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Philippa Rowle
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Played by Kayte
First Year
12 year old Pureblood
First Year
4 ft. 11¾ in.
❤   Betrothed
Full Name: Philippa Atalanta Rowle

Nickname(s): Pippa

Birthdate: January 1st, 1882

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Occupation: Incoming Hogwarts Student

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Mayfair, London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Black Walnut, eleven inches precisely, with a thestral hair core. Rigid.

Philip Rowle, Father [1850]
Alexandra Rowle née —, Mother [18xx]
Frederick Rowle, Brother [1884 - 1887]
Albert Rowle, Brother [1887]
Florence Rowle, Sister [1889]

Algernon Rowle, Grandfather [18xx]
Belinda Rowle née —, Grandmother [1824 - 1884]
Robert Rowle, Uncle [1847], and family
Miranda Rowle, Aunt [1854]
Seraphina — née Rowle, Aunt [1860], and family
Edwin Rowle, Uncle [1863]
Standing just shy of five feet in height, Philippa does not think she is quite yet done growing—just look how tall her father is! Her lean frame is clad appropriately for her station. She favours lighter colours/pastels not out of any real preference, but because that is how she was always dressed by those around her.

Her dark chocolate hair falls a bit past her shoulders, though, as society demands, is never left entirely to its own devices. Pippa has long tied it back in bows, but is hoping that going off to school will give her more opportunity to adopt a more mature approach. At night, she sleeps with curling rags to add a bit of bounce to her otherwise ordinary hair.

Though much of her appearance makes Pippa seem quite benign, her grey eyes tend to look with an unexpected directness, something about them having already left childhood behind.

Her PB is Florence Hunt.
TW: animal death, child death, drowning, fratricide.


The firstborn child in the household of Philip Rowle was a daughter. Oh, not the end of the world, and cause for some celebration, but even though Father never left her feeling subpar for her status (he never paid any of the children much mind) and Mother proved to be doting, the nanny the Rowles would employ for the first six years of young Pippa’s life was very much lacking in compassion—and made Pippa feel as though she was lacking in just about every way.

Inevitably, Pippa could not be the only child forever. She is three years old when another child joins her in the nursery, this one a boy who Nanny dotes on ridiculously (Father, at least, is equally different from the baby, a small blessing). Frederick is… fine, she supposes, but she does wish that Nanny would not dote on him so.

The years pass, and another boy joins the family, this one called Albert. To soften the blow of a new arrival, Mother gets Pippa a kitten, a fluffy, white beauty that Pippa calls Serenity. She is immediately deeply taken with the creature, carrying it about the house in a small basket and actually visiting the kitchens to fetch it cream. Serenity was also the catalyst for Frederick’s demise.

Unlike Pippa, young Fred had not been given a new-sibling-consolation-present, and he did not love having a baby in the house. He decided, as toddlers sometimes do, to take Serenity from his sister. It might not have been dire, except gentle was not a word that had ever been drilled into him (he was a boy, after all), and he squeezed the kitten far too tightly, far too long.

Pippa found her. She had been looking for Serenity and her catnapper all afternoon, and found the poor creature under a settee in a lesser-used parlour. Though mathematics had proven to be a weaker spot for her, Pippa could still put two and two together. The rage and the hurt and the grief held her chest in a vise, but she kept collected, as calm as she could manage. She told her mother what had happened. Then she plotted her next move.

In her mind, it was not revenge, it was justice. At only five (and three quarters!), she did not know much of the way of the world, but had overheard some of the staff talk about the hanging of a murderer. Those who killed were killed in turn. Fred had never shown himself to be above this simple law of nature.

A small fire outside the nursery draw Nanny’s attention while Fred was in the bath, giving Pippa the window she needed to exact her justice. He kicked and thrashed, but Pippa was older, bigger, and she held him until he was still. Water splattered her dress as she ran away, but it was tears that wet her cheeks. He was, after all, her brother.

The upshot was that the horrid nanny was fired, and Pippa promoted to a governess in the new year.

The new governess isn’t quite so dire as old-Nanny (new Nanny still sucks), and Pippa enjoys beginning to learn things about the world. A new sibling, Florence, joins the family and results in exactly zero new kittens, as Alexandra seems to have learned her lesson after last time.

The years move in a series of predictable events. Pippa has her first act of magic (restoring a dried floral arrangement to life). She is informed of her betrothal to a Mr. Elijah Urquart, meets him, and does not like him overmuch. At ten, she begins spending more time with her cousin Forsythia, who does not challenge her in the slightest (excellent.). The summer of 1893 sees the arrival of the expected Hogwarts letter, but might otherwise have been entirely unremarkable if Grandfather hadn’t had a stroke.
PARTICULAR | Pippa has long seen the world in black and white, with no semblance of grey between them. There is the right way (of thinking, doing, being, going about life) and the wrong way—and heaven help anyone who falls in the latter when she is in a Mood. While this has resulted in strong attention to detail, it doesn’t much help her interpersonal skills.

CALCULATING | This rigidity actually helps her to make decisions, and Pippa is a witch who at least tries to weigh the pros and cons of her actions, to ponder possible outcomes, before selecting a path. After all, as the bitch Nanny used to say, A young lady does not succumb to vile temper, but chooses her path wisely.

PASSIONATE | Of course, Pippa is human—she is passionate about the things & people she loves (and those she hates…) which often overrides her better judgment and the behaviour that was beaten (only sometimes literally) into her in her early years.

INSECURE | A (short) life full of paternal indifference and cold caretakers has resulted in an insecure young girl who seeks approval from anyone she sees as her equal (or superior; a shorter list). How she goes about it is not always the most effective, but the only way she ever really learned how.

CREATIVE | Pippa’s head is home to a vivid imagination; she often tells her siblings and cousins vibrant and detailed stories.
  • Pippa lacks the patience for languages (she would never admit to lacking the skill!) and is altogether negligent in her French studies.
  • Has not owned a pet since the Serenity incident, and will be departing for Hogwarts without an animal companion.
  • Quite skillful at the harp.

[Image: 67VMrbz.png]
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