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Jessamine Parkinson
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Played by Athena

two can keep a secret if one of them is dead
Seventh Year & Transfiguration Club President
17 year old Pureblood
Seventh Year & Transfiguration Club President
5 ft. 2 in.
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Full Name: Jessamine Rose Parkinson

Nickname(s): Minnie, Jessie, Jess

Birthdate: April 30, 1876

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: 7th Year Ravenclaw; Transfiguration Club President

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Parkinson Villa (Elsewhere)

the parkinson family owns two homes; the estate and the villa. the parkinson estate is located in wellingtonshire, hogsmeade and they have lived there since selling their original family home in yorkshire after fleeing from muggle persecution in 1877; after the eldest parkinson boy was married, he and his wife took that home to start their family and the rest of the family moved to the parkinson villa in yorkshire, england, which is located on the coast overlooking the ocean; the home is protected well with plenty of anti-muggle charms.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Hawthorne, 8½”, Unyielding, Fairy Wing


father: elwood parkinson [b. 1828]
mother: violette parkinson née [b. 1839]
brother: --- parkinson [b. 1858] & family
brother: chester parkinson [b. 1861] & family
sister: wisteria bulstrode née parkinson [1863-1893] & family
brother: maxwell parkinson [b. 1866] & family
brother: --- parkinson [b. 1869]
sister: heather parkinson [b. 1873]
face claim: claudia jessie
ethnicity: caucasian
accent: british received pronunciation
height: 157 cm
weight: 52 kg
build: thin, but with slight curves
eyes: blue
hair colour: brown
hair style: up in silk or satin ribbons
wand hand: left
distinguishing features: jessamine has a very expressive face, therefore making it a bit difficult to hide her emotions and reactions to things; she’ll wince, wrinkle her nose in disgust, roll her eyes, widen them in complete shock, cover her mouth in a gasp, and so on. it’s not theatrical or goofy looking, but it’s certainly not as subtle or graceful as some of the other young ladies that are in her peer group.

scent: ocean breeze, light soap, & violets

demeanor: minnie isn’t the most sociable of ladies and tends to hang on the outskirts of events, whispering to her friends and having more intimate, serious discussions rather than small talk with people she’s not super familiar with. that’s not to say you can’t approach her or she seems intimidating, just that she is more of an observer than a participant; she likes to watch people and take note of their behavior before she makes her own move, as if life was a chess game. minnie isn’t entirely graceless, either, as she’s had years of practice with a particularly strict governess as well as the desire to make her father proud, but it’s obvious the demure, elegant rose does not come naturally to her and she has to really work at it - of course, if you point this out to her, she will likely just scowl at you until you apologize for such lies. despite being a bit of a wallflower and not the most graceful girl at the dance, she has a relaxed sort of vibe and she’s more likely to not hold in a loud laugh or pass up making a silly comment, even if she looks a bit ridiculous and mildly unladylike.

fashion: while she may not always be primping and preening the way some of her peers might, minnie does find how she looks on the outside to be as important as her intellect on the inside; after all, she believes nobody would take her seriously if she ends up looking like a total wreck and her appearance is a reflection on her family. being from a fairly wealthy family means she can afford nice dresses and ribbons that fit the current styles, and she has a liking for muggle styles a bit more than wizard ones, as well as dresses in light pastels rather than dark colors. she wouldn’t really be a true english rose, unfortunately, and minnie feels she’ll never be as graceful and perfect as she ought to be, but she tries her best when it matters most. her favorite piece of jewelry is a matching pearl necklace and earring set that has been in her family since the regency days and once belonged to her mother and maternal grandmother. it was a source of disagreement between her elder sisters who were passed over for it, as minnie was always much closer to their mother out of all of them.
TW: adultery, alcoholism, attempted murder, depression, domestic & child abuse, homophobia, miscarriage/abortion, & suicide attempts

early childhood
1876 - 1887

by the time jessamine was born, she already had six older siblings to compete with for her parent’s limited affections; three of them were old enough to attend hogwarts, three were not, but what they all had in common was the parkinson family name. that always seemed to be important, as far as jessamine knew, growing up, being a member of the parkinson family; it meant she had to be perfect, dignified, graceful, everything that a pureblooded upper class young lady could be, and the same would be expected of her siblings because society was always watching. minnie and her two sisters would attend art lessons, music lessons, learn to press flowers and embroider by hand, they would learn languages with their brothers as well as watch them learn how to walk with confidence and speak on politics as if they had any clue what they were talking about. each child would have the pressure of a thousand suns to practice to be everything they were supposed to be by society’s standards... or else they would all suffer the wrath of their father, mr. elwood parkinson, when he found out.

