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Morgan Valenduris
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“Perhaps in Slytherin you'll make your real friends"
First Year
11 year old Pureblood
First Year
5 ft. 2 in.
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Full Name: Morgan Meserima Valenderius,

Nickname(s): None really, M, Little M, Morrigan

Birthdate: October 8, 1881

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Occupation: Future Potioneer

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, Address is 4 Morgana Crescent - they also have a home in London, and another in the country

Hogwarts House:

Wand: Acacia Wand, Unicorn Hair, 14 inches.
— wandlore—

01. wandwood

02. wandcore Unknown

Father: Meserimus Valenduris (1748)
Mother: Katerina Valenduris née Krum (1862)
Sisters: Penelope and Parthenope Valenduris (August 9, 1882)
Brother: Nicholas Valenduris (1885)
Brother: Merlin Valenduris (1887)
The rest of the extended Valenduris family; she is the thirteenth child of Meserimus and first of Katerina.
Morgan is tall for her age, already 5’2”, and due to her fathers rather extraordinary height of 6’4” nobody would be surprised to see her height to be quite generous as well. She has long straight fair hair with blue eyes and fair skin and a smattering of freckles. She is quite skinny and as she is approaching puberty is showing signs that she may have inherited Marfans from her father. Signs pointing to inheritance include her tall-thin body, hyperflexible joints, poor natural healing, and she becomes short of breath quite easily. She is right handed and fond of wearing robes and naturally pretty clothes in cool tones - such as purples and blues and tries to dress maturely ("adult") and fashionably as possible, mimicking her mother Katerina whenever she can.

face claim: I've unintentionally fixated on the stock image that Dante advertised with , I have to wait for the fixation to pass and to know I'm not settling on pretty...

ethnicity: Swedish-Caucasian
height: 5'2"
weight: quite skinny due to her tall frame and growth spurt. All knees and elbows.
build: Spindly and not particularly athletic
eyes: Blue
hair colour: Fair
hair style: Long and straight
distinguishing features: her tall-thin body, hyperflexible joints, poor natural healing, and she becomes short of breath quite easily.
scent: soap and musky herbs
demeanor: happy and friendly, a people person and pleaser
fashion: fond of wearing robes and naturally pretty clothes in cool tones - such as purples and blues and tries to dress maturely ("adult") and fashionably as possible, mimicking her mother Katerina whenever she can

1881 - 1893
1881 - Morgan was born one early morning in late 1880 to Katerina Valenduris who, not expecting such a short labour after all the stories of labours that lasted for hours and days she had heard, had not written her husband to advise of the imminent birth. It was therefore with his breakfast that a rather rushed Raven bought the news. She is named Morgan Meseria Valenderius, and affectionately nicknamed Little M. Firstborn of her mother, and thirteenth of her father - though with a forty year age gap with her elder brother she is essentially an only child… until of course less than a year later she is “blessed” with twin sisters who seem identical in every way.
1882 - The twins are born on a warm summer night in August and hard to seperate from one another. Morgan is not even a year old at the birth of her younger twin sisters and is saddled with the responsibility of being the older sister, and yet feeling very much apart.
1885 - The closeness of her sisters becomes ever more apparent, and Morgan finds herself frustrated at the fact she is not really part of their bond and finds comfort in hanging with her Uncle Archimedes of whom she grows fond. She decides, at age 4, that she is going to be worlds best witch and alot of her self play from that day forth involve cauldrons and pretend spells with rather dramatic results. Nicholas is born later than year.
1886 - Morgan shows her first magic, after accidentally both setting the toy cauldron she’d set up in the garden alight and putting the fire out. She is quite distressed by the burnt patch in the garden she causes because she knew she was not supposed to play with fire and had not thought the grass would burn quite so quickly. Her magic shows itself by causing the grass to become quite overgrown and she becomes quite terrified of the scolding she’d receive though is quite unprepared for the elation once it is discovered that she caused it by magic and not by playing with matches.
1887 - Her sisters have become quite trying for the governess and as a result Morgan strives very much [i]not[/i] to be. She wants to show off her achievements for herself and distinguish herself from her younger twin sisters.
1893 - She awaits heading off to Hogwarts and is excited to be learning from her father and wishes intently to be in Slytherin house and is secretly terrified she is not ambitious or cunning enough. She is undecided if she wants to be in the same house as her twin sisters, and oddly, her nieces, for on one hand she may be required to keep them out of trouble but on the other she’d like to stretch her wings and discover herself without them.
18XX: info here
Personality: Responsible, Ambitious, Intelligent, House Mother, Old Soul, Lonely, Is the type to attempt to look after others and organise study groups and support everyone from behind,

Myers-Briggs: ESFJ
strengths: warm, sympathetic, helpful, personable, cooperative, tactful, practical, realistic, down to earth, decisive, thorough, consistent. sociable, outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic, organized, orderly, committed to preserving traditions, Warm hearted, conscientious and cooperative. Want harmony in their environment, work with determination to establish it. Like to work with others to complete tasks accurately and on time. Loyal follow through even in small matters, notice what others need in their day-by-day lives and try to provide it, want to be appreciated for who they are and for what they contribute. People person, has a wide range of friends and knows lots of people, Solve problems by working through facts until they understand the problem.
weaknesses: prone to worry and feeling guilty, become controlling in her push for harmony "we will all get along", become overly sensitive, imaging slights where none were intended, can doubt herself and focus her attention solely on fulfilling the needs of others, `sometimes jumps too quickly into an activitiy and doesn't allow time to think it over and before starting a project can sometimes forget to stop and get clear on what they do and why.
likes: info here
dislikes: info here
fears: info here
goals: info here
habits: info here
hobbies: playing in the garde
— trivia —

- She has decided that St. Morgan, or Pelagius is her patron saint.
- Likes the Colour Purple and Sparkles.
- Her name is of Welsh Origin, meaning Sea.
- Her name is of masculine origin and sounding (Even Morgan Le Fay is often known as Morgana.
- Speaks Swedish and English, currently learning French,
- Proud of Father as Potions Professor.
- Wishes to be in Slyherin.
- Thinks it’s odd to have nieces, nephews, and grand neices and nephews older than her.
- Only member of family Archimedes likes

amortentia: info here
boggart: info here
clubs: info here
electives: info here
patronus: info here
pets: info here
religion: info here
romantic orientation: info here
sexual orientation: info here
zodiac sign: info here


Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic

— skills —

01. info here 02. info here

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