politics, potions, reading, seashells, singing, tarot cards, tea with milk, the ocean, thunder storms, transfiguration, trousers, trying to decipher visions, watching quidditch, winning anything

dislikes: being at home, being told it’s more important to look pretty than to have brains, butterbeer, candy, debutante duties, dragons, gender inequality, her father, herbology, homophobia, losing competitions, men yelling, pastels, peaches, hypocritical behavior, overly sweet foods, pretending to look for a husband, small talk at parties, summertime, vision headaches, white wine

fears: a class drop, a severe reputation drop, being forced to get married, death of a close sibling, getting injured beyond repair, her father’s anger, inequality getting worse, men yelling or being aggressive, never get to accomplish her goals, seeing a horrifying vision that she can’t do anything about, the public finding out about all the family secrets, trusting the wrong person

goals: become an auror or hit wizard, find a woman to spend the rest of her life with, elect a female minister for magic, get women the right to vote, help her siblings achieve their goals, make it to spinsterhood without being in an arranged marriage

habits: assumes the worst intentions for everyone until proven otherwise, avoids men at balls like the plague, enjoys casual flirtations, furrows brows when confused, goes out in men’s clothing if she can get away with it, good at holding her tongue and controlling her facial expressions, loves to turn things into competitions, smokes regularly, writes down her dreams/visions

hobbies: political activism, billiards, card games, chess, debating, dueling, flirting with ladies, going out dressed as a man, palm reading, reading all that she can, singing, spending time at rip van winkle, swimming, tarot card reading, watching quidditch

Defense Against the Dark ArtsOO
History of MagicA

— skills —

01. decent wizard’s chess player
02. fluent in english, french, & latin (magical)
03. knows basic first aide - both muggle & magical
04. knows how to swim, thanks to living near the seashore
05. proficient at piano & can sing (smoky alto)
06. she is a seer; all of her visions are not literal in nature

— trivia —

amortentia: light soap, ocean breeze, & smoke
boggart: herself in a wedding dress, marrying a man
clubs: divination, dueling, & wizard’s chess
electives: arithmancy, divination, & music
patronus: fox
pets: artemisia, tawny owl
quidditch: she doesn’t play
religion: atheist
romantic orientation: homoromantic
sexual orientation: homosexual
titles: president of the divination club (1891-1892)
zodiac sign: virgo
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