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Charles Whymper
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Played by Steph
Fifth Year
15 year old Half-Blood
Fifth Year
5 ft. 6 in.
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Full Name: Charles Whymper, Jr.

Nickname(s): TBD

Birthdate: May 17, 1878

Age: 15

Gender: Male, perceived male

Occupation: Fourth Year

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Elm, 11 inches, yielding, phoenix feather

Father. Charles Whymper, Sr. (1845-1878)
Mother. Primrose Whymper nee Endicott (b. 1853)
Sister. Charlotte Whymper (b. 1878)

Uncle. Horace Darling (b. 1816)
Aunt. Evangeline Darling (b. 1843)
Cousin. Victor Darling (b. 1864)
Cousin. Matthias Darling (b. 1868)
Cousin. Effervescence Darling (b. 1876)
Standing at five foot six inches, Charles has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He's told he takes after his father, not that he would know for himself. His build is fairly average for his height, and tends to dress rather conservatively, preferring muggle fashions, generally. He is right handed.
1878. For an inauspicious start, Charles is born, a few months after the death of his father. He is followed shortly after by his twin, Charlotte, and they are named for the man they'll never meet. His earliest years are spent with his Darling relatives in Wellingtonshire, though Charles has only the foggiest memories of these early days.

1884. Charles shows his first sign of magic shortly after the New Year. In the spring, his aunt, uncle and cousin Effie leave to travel, and cousin Matthias comes to stay. This is also around the time that the twins begin studying under a governess, and Charles takes to learning like a fish to water.

1886-1887. Matthias finishes his schooling and leaves for his own travels, but his absence isn't felt for long before Effie arrives the following year.

1889. Charles and Charlotte are off to Hogwarts. Sorted into Ravenclaw, Charles dives into his studies with some additional fervor--it has become clear to him, by now, that--unlike some people--he has a long road of responsibility ahead of him, and he's determined to take this seriously.

1891. For his third year, Charles picks up Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, mostly because the subjects sound interesting to him. Already thinking ahead, he has tentative plans to follow his parents into healing, and directs most of his studying efforts accordingly.

1893. With family returning and his OWLs on the horizon, Charles is stressed and trying to not be obvious about it.
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