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The first patented espresso machine was in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. — Fallin
They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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Kayin Adebayo
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Played by Sofia
Heir to the Adebayo Trading Company
26 year old Pureblood
Heir to the Adebayo Trading Company
5 ft. 10¼ in.
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Full Name: Kayin Abiola Olamide Adebayo

Nickname(s): K - pronounced Kay

Birthdate: September 28th, 1866

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Occupation: Heir to Adebayo Trading Company

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade (primary); Skyfall, Cambridgeshire (country home)

Hogwarts House: Uagadou graduate

Wand: Flexible, 12”, aspen and Phoenix tail hair

Family: Taiwo Adebayo, Father [1840]
Bosede Adebayo, Mother [1847-1884]
Kehinde Adebayo, Brother [1866]
Callista Abeni Adebayo, Sister [1870]
Femi Adebayo, Brother [1873]
Iphigenia Ife Adebayo, Sister [1876]

Ife —, Maternal Grandmother [1827]
Kayin gives his charming smile easily, which creases the edges of his chocolate brown eyes. He holds himself confidently, at a height of 179 cm (around five feet and ten inches). He played sports throughout his life, and that can be seen on his lightly muscular body. He has a dark complexion and dry, curly hair that he keeps cut short. He uses his right hand. Kayin always dresses impeccably, whether it is in British muggle fashion, Yoruba muggle fashion, or magical fashion, he goes for colours and cuts that suit him. He speaks with an accent that has a Nigerian hint to it (think Natsai from Hogwarts Legacy).

The twins Kayin and Kehinde are born in Lagos at the end of September of 1866, four years after it was declared a colony by the British. By the boys’ birth, Taiwo had already managed to grow the family business.

Just a month shy of the boys’ second birthday the family relocated to the United Kingdom, a business move from their father more than anything. The rest of the Adebayo siblings are born on British soil, the girls given first names popular in the British UCPB circles.

Kayin and Kehinde departed for Africa in 1877 to begin their magical schooling in Uagadou. Kayin doesn’t have his twin’s talent for academics, but instead grows to be one of the popular kids, given his charming personality. He is a good student in the subjects that interest him and not so good in those that don’t. In general, academics wise, he’s quite average, many of his good grades coming from his general good luck.

He manages an animagus transformation in his sixth year, something that is truly not such a big of a deal for a Uagadou student, given the school’s focus in Transfiguration and world class instructors on the subject. He takes the shape of a caracal.

A big shock to the family came with his mother’s disappearance in the spring of 1884, his last semester at Uagadou. He is old enough to be told what truly happened to her and he feels shocked and betrayed, believing his parents’ love is strong. Taiwo pretty much tells him off for taking this as a child, and it even feels like he’s defending his cheating mother for her fundamental right to make decisions for herself. In any case, Kayin is heartbroken and confused and misses his mother a lot, having always been more of a mother’s boy.

After his graduation, Kayin moves to the UK to learn the business alongside his father. The two often butt heads, as Taiwo, while a loving father, is very no nonsense and driven by a sense of perfectionism for his eldest son. Kayin is truly good at business, given his charming and diplomatic personality, but he still feels harshly judged by his father, who seems to deem him soft, hedonistic and a tad too westernised (a naturally adaptable person, Kayin quickly takes to the western way of life.)

Soon enough, Kayin becomes the perfect English gentleman, managing to make plenty of friends. He enjoys his life, engaging in sports, card games and trips in the continent when he can. Sometimes she might gamble a bit too much, but never so much that his father would notice, at least not yet.

Charming. Adaptable. Something of a social chameleon. Fun loving. Considerate. Diplomatic. Has a deep fear of falling in love and being betrayed. Can be reckless. Can be lazy. Is the type to take shortcuts instead of do meticulous planning and hard work.
An animagus that takes the shape of a Caracal. Can do wandless magic, but it is not his strongest skill, bearing much better results with a wand. Never had the patience for Astronomy. Sensitive to the Sight but not a proper seer. He knows how to hone that thanks to the Divination program at Uagadou. A skilled duellist and flier. Knows how to appear in people’s dreams, magically but he goes figuratively, too.
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