minnie was always told that society was watching them, always, and so they had to be on their best behavior… but did they? was society really watching them? if so, how come nobody said anything when their father flew into rages and beat on their mother or one of the children if they happened to have a misstep in their lessons? how come her father was able to make their mother cry with his numerous affairs that every child knew about and not a single news article reported it? how come her mother drank so much and spent most of her days laying down and wouldn’t come to play when she asked aside from reading her a few stories? even as young as jessamine was, she could tell when things were wrong and not at all proper. but, her elder siblings would sit her down and explain to her that nice families didn’t talk about these things, especially not to other people, and so she would need to accept that as truth before she got in trouble.

not being able to talk about what was going on in her life made jessamine a bit of a recluse for a time, only really speaking to her siblings, and instead finding herself doing more solitary activities like practicing her piano, pressing flowers, reading every book she could get her hands on, and playing chess against herself. it was around this time in her life she met a half blood, middle class girl who lived nearby in bartonburg named francesca who also was always by herself and the two became fast friends, especially when they realized they would be attending their first year at hogwarts at the same time. it took some time, as there was a lot of guilt to get through since she knew she shouldn’t talk if her elder siblings were telling the truth, but eventually minnie confided in chessie regarding what worried her and she found that her parents weren’t the only ones with problems that they weren’t allowed to talk about and it made her feel less alone.

hogwarts school of witchcraft + wizardry
1887 - present

things started to improve for jessamine when she started at hogwarts, since she was finally away from the toxic environment that was her home and she was able to make more friends, such as meta lestrange, who also knew what it was like to deal with an abusive parent, as well as spend more time with chessie, whom she was still friends with. when it came to clubs, she spent most of her time in transfiguration and wizard’s chess club, because she felt she excelled in both and it made her feel good about herself; she also spent time in leisure sports club, enjoying badminton and croquet the best, since it was a great excuse to spend some time in the sunshine. however, she popped into the book club from time to time, but never felt like an official member because while she enjoyed discussing books with her classmates, she didn’t like that she wasn’t allowed to read whatever she wanted - she had to pick out a book that was appropriate for young ladies and not ones that only the young gentlemen were permitted to read; minnie only remained a member until her fourth year.

when it came time to choose electives, minnie had a difficult time because while some subjects interested her, she was going through a bit of a ‘nothing matters’ phase because she’d watched as her sisters were to be fussed over to be sold off to the highest bidder as wives, rather than be able to pursue their passions. jessamine felt that no matter what she chose, she’d end up in the same place, so she picked two at random - muggle studies and ghoul studies. she enjoyed both well enough, she supposed, and there was something intriguing about worlds that were so different from her own; she often wished she was a bird so she could fly away from everything. it was then she decided she would study hard to become an animagus, hopefully achieving it sometime after her final year of hogwarts - she couldn’t guarantee she’d become a bird once she succeeded in her endeavors, but it was still a fun fantasy to imagine whenever she was bored.

during the summer between her fourth and fifth year, she witnessed her mother attempt to take her own life, something that has haunted her ever since. it turned out she found out she was pregnant yet again and it pushed the already fragile woman over the edge, though, with minnie’s limited healing abilities, she was able to save her in time - though not her baby. it was then her elder brother told her that this wasn’t the first time this had happened; after she miscarried the baby that her bastard half-sister replaced, she attempted something similar, and it was him who had found her that time. once again, it was something they were not allowed to talk about, but being soft as jessamine was, she stayed at her mother’s bedside while she rested until she had to go back to school. perhaps it was this affection for violette that made her give her youngest daughter the heirloom jewelry rather than pass it to either of the other two young ladies, even though it caused quite a fight when they found out, though it seemed to bother minnie’s second sister more than her first.

in the next few years, jessamine would attend a total of five different weddings, one for each of her older siblings, plus an extra for the eldest brother. her eldest brother married a wealthy, pureblooded girl, thank merlin, but she would end up dying as far as everyone was concerned; apparently it was some sort of accident, and he would remarry a different wealthy pureblooded girl. still, there was something about their union that felt off, if only because minnie saw her brother and father acting rather suspicious shortly after the initial accident. then her next brothers each decided to marry ladies that jessamine most certainly did not approve of! a known bastard and a lady that people gossiped about being a halfbreed - minnie wondered if they married them just to piss off their father, because he was not happy about their union either, though it would be too much scandal if either one of them ended up disowned. jessamine’s eldest sister was married to a nice man, she thought, but she wondered if he’d ever find out she was a bastard who wasn’t even actually pureblood, but instead the daughter of a halfblood squib maid. minnie didn’t think she was perfect enough for it, but she thought whomever she married, would be someone that would earn her father’s favor, if only so that minnie could see him proud of her for once.

