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Cleander Huxley
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Played by Sofia
Astronomy Professor & Gryffindor Head of House
36 year old Halfblood
Astronomy Professor & Gryffindor Head of House
5 ft. 10½ in.
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Full Name: Cleander Atlas Huxley

Nickname(s): Hux

Birthdate: 7 January 1857 [at 17:16]

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Occupation: Astronomy Professor & Gryffindor Head of House

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogwarts during the year. Huxley, Chesire

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Solid, 12’’, hornbeam and phoenix tail feather

Thomas Huxley, father [1827]
Victoria Huxley nee Browne, mother [1833]
Phyllis — Huxley, sister [1860]
Hersilia Huxley, sister [1863]
Philemon Huxley, brother [1865]
Related to The Brownes through his mother.
Tall and lanky. Strong bone structure, his face can best be described as square. Light brown hair, straight, kept neither too short nor too long. Hazel eyes. Dresses like a man of his station, prone to roll up sleeves and have creasy shirts from pulling all-nighters studying the stars. Right handed.
Childhood (1857 - 1868)

The first child born to Thomas, a muggleborn wizard and his pureblooded wife, Victoria nee Browne. Believing that a more pretentious sounding name is more fitting for the magical world, Thomas names the baby Cleander, which is Greek for “glorious man”. His middle name, “Atlas”, comes from two of Thomas’ passions – mythology and astronomy.

Three more children join over the next few years, with Philemon being born two years before Cleander departs for Hogwarts. The Huxleys are a scholarly family that encourages this behaviour in the children. Thomas is an astronomer/weather magic researcher and Victoria, while on paper a housewife, is studying astronomy as well. As such, it is no surprise that Cleander gains a love for the stars from a young age.

Hogwarts (1868 - 1875)

The Hat considers Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, before deciding that Cleander’s sense of integrity and fairness overpowers his academic passions. Astronomy is his favourite class, but he enjoys all of his classes, really.

After Hogwarts (1875 - 1880)

After Hogwarts, Cleander joins his father in the field of Astronomy as a researcher. He works at the Magical Observatory of Cornwall, researching the stars and weather patterns. After two years, he joined a more “secretive” project, one that researches ancient astronomy rituals and astral bodies beyond the solar system.

The Magical Observatory of Alexandria (1881 - 1886)

It is an honour to every Astronomer’s career to be called to work at the Magical Observatory of Alexandria. There he continues to research ancient astronomy rituals (did aliens help build the Pyramids?), astral bodies outside the solar system and other similarly fascinating astronomy things. One of his projects even involves time travel magic.

It is there that he meets who he believes to be the love of his life. Mercy McKinnon is at the Observatory with a group of Diviners and Seers, doing research on the ways astral bodies affect us in the field of Astrology.

At first, the two butt heads, but it is mostly harmless teasing, Hux enjoying pointing out the differences between Astronomy and Astrology. They really start to bond after ending up on the same observatory tower at night together. At first it is just chatting and showing each other their favourite constellations, but soon it is apparent they have feelings for each other and the begin to court.

He is so smitten, that he sends his mother an owl to ask for his exact time of birth so she can draft up his birth chart.

And that is when the fairy tale began to end.

Soon, Mercy becomes convinced that they are not meant to be based on their birth charts. Their disagreements appear obvious – it is because of the conflict between her Mercury and his Moon sign and other such explanations. Soon enough, their courtship is ended.

Hux is heartbroken, but at least Mercy returns to Scotland. He throws himself at work to forget about her, but everything reminds him of her. After a painful year and a half, he decides he wants a change of scenery.

Hogwarts Career (1886 - 1893)

Hux is offered a position as the Astronomy professor at Hogwarts and he accepts. It is a good distraction for his broken heart, as he never gets to spend enough alone time to lament the love lost.

In the 1890-1891 school year he was offered the Gryffindor Head of House position and he gladly accepted. More work means less time to think about his broken heart.

Not even the dramatics of the 1893 Sorting Ceremony can distract Hux when he sees her - his ex, the woman he thought the love of his life, the newly appointed Divination professor.

Comes off as bright and confident. Academic. Attracted by new and unique ideas. Hard working. A bit of a perfectionist. Tends to intellectualize his feelings instead of feel them. Tends to bottle up unpleasant feelings. Humour as a coping mechanism. Strong sense of integrity and fairness. Has the Gryffindor show-off-iness. HATES ASTROLOGY >:(

Who he once thought to be the love of his life drafted up his birth chart, which he begrudgingly thought had a lot of truth to it:

Ascendant - Leo

When you first meet him, Hux does come across as bright, creative, extroverted but also a bit full of himself. For some he may appear as confident, to others as slightly conceited. Some may just say that he’s a Gryffindor and they are known show-offs.

Sun - Capricorn

After the glamorous first impression, one will see that Hux is a dutiful, ambitious and hard-working person. Maybe a bit too high strung. He can be very set in his ways sometimes. He also has a high sense of integrity and morality.

Moon - Gemini

Hux is the type of person to talk about how he feels. Sometimes, he might intellectualise his feelings more than actually feel them.

Mercury - Aquarius

Attracted by abstract ideas. Loves learning languages. Can come of as a bit pretentious intellectually.

Venus - Aquarius

Cleander needs to feel friendship before he can start pursuing someone romantically. He can be a bit "cold" and detached from his feelings. Again, better at intellectualizing his feelings than feeling them.

Mars - Aquarius

Cleander pursues things by being unconventional. While his Capricorn sun might make him appear as traditional when you first meet him, he enjoys pursuing the new and "fighting" the established system. He is attracted to fields of study that are future-oriented and unique.

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