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Enid Glynn
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Played by Beanie
Creature-Induced Injuries Junior Healer
20 year old Halfblood
Creature-Induced Injuries Junior Healer
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Full Name: Enid Winifred Glynn

Nickname(s): Enid is usually short enough already

Birthdate: March 19th, 1873

Age: 20

Gender: Female, perceived as female

Occupation: Junior Creature Induced Injuries Healer at St. Mungo's

Blood Status: Half

Residence: Fairtree Farm, Avalon Glen, Wales

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Silver birch, 9", flexible, unicorn hair
Enid's wand wood, of course, comes from a tree harvested at Fairtree Farm.

Family: Aneurin Glynn nee --- | 1847ish | Father
Winifred Glynn nee --- | 1847ish | Mother
Rhys Glynn |1867-1869 | Brother
Evan Glynn | 1869-1871 | Brother
Vaughn Glynn | 1872 | Brother
Gwyneth Conway | 1873 | Foundling
Morgan Glynn | 1874 | Sister
Isolde Glynn | 1874 | Sister
Nimue Glynn | 1875-1877 | Sister
Cadogan Glynn | 1878-1879 | Brother
General | Standing short at 5'0", Enid has waved brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. Her hands are calloused and her features are soft and friendly. She is right-handed.

Expressions | Enid is reserved, and so are her expressions — it can be difficult to tell what she's thinking unless one knows her very well, as her expressions are overall pleasant and soft.

Deportment |Enid carries herself with straight-backed, proper posture — her movements are graceful and well-considered.

Fashion | Enid wears simple, practical clothing in soft colors that is reflective of her status when she does not wear hospital clothing.

Scent | Birch, grass, and open-air.

Face Claim | Emily Carey

1873-1883: Enid is born into the rapidly-growing Glynn family, a clan in Avalon Glen best known for tending to wand wood trees. She is a few months old when Gwyneth Conway is found and brought into the fold, and does not remember anything else — in fact, Gwyn is always Enid's favorite sibling, even when she gets sisters by blood. (She does not remember being joined by The Twins in 1874, but does remember the births of Nimue and Cadogan, which finally marked the end of more mouths to feed.)
Enid has a calming influence on Gwyn and her other siblings, and is a quiet, kind child who shows her first sign of magic by healing a scrape on her knee.
1884-1887: Enid goes to Hogwarts with Gwyn and is sorted into Ravenclaw. The first few months of her first year are the first time she learns that not everyone grows up in a place like Avalon Glen, in the shadow of dragons. Eventually she decides she is still glad for the Glen. While Glynn children are only allowed three years in school if they cannot gain a scholarship, Enid is able to win one which fully funds her schooling after third year — although she is saddened to know that she will return without Gwyn.
1888: When Gwyn is scarred by a dragon, Enid solidifies her plan for her future — Creature Induced Injuries Healing. Someone has to keep the dragon-keepers alive.
1889-1891: Enid achieves excellent OWLs and moves onto NEWTs, graduating with the grades that allow her to become a Junior Healer in September. This is a relief, as apparently Gwyn is to be a dragon-keeper. Now that she's out of school, Enid begins seriously pining after Nigel Yarwood.
1893: Enid is nearly done with her healing training, Gwyn is still engaging with dragons, and Nigel is still handsome and unobtainable. Tragic.
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