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The first patented espresso machine was in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. — Fallin
They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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Antonina Solovyova
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hello, it's so good to see you, we met before, but nice to meet you
Pendergast Rose
16 year old Pureblood
Pendergast Rose
5 ft. 0 in.
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Full Name: Antonina Mikhailovna Solovyova

Nickname(s): Anya to family; Toni to her friends (and OOC)

Birthdate: May 29, 1877

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Occupation: Pendergast Rose

Blood Status: Pureblood

Pendergast School for Young Roses

While in residence as a boarder, Antonina resides in the Morgana Suite.
Nightingale House

Purchased in 1880 and named for the English translation of the family surname, Nightingale House stands at 2 All Hallow's Place in Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade. It is an ostentatious home, with far more rooms than the residents require. Antonina's own room is decorated in robin's egg blue, white, and silver, with a four-poster bed larger than she could require and a white marble fireplace.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Eleven inches exactly of elm wood, with a core of phoenix tail feather. The wand shaft has been styled into a twist, with a diamond-patterned grip inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

father: mikhail sergeyevich solovyov [b. 1829]
mother: tatiana vladimirovna solovyova [b. 1840]

brother: alexei mikhailovich solovyov [b. 1871]
sister: svetlana mikhailovna née solovyova [b. 1873]

face claim: danielle campbell
ethnicity: white
height: five feet even
build: rectangular, without much feminine shape; padded with enhancers
eyes: green
hair color: dark brown, with hints of red in the sunlight
hair style: often she settles for braided styles. when unbound, her hair falls thick and wavy to her hips.

scent: a subtle and elegant perfume of rose, peony, vanilla, and jasmine

demeanor: not necessarily the perfect english rose, antonina is as graceful as a gazelle, when she's not forced to sit or stand still. she holds her head high like any well-bred young lady, but she can't help but fidget.

fashion: at her mother's behest, antonina wears the latest in muggle fashions from russian designers, with hand-stitched embroidery and fine jewels. her favorite accessories are a complete silver and diamond parure she isn't allowed to wear in its completion often, just for the finest of events. she wasn't even permitted to bring it with her to the pendergast school.

this room is so suffocating, walking on ice, but nobody breaks it
1877 — 1888

1877: antonina is born in moscow, the third and final of her parents' children. she is an easy babe.

1880: anya is three when her parents move house from russia to the scottish highlands and the magical village of hogsmeade. the slightly warmer climate does wonders for her complexion, bringing an evenness to her fair skin that hadn't been there in the snow.

1885: however, surprisingly, anya's first act of magic is to conjure a snow flurry in response to her older brother taunting her that she's "never seen a proper snow," having lived in scotland for most of her life.

june 1888: anya's hogwarts acceptance letter arrives.

stuck in this one-way conversation — guess i'll be here for a while
1888 — 1893

1888 — 1890: antonina begins her education, and is promptly sorted into loyal and hardworking hufflepuff. she quickly begins making friends both within and without. after antonina's first year, her elder sister svetlana is pulled from hogwarts and placed in the care of the pendergast school for young roses. after she returns home following her first year, antonina's parents whisk her away to america, where she manages to convince her father to purchase her a kodak roll-film camera.

1890 — 1893: by the end of antonina's third year, she has become known by a close knit group as "toni," a departure from traditional russian nicknaming that her parents and siblings are confounded by. she elects to take divination as her sole owl course, not wanting to place too much stress on herself. at the beginning of her fifth year, she is informed that she will be following her elder sister's example and entering the finishing school — just in time for svetlana to graduate its halls and marry an english wizard.

and you're blowing smoke in my face, and telling me all about your paycheck
1893 — present

1893: antonina has entered the pendergast school for young roses, a hopeful thing really. she doesn't think there's really any hope for her in english society.
strengths: inquisitive, adaptable, loyal, responsible, empathetic, generous

weaknesses: indecisive, spoiled, defensive, frivolous, possessive, verbose

likes: fittings at the modiste, shopping for new jewelry, sketching, watercolors, oil painting, playing the harp, singing, writing new songs, flower pressing, etiquette, dance, hot chocolate, decorative knives

dislikes: insects & arachnids, excessively puffy sleeves, puns, puzzles, fairy tales, cemeteries, hospitals, fireworks, quidditch

fears: being a burden, becoming a prisoner in her own body, growing old

goals: being accepted by society, becoming a mother, carrying on the family legacy

habits: antonina is quite fidgety, rarely sitting still even when it's expected of her

hobbies: various styles of artwork, muggle photography, gardening, flower arranging, scrapbooking, the harp, singing, musical composition, shopping
— skills —

01. fluent in english and russian; conversational in french and german.
02. exceptionally skilled with the harp, and possessed of a delicate soprano voice.
03. talented with charms, particularly styling and household varieties, though no slouch with combative magic either.
04. a surprisingly talented portait artist, she loves sketching her friends and family.
05. has studied the theorem of casting a patronus, but doesn't feel she has mastery of the idea just yet to try casting it herself.

— trivia —

amortentia: cedar, whiskey, and old books
school clubs: music (choir)
electives: divination, music
patronus: as yet unknown
pets: none currently
religion: agnostic
romantic orientation: heteroromantic
sexual orientation: bisexual
zodiac sign: gemini


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