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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Violetta DeCroix
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Played by Chris
Fourth Year
15 year old Pureblood
Fourth Year
5 ft. 0 in.
❤   Betrothed
Full Name: Violetta Elise DeCroix

Nickname(s): Vee

Birthdate: January 11th 1879

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Occupation: Fourth Year

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Marseille/London/Hogwarts

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Black Walnut, 12", rigid, petrified salamander heart core

Family: Father: Anton DeCroix (41)
Mother: Mariella DeCroix née Le Marechel (37)
Brother Luca DeCroix (7)
She has long blonde hair, blue eyes and is right handed. She is lightly built but carries her five foot height with poise and grace, becoming of an upper class girl.

September 1893 - Starts her fourth year of Hogwarts

February 1893 - While she was away for third year, her only real friend in England, an upper class muggle girl moved away to India

July 1891 - Begins private Summer education with a governess from Beauxbatons at her mother's request to ensure she does not forget what it is to be a French wizard. Violetta spends 6 weeks each summer there from 1891 through 1893 and loves it.

September 1890 - Place found at Hogwarts and Violetta begins wizarding school, thankfully she is sorted into Slytherin. Her first year is tough because of her weaker English but luckily her parents had years before had the foresight to teach her the langauge.

July-August 1890 - Family forced to relocate from Marseille (France) to London (England) due to father's work status. Violetta was devastated, having her bags all packed and ready to attend Beauxbatons like her mother before her.

July 14th 1886 - Attending Bastille Day in Paris, her first magical event was triggered when she and another mischievous child strayed a little too close to the guns moments before an all gun salute. The guns went off and the little girl panicked, pushing everything not properly secured to a distance from her, including a three ton gun. Poor metallurgy of the cannon was blamed for the incident, but her parents, both furious and excited, knew better. Her young friend for his trouble received a broken arm.
Upper class is the best class, but other classes are OK, I guess. Ambitious, easily irritated, annoyed to have been forced to relocate. Can be quite abrupt when angry.

Used to have a bit of a reputation for keeping other students at a distance. But confidence has grown over 4th year a lot.

Likes to talk a lot, fluttering back and forth between English and French.

Suffers from vanity, often checking herself in a discrete pocket mirror.

Favourite colours are blues and purples
Father was an important man at a French/Algerian trading company and made good money until he was blamed for losing a key contract with the Algerian monarchy and was thus demoted and forced to relocate to a different role in London shortly before her first year at wizarding school.

Violetta has been promised that after graduation, she will attend a Parisian finishing school and that a wealthy and socially appropriate suitor has already been picked for her betrothal. Mentioning this to other Hogwarts students other than those in a similar status makes her the subject of some teasing. But it does provide her with some solace.

Very gifted charms and illusions owing to her fascination with perceptions. Violetta turns her nose up at what she perceives as "cruder" subjects such as herbology and traditional divination.

ClassOWL (predicted)NEWT
Ancient RunesA-
Defence Against the Dark ArtsE-
Ghoul StudiesA-
History of MagicA-
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