after her eldest brother married, the parkinson family relocated to their villa in yorkshire, which annoyed minnie a little bit because she wished she was still closer to her friends in hogsmeade, but it turned out to be great spending more time relaxing on the seashore; staring out at the ocean was relaxing and it made jessamine wonder more about what else was out there. by the time her seventh year was approaching, her other two siblings also started doing things that would have made their father furious if he knew about them. her brother bedded anything that breathed, gambling everything that he was handed, and not really thinking about the fact he needed to figure out a career being that he was a fourth son and wouldn’t really inherit much at all. then her sister started acting very unladylike, smoking, going out to places where queer people hung out and even started an affair with one of their maids, which minnie once walked in on once in complete disgust and horror. when the election started, she even began to attend suffragist rallies which often got violent due to men not approving what was being discussed at them and minnie worried she was going to get arrested if she wasn’t careful.

maybe in truth, jessamine was jealous of her siblings for doing whatever they pleased and ignoring all sense of decorum in exchange for even a sliver of freedom, especially after all they had been through growing up because of their awful family. but, there was still a large part of her that was desperate to be perfect and not end up like them; to do her part to be the daughter that her parents wanted and not do things that would make them ashamed of her. she kept her siblings secrets, her parents secrets, and her friend’s secrets, but she didn’t want to have any of her own - perhaps she wouldn’t and would be a perfect debutante, so long as she could make it another year.
strengths: curious, eloquent, focused, genuine, imaginative, intelligent, obedient, resourceful, responsible, strategic, witty

weaknesses: anxious, distrustful, finicky, gossip, hypocritical, impatient, judgmental, melodramatic, opinionated, pessimistic

likes: academia, badminton, ballroom dancing, beaches, being anywhere that’s not at home, birds, books, butterflies, cherries, chocolate, croquet, cuddling with her mother, flowers, going on long walks, jokes, libraries, peaches, pastel colors, pearls, playing the piano, rainy days, ribbons, seashells, silver jewelry, smell of the ocean, spending time with her friends, stargazing, swimming, taking care of other people, the ocean, transfiguration, watching quidditch players, wizard’s chess, writing her thoughts in a diary

dislikes: bees, being at home, being told it’s more important to look pretty than to have brains, books with open ended endings, bullies, dogs, flowers with thorns, her father, her siblings doing things that they aren’t supposed to be doing, humid weather, knowing her value lies in whether or not she can secure herself a husband, loud yelling, not doing something perfectly the first time, professor valenduris for not letting her take newt potions, shepherd’s pie, small talk at parties, the smell of strong alcohol & cigars

fears: a significant reputation drop or a class drop, ending up as a lonely old maid or marrying someone she hates, failing at becoming an animagus and being stuck as an animal, having a secret scandal of her own, her father going into one of his rages, men yelling or being aggressive in any way, people sneaking up behind her, the public finding out about her family’s secrets

goals: become an animagus, join the society for the transfiguration arts after graduation, get married and not end up a lonely old maid, go through life without a scandalous secret, make both of her parents proud, work at one of the magical hospitals as a healer

habits: can get nihilistic sometimes, gossips and spreads rumors like wildfire, especially when she’s angry, has an expressive face, highly competitive in most things and gets overly enthusiastic about it, hypocritical about a lot, laughs loudly, makes sarcastic comments to the nearest person, second guesses herself, taps lips when thinking, tends to state her opinions instead of hiding them, thinks carefully before she makes a move to do something, watches the ocean or plays the piano when stressed, will use almost anything for a bookmark, but has a preference for single ribbons

hobbies: badminton, chess, croquet, dancing, daydreaming, fashion, flower pressing, going for walks, gossiping, healing, language learning, listening to music, piano, reading, spending time with her friends, stargazing, swimming, writing in a diary

Defense Against the Dark ArtsA
Ghoul StudiesOTBA
History of MagicO
Muggle StudiesETBA

— skills —

01. an accomplished wizard’s chess player
02. currently working toward becoming an animagus
03. fluent in english, french, latin (magical) & learning italian
04. knows how to swim, thanks to living near the seashore
05. proficient at piano & has had some vocal training
06. relatively talented at basic healing magic

— trivia —

amortentia: books, peppermint, & sage
boggart: newspapers with articles releasing all the family secrets
clubs: book, leisure sports, transfiguration, & wizard’s chess
electives: ghoul studies, muggle studies, & music
patronus: unknown
pets: circe, snowy owl
quidditch: she doesn’t play
religion: atheist
romantic orientation: heteromantic
sexual orientation: heterosexual
titles: transfiguration club president
zodiac sign: taurus
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