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Seraphina Bythesea
91 Posts
Played by Beanie
Wife of Henry Bythesea
33 year old Pureblood
Wife of Henry Bythesea
5 ft. 6 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Seraphina Elizabeth Bythesea nee Rowle

Nickname(s): Sera

Birthdate: April 9th 1860

Age: 33

Gender: Female, perceived as female

Occupation: Wife of Henry Bythesea

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London, England & "The Castle," Scotland

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Alder, 10", dragon heartstring

Family: Henry Bythesea | Husband | b. 1850
Harriet Bythesea | Daughter | b. 1880
Algernon Bythesea | Son | b. 1882
Bernard Bythesea | Son | b. 1885

Algernon Rowle, Father [18xx]
Belinda Rowle nee Crabbe, Mother [1824-1884]
Robert Rowle, Brother [1847], and family
Philip Rowle, Brother [1850], and family
Miranda Rowle, Sister [1854]
Edwin Rowle, Brother [1863]
Rather tall at 5'6", Sera is a willowy woman with dark hair that is typically kept up, but naturally wavy. Her eyes are a light blue that she likes to consider perceptive. Her features are strong, but she considers them to compliment each other — altogether, Seraphina has always considered herself striking.

Her smiles are closed-mouthed, and she has always carried herself with grace. She has not shown "preferences" in several years, so her clothes are in varying fashionable colors and typical fashionable cuts, rather than making any statements on their own. She does not accessorize. Once left to her own devices, this is likely to change.
BEFORE 1860-1878
Seraphina is born in 1860 and followed by one younger sibling, Edwin, in 1863. Her childhood is largely uneventful, and supervised predominately by a nurse and a nanny rather than by her parents. She is a charming child, and the only sibling she is particularly close to in youth is her brother Edwin - being too young to take much of an interest in the older boys, and considering Miranda to be too catatonic to be a satisfactory playmate.

She goes to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor in 1871. Sera rapidly acquires a friend-group of other, similarly energetic girls, and selects Care of Magical Creatures and Divination as her electives. She does well on her O.W.L.s and continues into NEWTs with Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures. She is determined that she will always be interesting!
Her fifth year and onwards, Sera begins flirting casually with some of the boys around her year in Hogwarts. She finds that she is good at it, exchanges some kisses, (and... makes out a few times with Fitzroy Prewett...), but has no intention of going any further. After all, her power is in making a good marriage — and she's sure she can find the perfect husband. Perfect for her, not for her father — she doesn't care how he is at business or at the Ministry, as long as he loves her (and is good looking, and preferably has some money. She can still be a little catty.) She also decides that she will be more involved with her children than either of her parents were, have somewhat of a romantic notion of the more intimate relationships her middle-class friends have with their parents.

Seraphina finishes her NEWTs in 1878 with good grades, allows Fitzroy Prewett to touch a breast, and begins her Season, determined to find her Dream Husband. This leads to her being flirtatious at parties with the men she really wants to like her, and she is summoned into her father's office in August of 1878. And then — and then, everything gets blurry.

THE CURSE 1878-August 1893
Sera has very poor memories of her time under the imperius curse. She has discerned that she married Henry Bythesea, who she had previously dismissed as boring and not attractive enough, in 1879. She bore him children in 1880 (Harriet), 1882 (Algernon, ugh), and 1885 (Bernard). Her mother is dead (1884).

She maintained few friendships and fewer hobbies, but would go to the parties that she was expected to go to, and ran her household well. (Sera's husband assumed she had a laudanum thing and that that was why she was so boring, but did not care enough to meddle.)
AWAKENING August 1893
Sera was in the parlor at the time, staring rather blankly at a flower arrangement. It hit her like a train: a sudden awareness. She happened to be next to the family's address book at the time, and went to the home of the first brother she could find — Philip. The five Rowle children learn of their father's crimes — and Sera, for one, is furious.
BEFORE: Vivacious, witty, confident, charming, romantic, energetic.
DURING: Dull as paste, absent-minded, dutiful.
AFTER: Angry, anxious, resentful, bold, sharp-witted.
Was able to cast an otter patronus before the curse. Fluent in French.
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