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Victoria Greyback
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Sixth Year
16 year old Halfblood
Sixth Year
5 ft. 0 in.
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Full Name: Victoria Elspeth Greyback

Nickname(s): Vikki (OOC and family only)

Birthdate: May 19, 1877

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Occupation: Sixth Year Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Primarily, Greyback Reach, in the Shiant Isles of the Outer Hebrides, though she frequently spends time at the London house.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Aspen, 11”, heartstring of a Chinese Fireball dragon

father: Cormac Greyback (b. 1853)
mother: Delphine Greyback née Edwards (b. 1858)

sister: Mary Greyback (b. 1880)
brother: Duncan Greyback (b. 1882)
brother: Ewan Greyback (b. 1885)
brother: Finlay Greyback (b. 1887)

Additionally the rest of the Greyback family, including Uncle Alasdair, Uncle Murdock, and Aunt Merida.
face claim: Annalise Basso
ethnicity: white
height: five feet even
build: slight hourglass
eyes: hazel
hair colour: bright red
hair style: flattering curls.

scent: presently, primarily ink and old books, with an undercurrent of a sweet, floral perfume based on rose and lily.

demeanor: a budding young woman with a confident stride and high shoulders, victoria carries herself with the flattering sort of overconfidence that suits a lady of her status. best described as an open book, victoria never really learned to conceal her emotions. as such, she tends to be free with a smile or a frown, a laugh or a sob.

fashion: beyond school robes, victoria much prefers muggle fashion — yet she specifically avoids mutton sleeves, finding they do not flatter her shape. She tends to dress in cooler colors, avoiding bright pinks and reds which clash with her red hair. she is not the sort to wear extravagant jewelry of any sort, the only accessories victoria keeps on her person almost all waking hours are a neat hair ribbon and an empty silver locket in the shape of an oval, about an inch long, which she one day intends to fill.

1876 He probably shouldn’t have been at the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball. He was too young, too inexperienced, to find a wife. But he found himself enamored on sight with one of the debutantes of the evening, and surprisingly, she with him. The pair danced three times that evening. It isn’t long before he recklessly proposes marriage, and by the end of August, the pair is already married.

once upon a time
1877 - 1887
May 1877 A firstborn child is born. At her mother’s behest, she is named Victoria, though her middle name, Elspeth, is her father’s choice.

1878 — 1887 A sister and three brothers are born over the next nine years. The brothers are given Scottish names, while the sister is given an English name. Victoria experiences her first act of magic while her mother labors with one of her brothers, in a tantrum after being told it would be unwise for her to see her mother in such a state.

Also during this time, Victoria develops a taste for athletics, though not quite to the level of her aunt Merida’s. She refuses to ride a horse astride, but she does enjoy riding, and she also picks up archery.

in my wildest dreams
1888 - 1896
1888 — 1889 Surprisingly for her first year of Hogwarts, Victoria finds herself sorted to the house of ambition, cunning Slytherin. She was the exact opposite of a hatstall — the hat chose within seconds of landing upon her head — and she broke into tears almost immediately upon reaching a seat at the Slytherin table.

1889 — 1890 Victoria’s second year is largely uneventful — save that she flowers earlier than her roommates, leading to one evening’s hubbub in the second year girls’ room in the Slytherin dorms. It’s all very exciting and emotional, and Victoria promptly writes home to Mother about it all.

1890 — 1891 At the start of Victoria’s third year, she selects Care of Magical Creatures and Ghoul Studies to expand her course list.

1891 — 1892 Fourth year sees near scandal as Victoria finds herself caught in teen flirtation with a seventh-year Slytherin boy who’s been tutoring her in Ghoul Studies. One evening the two are caught in the common room by the house matron holding hands while they discuss poltergeists, however, and while the flirtation doesn’t necessarily end, the tutoring sessions do. At the year’s end, however, he informs Victoria that he would never have been allowed to marry her, with his purist and traditional parents. Even her red hair would have been a hard no from them. Over the summer she tries to write to him, only for her letter to be returned, unopened.

1892 — 1893 Ordinary Wizarding Levels are an exhaustion for the average student, and Victoria is no different, spending much of her free time during the year studying for the exams, up to and including days she doesn’t have testing. She expected fair and decent grades, and upon their arrival found them largely acceptable. She hasn’t yet decided what she would like to continue her education in, however, she knows she doesn’t want to be a healer like Aunt Merida. She’d much rather follow Uncle Murdock into law enforcement — but she knows she wouldn’t be allowed to, and besides, she tested poorly in Herbology.

1893 — 1894 Victoria settles on a schedule of Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ghoul Studies, and Potions for her NEWT years. A sensible schedule, not too many or two few classes.

i was a warrior princess
— skills —

01. like many young girls of her standing, victoria speaks fluent french; however, unlike many of them, she also speaks fluent scottish gaelic.
02. though victoria has never encountered Amortentia, she would find it captures the delightful scents of rose, fresh parchment, and cedar.
03. the only instrument victoria has shown any talent with is the cello, though she is quite skilled at floral arranging and the language of flowers as well.

— trivia —

amortentia: as yet unknown
boggart: variable
school clubs: creatures
electives: care of magical creatures, ghoul studies
patronus: as yet unknown
pets: none
religion: agnostic
romantic orientation: heteroromantic
sexual orientation: bisexual
zodiac sign: taurus


Care of Magical CreaturesETBD
Defense Against the Dark ArtsETBD
Ghoul StudiesATBD
History of MagicE
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