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Cordelia Best
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Played by Kayte
Fourth Year
14 year old Muggleborn
Fourth Year
5 ft. 3 in.
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Full Name: Cordelia Rose Best

Nickname(s): Cora

Birthdate: September 1st, 1879

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: A farm near Stratford

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Willow, 10¾ inches, with a unicorn tail hair. Swishy.

In addition to her parents, Cora has six living older siblings, all brothers. The nearest to her in age, Eugene, is two years her senior.
At five feet and three inches, Cordelia expects she has finished growing—upward; she hopes she hasn’t finished growing outward as she is a bit of a beanpole with no curves to speak of. Generally, she is very self conscious of her looks: as a child of a mixed-race couple, she and her family faced discrimination in the muggle world, and that has proven very hard to shake as a witch.

Her hair is a mess of dark ringlets held back in simple styles or firmly plaited. Cora has, at least, been blessed by a strong complexion not prone to blemishing, and her skin is the colour of her ma’s tea (”That’s why I like it this way; it reminds me of you!” her mother often said when she was growing up). Her dark brown eyes are framed by spectacles during classes or while doing homework, but after a boy made fun of her for them in her first year, she does not like to wear them when not absolutely necessary. As a result, the world is often a bit blurrier during her leisure time and she tends to walk slowly and deliberately. She is right-handed.

Her PB is Malia Baker.
  • Born in 1879 to a black father and white mother in Warwickshire.
  • Would prove to be the last child her parents had—her mother was forty when she was born, and her eldest brother 17.
  • As a child, things just seemed to go wrong around Cora; candles would flame too high, things would break seemingly without her touching them, etc.
  • The summer before her eleventh birthday, the family garnered a visit from a peculiar fellow they had never met before. Professor @"Hamish Darrow" explained that he was a representative for a magical school and that Cora was a witch! Though her father was aghast and wanted nothing to do with “this nonsense”, her mother was more supportive, smoothing things over enough in the weeks before term that, with a trunk full of third-hand school supplies and a new purple scarf knit for her by her mother, Cora was off to Hogwarts in the fall of 1890.
  • YEAR ONE: 1890 - 1891 | Cora quickly begins to realize just how behind she is. Oh, Ma had taught her to read and do sums and a bit about the herbs in their garden, but just by virtue of being muggleborn, the new Ravenclaw found herself feeling woefully out of her depth.
  • YEAR TWO: 1891 - 1892 | When she returns to Hogwarts, it is with a cat from one of the farm’s spring litters.
  • YEAR THREE: 1892 - 1893 | Cora selects three electives for her OWL years: Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies (which proves to be a breeze!), and Earth Magic. She feels a bit more at ease this year, more readily able to let her guard down—at least around the people she has know since she started at the school, and who she has reaffirmed as ‘safe’ on multiple occasions.
No one would ever say that Cora isn’t smart, but her lack of knowledge of the wizarding world means she often feels out of her depth. She overcompensates for this by studying hard, hounded by a fear that she might lose her scholarship and have to leave school—or worse, that her behaviour might see her expelled. This has left her with a bit of a “stick in the mud” reputation, and so she mostly tries to keep to herself. She has a habit of taking other people’s negative comments to heart—though can’t seem to do so with the positive. To those for whom she has let down her guard, though, she is a quiet but devoted friend.
  • OWL Electives: COMC, Muggle Studies, Earth Magic
  • Has a pet orange tabby named, creatively, Carrot
  • Prone to panic attacks, though fortunately no one at school has witnessed one (yet)
  • Very interested in magical theory and history, moreso than the application of this knowledge.
  • Afraid of heights, Cordelia does not attend quidditch matches and faces heightened anxiety during practical astronomy lessons.
  • Keeps a diary